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by Mistress Rage

If you are in the adult industry then you are already likely aware that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are quick to yank your posts and accounts if you do not explicitly follow their terms of service (TOS). I have seen the unfortunate lamentations of many a sex worker who lost a social media account with no warning - along with losing all of their followers. Some of these were the result of serious violations of TOS, while others did not seem to violate any. When your online presence is what sells your content and services, this can be financially devastating.

On top of this, there are people who make money giving advice to adult industry workers, and according to what I have seen, much of it is really bad advice in terms of how to handle this problem. So what is a person to do? The answer is simple and requires two things: a website and following the social media terms of service.

The first thing you do is read those godforsaken TOS and follow them to the letter. Remember, your social media is supposed to funnel traffic to your website and content. It is not meant to be the terminal destination. It is a terrible idea for social media to be your terminal destination since someone else ultimately controls your account. Yes, it’s free, but free is often not the best way to go about running an adult business. Moreover, if you are unwilling to invest a little money in your business, then what does that REALLY say about you being a serious business person?

Yes, social media TOS are often overly restrictive and often downright stupid. Thank your local pedos, human traffickers, and criminals. They have this uncanny ability to ruin good stuff for all of the consenting adults in the room. However, you can still make this work to your advantage. Because you have to be more PG than X-rated, you can upload content that is titillating and intriguing rather than content that gives away so much that consumers no longer have a reason to purchase the product or service you are selling. When a customer is intrigued they are more likely to click the link to your website and make a purchase.

Once the customer arrives to your website, then you can present the content that Twitter does not want seen on their platform. Here the client can see the links to purchase videos, sessions, shows, photos, and so forth that you have for sale. That may seem like a lot, but here is the important part. If Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram shut down your account, the customers still have a place to go (your website) to find and purchase your goodies. The same goes for some of these clip sites. I have heard of a number of sex workers losing accounts for what seems to be no reason at all. Again, if you have a website, your adoring fans can still find you.

Moreover, you can say more of what you want to say on your website without worrying about the censorship Gestapo honing in on your accounts. You can easily prevent assholes from posting rude comments to your blog posts for everyone to see. Your new lingerie is sheer and shows pubes? No problem on your personal website. Add yourself to adult directories and your worries about being shadow banned or not seen become less pronounced because you have another avenue of attracting customers.

Another benefit to having a website is that a lot of your clients, especially older ones, may have an aversion to using social media. They may not be able to navigate it, and it’s more difficult to hide from the eyes of a prying spouse when you have a big Twitter icon on your phone’s home screen. Also, when a customer looks at your website, he is looking at YOUR content. As he scrolls through Twitter, other sex workers may pop up in the “recommended accounts to follow” area. Your money may have just been lost to someone else. You may argue that you are not in competition with other sex workers (awesome!), but the truth is that this is a business and you are here to make money. Kindness does not pay the mortgage. Do not freely give business away to others; that is bad business in ANY industry.

If you already have your own website, start using your social media to push the traffic off of Twitter and onto your page. You want your customers to check your page before they check your social media. For example, post some social media friendly content and say something to the effect of, “If you want to see the full picture, click here to visit my website.” Remember, you can always embed your Twitter and Instagram feeds into your website so that it becomes a one-stop shop for all things related to you. If your account gets banned on Instagram and you have to set up a new one, all you have to do is embed the feed from the new account, and your site visitors will not likely notice the difference. Long story short, your customers never need to go anywhere else to see what you are saying, showing, and selling.

So what do you do if you are not tech savvy? You can pay someone to set up a site, or you can use a hosting service that provides a one-click install for Wordpress and website building software. I personally like Dreamhost for this reason, though there are plenty of other website hosts who do this as well. A website does not have to be elaborate or fancy if you do not want it to be; most horny people are not going to read too much anyhow. It is more of a “safe space” for your customers so that they can always find you no matter what kind of fuckery these social media sites pull.

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