Learning About CamBased with Ossiana Tepfenhart

Why has camming become a big business? Camming is a big business for multiple reasons. For performers, it’s an easy way to work from home and earn a decent living. For viewers, it adds a level of intimacy and interactivity that regular porn just doesn’t offer. It brings your fantasies to life.

How has camming technology improved from the first beginnings of camming online? Oh Lord, where to begin?! Well, for one thing, internet speeds are faster, which means that you don’t have as much glitching and lagging. The cameras and microphones, as well as the graphics cards, improved. This means that streaming is better. In terms of camming platforms, there are more ways to market yourself and more ways than ever to capitalize. That’s actually what CamBased is all about—improving the current tech that is on the market.

Do women find it’s a safer and lucrative business than having to meet someone in real life? Absolutely. While there are still risks associated with webcam modeling, most models prefer it because they don’t have to worry about being assaulted while on the job. With most other forms of sex work, that’s a very real fear.

What are the ways people can benefit from the technologies of camming? Where do I even begin? Camming makes it possible to reach more people who love your look, and also creates a platform where you can safely explore your sexuality in a private manner. It’s an easier way to find more fans, make more money, connect with others, and also learn more about the world of sex.

Can someone benefit from using multiple sites? Would it serve a purpose to do that? Absolutely. The wider the net you cast, the more fish (or money, in this case) you can get.

What are realistic commitments one must make when beginning their camming career? Time, patience, and a commitment to promoting yourself and immersing yourself in the cam world. If you can get a ring light, that’d be amazing too.

How can a model benefit from blogging their camming experience? Not everyone is entirely visual. Sometimes, viewers get a rise out of more cerebral issues or want to get a more intimate understanding of camming from a model’s perspective. Blogging caters to them, while also providing the model with a great way to advertise herself.

Is the camming community a close knit community and in support of one another? From what I’ve seen, it is…for the most part. Just like with any other industry, there’s always going to be some people who make it hard for others. As of right now, the biggest issue I’ve heard lately is dealing with models judging others who are just getting in on the game after COVID-19 wiped out their last job. That’s just unfair.

What are the camming community concerns when it comes to the cheating aspects? Is a husband considered cheating when camming with a girl he will most likely never meet? Everyone in the community has their own ideas, and I personally can’t talk for them. I noticed that a lot of models believe that camming isn’t cheating, since it’s a fantasy that they’re selling. They’re not sleeping with viewers, and it’s not like there’s vows of fidelity going on there. I personally see camming as a more emotional level of porn. I can understand both concepts, and believe that partners should be open about their camming habits.

There was a recent post on your site, camming is not porn. I had a conversation with someone recently who owned a studio back in the day who mentioned how some men may just be looking for someone to talk to and not necessarily sex. Does society have the wrong idea about the definition of camming? How can we correct that? Society absolutely has the wrong idea about camming, and that’s why we at CamBased are working to end the stigma. People don’t realize this, but a lot of cam models make serious bank with their clothes on. Some aren’t even sexual as much as they are friendly. We live in such an isolated society. People tend to forget how dangerous being left alone with no one to talk to can be. The only way to really break the stigma is to show the human side of camming, and talk about it openly.

Does CamBased find way to improve through feedback and how has that been helpful for your company and the models? Right now, CamBased is working on a platform that’s been held up through a lot of unforeseen delays. The biggest feedback people have been giving us is that they want our site up and running. Models who’ve explored our demo version realize how powerful our tech is. We offer ultra-deep analytics. We offer tools that let you schedule posts to every major site, even Reddit. We even have a secure marketplace that’s by models, for models. The only thing we really need to get done is kicking off our platform!

What are the long term goals for CamBased? We want to be a home for any and all content creators who are tired of getting derided due to their sexuality. We want to bring a new emphasis on health to the adult world, and give adult businesses the tools they need to stay afloat. That’s why we’re working so hard.


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