Fantasy Sex Toys

Human is No Longer the Only Option

“Let us think the unthinkable, let us do the undoable, let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.” – Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

While I don’t think Adams had adult toys on the brain when he wrote that quote, it is certainly apt when considering the current time and future of fantasies and sex toys. As mindsets around sex and pleasure evolve, so too do the ways we seek out that pleasure. Of course, some of the leading minds in that very field are geeks. People who are passionate about all things weird, fantasy, scifi, and kinky are creating new and fun items for us to bump, grind, hump, and thrust. The best (or at least most unusual part)? Human is no longer the only option in sex toy shape, size, or inspiration.

Fantasy Sex Toys

Today’s geeks, enthusiasts, and kinksters have a variety of options to choose from including dragon dildos, mermaid masturbators, Pokemon plugs, and more. If you can imagine a shape or creature you’d like to penetrate or be penetrated by, there is likely a company already offering that item just for you (if not, you can bet they’re open to the suggestion).

The first fantasy dildo company I ever heard of was Bad Dragon. They broke into the dragon dildos and other creature toys in 2008, about the same time I entered the kink scene offline. I came across them when a mistress and friend of mine showed me her growing collection and let me test drive them. As I took the plunge, or rather, as they took the plunge in me, I was hooked and knew a regular dildo wouldn’t ever be enough. I needed more.

Today, there are many companies catering to fantasy sex toys. Fantasticocks, Goblin Dildo Emporium, Pleasure Forge, and more offer toys in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of these companies are owned and employed by one or two people – creating not only the silicone toys themselves but also designing new creations to tantalize and stimulate their clients. It’s certainly a unique cottage industry, but one that is booming as more and more people realize there are options beyond the chain adult shops and that those options are everything their dirty minds could dream of.

That being said, these toys certainly have a price tag that’s higher than the bullet vibrator next to the porn aisle of your downtown lingerie shop. Each fantasy dildo is akin to a work of art. Custom designs, hand crafting, and high quality materials create a cost that might shock a new buyer. However, the market is becoming more competitive and the resulting products are pieces that will certainly be a pleasure to the eye as well as the rest of your body for years to come.

Using Unique Toys to Simulate Fantasies

The more variety in the toys also creates a variety in the ways we use them. While its true that there’s nothing new under the sun, and certainly no new place to penetrate in or on the human body, there are certainly some new ways to stimulate available to us.

Geeks and fantasy buffs can now further explore their more unique fantasies. Get a dragon or werewolf dildo to better enjoy some one handed reading with erotic fantasy novels featuring characters of those varieties. Readers of steamy stories featuring a Dragon prince taking the new maiden under his wing and into his bed no longer have to guess at what ridges, textures, or curves his cock has – they just have to order the color and silicone firmness they want.

I’m a particular fan of the companies that create cocks and more for Dungeons and Dragons-like games. How fun would it be to have a kink party during some table top role play? (Roll for dexterity and orgasm permission).

One of the surprising ways I’ve seen the masturbators used was what some call vag-inception. This usually involves two or more partners where one inserts a masturbator such as Bad Dragon’s – into their vagina while another partner penetrates usually with a penis but sometimes with a dildo. This has helped some furries to feel more like their having sex as or with the anthropomorphic animal they’ve been fantasizing about.

I’ve also seen some porn featuring geeks strapping fantasy dildos to large plush versions of that mystical creature. Imagine a gigantic unicorn stuffy with matching, flared, unicorn cock or fuckable silicone horn for your pleasure. Or, for penetration, inserting a masturbator into the plushy that matches its color and the imagined shape of their vulva.

What This means for sex

Sex toy varieties aren’t the only shift. The toys themselves are also changing how some people think about sex and the joy of living out some of their wilder fantasies.

People who have sexual trauma are more and more able to enjoy masturbating and sex with toys that do not look like human genitalia, which they might associate with trauma. I’ve spoken to a few people who shared that it was such a relief to find a swirling, curving dildo that didn’t look at all like a penis – allowing them to enjoy penetration sex again without having that glaring reminder of their past.

Furries and others who identify with animals, real or cryptid, can bring it to the bedroom with further deep dive into their lifestyle in the sheets. This has allowed many to not be dropped out of their fantasy because of clothing removal or being pushed aside to reveal genitalia that is decidedly not connected to their fursona. Beyond that, many fantasy toys have inspired furry art, helping artists better visualize and put to paper/screen the imagined genitals of a creature that otherwise doesn’t exist.

The aid helps other artists as well, including writers. For me, as an erotica writer, I get to test out some fantasies I’ve written or want to write. Inspired to write some werewolf sex? Grab a knotted dildo, drum up a hot fantasy and fuck away to see what gets me hottest and better describe how the sensations feel. Same for some hentai inspired tentacle sex scenes – just lube up some tentacle didlos and work away until I got just the right feel for what to write.

No matter the design or fantasy, this new wave of toys is sure to have something for everyone to love, physically and emotionally. They certainly aren’t going anywhere so the only questions left are

What will these geeks come up with next?


What toy will you being enjoying soon?

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