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Owner, Publisher and Editor in Chief

Ms. Marabelle Blue is the Owner and Editor in Chief of Kink~E Magazine, creating the number one Fetish and Alternative Lifestyle publication in New York City.  

She has also published part one of her A Trilogy of Affairs Series, "An Illegal Affair" which can be purchased on Amazon and Smashwords.

Queer Lifestyle Blogger and Toy Review Expert

Nessbow is a queer lifestyle blogger from Australia.  She holds a degree in psychology and is passionate about providing accurate, shame-free sex education and advice.  Ness adores sex toys and spends much of her time writing honest reviews of various erotic playthings. Her other passions include service submission, impact play, bondage, and power exchange.   In her free time, Ness is a self-confessed geek who loves cosplay, vintage fashion, cult movies, yarn crafts and punk music. 







Leatherman, ProDom, Educator, Contributor

I am a queer Leatherman hailing from Toronto Ontario and celebrating the masculine.  As a Pro Dom I offer creative roleplay and BDSM exploration sessions with all gender identities in The Ritual Chamber BDSM and Fetish Studio ( - a well-equipped and safe play space with several themed rooms and classic dungeon equipment at a secure, discreet, west-end Toronto location. I make up part of a team of exceptional BDSM Professional Dominants under the careful hand of Headmistress Shahrazad, an award-winning Dominatrix of mixed Middle Eastern and European descent, with over 14 years of experience playing cat and mouse games within the complex psychological realm of power exchange. I also offer educational sessions, coaching, workshops and demos in BDSM, kink and fetish practices. Phone sessions based in BDSM and role play are also available on NiteFlirt.


My personal kinks and fetishes include leather, power play, fisting, flogging, role play and jockstraps. I’m a hopeless romantic that is kinky as fuck so my biggest turn on by far is always making out with a passionate, in-tune partner (currently single and looking, in case it comes up). I love my leather brethren (male, female and non-binary) both here and around the world. I also love my queer extended family every LGBT2S color of the rainbow. When not at the dungeon, I can usually be found at the Black Eagle Toronto, Club 120 or my apartment in the Church Wellesley Village. I am loud, proud and not afraid to share my views. I look forward to sharing them with you here.



Twitter: @master_wolfgang

Tumblr: masterwolfgang

Frank Lucier

Erotic Storyteller

Frank Lucier has been involved with the adult industry for over 20 years, starting in retail and management he gained a real understanding of the people, especially the stores with the viewing booths. These weren't just horny perverts these were real people looking to spice up their sex life whether it be buying toys or lingerie, or sneaking into the booths and having some nsa fun.


Many Saturday nights couples would go into the back rooms starting off in a small booth with a hole in the wall then move into a larger booth sometimes with a group of men then he'd literally having to turn the music up in the front of the store to drown out some hot wife's moans of ecstasy.

After years of working on the retail side of things he has quickly become a jack of all naughty trades, running several clips stores on different sites,and working on his own site along with his lovely wife Xtina. Together they get to live out their own fantasies and indulge in a hot wife lifestyle. Just recently Frank has rekindled an old passion of his writing. After digging up some short stories and idea's that had been put on a back burner for a while he's decided to put the pen to the paper once more and is very excited to be 

writing for


You can find Frank's video work at these wonderful sites as well and

Writer, Educator, Pansexual, Erotica, Storyteller

David Shorb is a Pansexual, Polyamorous writer in his early 40’s. He lives in Idaho with his wonderful wife and their dog Batman. He enjoys watching TV, Movies, and writing interesting stories with twists that will keep you thinking for years. David is a Pro-LGBTQ advocate, and fighter for what’s right. He enjoys watching TV, Movies, and writing interesting stories with twists that will keep you thinking for years.


You can also find his other writings on Medium. Follow him on, Twitter @DShorb, Facebook, and Instagram

Writer, Dom, Educator, Silk Scarf Artist

Being a lifestyle Dominant since 2002, Andy has been as legitimate a bachelor as was possible, A humble yet sex-positive guy since his early 20s, this erotic artist has held his kinks and fetishes close to his chest for too long, far too long not to share them to educate those willing to listen, discretion being ever still the watchword. His experiences with women from the ages of 23 to 61, playing with ex pro women wrestlers, fulltime Swingers and teaching the odd few submissives how good anal should be has even brought him to admitting to borderline hedonism, turning his head towards practises he'd have declined 5 years ago and saying 'Yes' to forbidden sins of the flesh. 


In his spare time outside of a normal 9 to 5 job, Andy is an erotic artist, turning his attitude challenging art into large silk scarves. Designing items of wearable art for women positive and hopeful in their sexuality to adorn (or bind) in any way they see fit. This Londoner stays as informed on sex and kink as a human being should and then a little bit more. He's a keen fetish photographer in the making and is looking for the next natural evolution of his art in the hope it'll bring the happiness he knows he deserves. 


This self-proclaimed Burger Snob and gag-obsessive is also a Geek, Gamer, ASMR is a weakness. He is ally within the LGBT/Q Community even appearing on National Televison on more than one occasion proclaiming his love for Transgender women.  Andy is a Silk Scarf Fetishist, a Dominant BDSM Practitioner, Educator & Maker of Toys & Gags and Switches roles for the right partners. 


He is smarter than the average bear... yet is a damn sight cuddlier. 











Erotic Storyteller

Author of heterosexual, gay and lesbian erotic stories.


I think everyone should take their time to explore each others bodies. I've always had a filthy mind and I’m talented in the bedroom department. So I wanted to write about everything that everyone fantasies about ! That’s usually being fucked by multiple people in public places or having an affair whilst the husband/ wife’s at work . I’m hoping that my stories will turn you on as much as they did me when I wrote them . They’re available to download from amazon on kindle . I’d love to hear your feedback.. enjoy

House of Algos


House of Algos is a BDSM/Leather household established 2018 SoCal. Headmaster Ezra8.


Mistress Kye has decades of experience in the ‘adult’ scene in Philadelphia.  She is a Lifestyle Domme who lives a 24/7 FLR (Female Led Relationship) with her live in Alpha sub.  Currently, she has several sub/slave relationships at various power-exchange levels.


Professionally,  Mistress Kye a highly-regarded and respected Professional Dominatrix in the Philadelphia region who is Hostess Dominatrix of the eXXXotica Expo Dungeon Experience, along with her Sister Mistresses of Wicked Playground. 


She is a BDSM/Fetish/Kink educator that teaches classes, seminars and hands-on workshops across the country at some of the largest Adult-based Expo’s, events, shops and clubs.


Mistress Kye leads a number of BDSM/Kink private & public groups/clubs in the Philly area.  She is Head Mistress of ClubFEM Philadelphia, Philly FemDom & Femocracy Philadelphia. She often hosts BDSM/Fetish/Kink events such as play parties, Adult-themed shows, Kinky getaways, and adult performer meet & greets.


She's the Booking Manager for Wicked Playground, a fully-equipped, on-premise, adult, alternative lifestyle club that caters to Kinksters & Swingers. 

Erotic Storyteller, Cuckold

Ralph Greco, Jr. is a professional writer and musician living in the wilds of North New Jersey suburbia. He can be reached at

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