Press Release News: Luis Alcántar Joins Kink~E Magazine as the Official Writer for Adult Interviews

July 7, 2020 For Immediate Release Luis Alcántar Joins Kink~E Magazine as the Official Writer for Adult Interviews

(Phoenix, AZ) Luis Alcántar, independent writer of adult interviews is now working for Kink~E Magazine.

The bi-lingual writer will be conducting interviews in both English and in Spanish for our Latin fans.

Luis expressed his gratitude in working with KinkE. “”I’m looking forward to working with the magazine, conducting interviews, because it’s an amazing project and I’m honored and excited to be part of it”.

Marabelle Blue also shared her excitement. “I’m very honored to have Luis manage the interviews and having the additional experience of translating them in Spanish makes our content available for our Latin fans. It’s been a long time coming and we are excited to have him on board.”

You can read interviews here on the new Kink~E Magazine platform:

Be sure to follow Luis on his social medias: Twitter, and Instagram:

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A new email address has been generated for those interested in being interviewed, Please note you will receive an automated response but someone will get back to you in response to your request.

About Luis Alcántar Luis is a writer for the past six years having interviewed the likes of Ava Devine, Stormy Daniels, Leah Winters, Christina Shine, Ciara Hempseed, and many other pornstars. In addition to his writings, he has a passion in playing his guitar, creating his #OneRiffPerDay

About Kink~E Magazine Kink~E Magazine, LLC was founded by Marabelle Blue in 2000. Feeling as though something was amiss in the Fetish Adult and Alternative Lifestyle Community, Mz. Blue who practices her fetishism life in private, created a concept for a magazine designed for women who lived the Fetish/Alternative Lifestyle. A place where women can share their thoughts and opinions without the fear of reprisal. Kink~E Magazine officially launched online in 2002. Since the launching the magazine acquired an immediate audience domestically and internationally, especially in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, The Netherlands and India.​

Today Kink~E Magazine, LLC Global Market has expounded with views from Russia, China, Japan, France, Trinidad/Tobago and Germany. Imitated by many, Kink~E Magazine continues to be successful by providing the Fetish and Adult Alternative Lifestyle community with up to date social information and with the support of our wide varieties of Writers in our community, who freely share their experiences and their stories.​

As of 2011, we have compiled the magazine to be the one stop source for information, visuals, videos, interviews, upcoming fetish events and more.​

Our magazine focuses on Society through politics and the internal affairs of people, Feature Interviews and Feature Stories of people within our subculture where our focus is on their empowerment, through sharing their personal lives candidly with us in how they conquered their inner demons and flourished to the person they are today.​

As we continue to grow within our community, we have changed the look of our logo to give it a fresh, inviting and easy feel, reminding those that sometimes in life, this is a Jungle and we are here to roam, explore, accept who we are and finding that parallel Universe in likeminded individuals. KinkE™ as we now refer, is a State of Mind, a way of Thinking, Being and Believing. It’s not about a Fetish nature, it’s how you live.​

Kink~E Magazine will always live by the words created by Mz. Blue early on: “To live our Lives as We see Fit”.​

Our mission – “To Embrace, Love, Accept and Enjoy our Alternative Lifestyles in our Sub Culture"


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