Uh Oh Someone F**ked Up Again

It’s been a long time people, since I’ve posted a Kink’s Korner but in light of recent events, I had to put this one out there.

Last night I got a text about someone who’s an apparent YouTube “influencer” and believe me I use that term loosely because in this day and age, who the fuck is really any type of influencer, when they will just do something they “didn’t know” they weren’t supposed to be doing.

In today’s “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that”, example is Gabi DeMartino, another YouTuber, posting videos about “look at what I bought today” or “I dressed up like a Bratz Doll”, the shit we watch when we need to dumb ourselves down a bit. Although quite honestly, I have never heard of her or ever watched her youtube but for the sake of this article I had to look up information because of course, I’m not one to spread misinformation or take credit for someone else’s info (unlike some people I had the misfortune of knowing).

Anyway, back to the lab….as we all know OnlyFans has taken a bit of a hit this year, not in a financial impact way, but in the ways of reputation and how that has affected how people make money on their platform.

One other example of this was Bella Thorne, who joined OF as a desperate need to make money, or perhaps for attention, whatever the case was, she “promised” to post photos of herself you wouldn’t find on her Instagram and with a $20 subscription you can see more.

This didn’t fly well with the subscribers who paid their money only to allegedly see the same Instagram photos. Because OnlyFans had a system where people can take out money fairly quickly, all of that changed once Bella Thorne fans were asking for their money back.

This did not sit well with many of those who use this particular platform as a source of income for all the hard work they put into what they are doing with perhaps a short financial wait time.

So, it changed, and people had to wait for things to clear before money was forked over.

Things were quiet for a minute until that is Gabi DeMartino decided what a great idea to share a throwback of me when I was three years old, showing my granny I was not wearing panties.

Ummm what?

Let’s dive in.

Back in the day, parents had no issues taking pics of your naked body, why? Because you were a baby, and for parents these are private moments for their eyes only. Not to be distributed to family members or mailed, etc. Now granted there were times parents would do this to embarrassed you when they threw these pictures in your face when you got older, but that was the extent of the pictures.

Also, I’m pointing to a time where pictures were hard copies, displayed in a photo album. Today’s mess everything is online for the whole world to see, you take a picture and share it on every social media outlet you’re on. And when I say the whole world, literally what do you think “www” stands for?

In the world of the internet, I have found there seems to be more online trolls and predators than I have seen in my whole lifetime. There are trolls who just like to be bothersome beings, wanting to attack and degrade people for who they are or what they believe in. Then there are the trolls who roll up being some kind of a guru know it all and how they can help you achieve shit but meanwhile they are stealing from others and claiming it as their own and really don’t know shit but they talk a real good game while taking your money and ruining your career at the same time.

Then you have the predators your momma warned you about. The ones who would try and lure you with candy to get inside their car and they will get your home safely. The ones who have become intelligent enough to use the world wide web on an underground level to share sickening pictures, aka child porn.

While I have my own opinions on what should happen to these type predators, (Dexter anyone?), the fact is there are disgusting people like this who exist.

Now how can Miss DeMartino, being on OnlyFans not realize in the world we live in, you just don’t decide “how cute” it would be to share something so personal of yourself on a site where a predator may exist. I’m not saying they do, but you never know. Just the same way people can come in and claim they are an expert of something and rob you of your money (right in your face no less), and people fall for scams every day and not even know it, just the same way, there are sick ass people on the web just waiting for someone to fuck up, like this girl did and put some shit up there that should have never been shared.

When I think of an idea, I will write it down. All the time!

I write it and sit with it for about a day or two. Then I’ll share it with my very close-knit circle (i.e. ServBoxx was an idea I created back in June – there was a lot of work I did before disclosing to the world), and while I’m sharing my ideas and refining it, only then the next step would be to execute my ideas professionally.

Anyone with common sense, (not many of those around), would think twice about sharing something like that OF or anywhere for that matter. It’s just fucking wrong.

And for this young lady to think she made a poor decision is an understatement. Where is her family? Did she have any discussions about sharing this? Where was the person who said, this may not be a good idea, because it could be like child porn.

It’s bad enough people in the adult world get a bad rap every day for what they do. They are making just as much of a living as anyone else would. But every organization will turn around and blame the adult world because of the “influence” they claim they are putting on a younger generation.

Look, haven’t we figured out by now not many of the younger generation isn’t very smart when it comes to decision making. It’s more like “hey I have an idea” and then, “let’s record it now and put it up” – only then figuring out, “oops I fucked up, sorry about that”, (feel free to add your make-believe dumb voice” in the above statements LOL).

I’m not sure what most people are thinking these days but let’s get the record straight on this one.

Posting nude pics of yourself as a child is a NO.

Posting nude videos of yourself as a child is a NO.


Got it?

Until then. Take care of you.

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