Domination Nation Interview with MixTrix – Feel the Fix!

MixtrixFix thank you so much for becoming a part of the Kink~E Magazine family! Let’s begin!

MB: Talk to our readers about discovering the natural born Domme within you. MIXTRIX: Click here for recorded answer.

MB: You have a way of incorporating your sarcastic style into your FemDomme, were you always this way? MIXTRIX: Oh for sure. I don’t have to put on any act to do what I do. All I have to do is be ME. Typically this is why subs like me.

MB: When you realized this was something you can make an income as a Dominatrix was there anyone who suggested that may have not been a good idea and how did you respond? MIXTRIX: Nah, I’m the type that if I even THINK you’ll say that, then I will just leave you out of the loop. I wouldn’t even bother ASKING someone if they thought that or telling anyone who I thought would SAY that. I try to not have people like that in my life at all.

MB: What were your beginnings like when under mentorship? Did it make you excited at the prospects of learning different types of specialties? MIXTRIX: I didn’t HAVE a mentor. Maybe that is not a good thing, but I learned the old fashioned way. thru DOING. I don’t exactly recommend it but for ME that is just how it went down.

MB: Was there any limits you were uncomfortable or unsure about? MIXTRIX: Well I think limits evolve over time. Blackmail used to be my limit and now I love it.

MB: Which specialty became your favorite? Or was there more than one? MIXTRIX: well, I love Golden play as a Domme (not in any other sense). Blackmail. Coerced Bi. Humiliation of any sort. Emotional sadism.

MB: How important is it for you to continue your personal education in keeping your safety during sessions as well as your subs safety? Does that include CPR? MIXTRIX: Well, let’s face it. As a Domme you had BETTER care about that for self preservation reasons at the very least. If for NO other reasons you had better give a fuck to keep the wolves from your door. I will just go ahead and get that out there. But what it REALLY comes down to is that someone is entrusting you WITH their safety. You had best know how to keep that trust. Of course it includes CPR. It is always need to know in things like this.

MB: Why is it important for a sub to disclose any health issues he may have? MIXTRIX: Well for the very reason they could come up during a session. I would need to know what MIGHT happen so I could prepare for it or not do anything to endanger their health in any permanent way.

MB: Travelling Domme or remaining local? If you do or have traveled what benefits have you gained from home away sessions? MIXTRIX: I DO travel but I don’t tour. So the main benefit of travel is usually in meeting the subs I play with online. I am usually travelling to meet THEM.

Running Your Business:

MB: Which do you find more fulfilling, real time or online sessions? MIXTRIX: I love BOTH. Two different things. The beauty of real time is the actual one on one in your face play. The beauty of online is playing with subs anywhere in the world in a more cerebral aspect.

MB: With our internet age, is anonymity important for your clients, especially with ‘clip’ site dominating our industry as an easier form of making money without having to leave home? MIXTRIX: Yes and no. Truly depends on the subs. I’m known for exposure play to a degree so I get subs who WANT to be seen. Not all do and I respect it as a limit of course.

MB: What are your thoughts of stepping away from the ‘Domme’ mentality to share your personal life, i.e. pictures of children or family members? Do you think it’s a wise choice to make as a ProDomme? MIXTRIX: I don’t exactly have that issue to be honest, I don’t have kids and am not married. I’m married to femdom, lol. I think for ME as a Domme watching, it is a boner killer, but for some it can be showing their lives and who they are. I’m not really into the concept but I respect people handling it as they please.

MB: I know the vetting system is very private. Have you had to change the way you vet clients with the age of the internet and is it constantly changing? MIXTRIX: Nah, not really. I was always picky and I’m a harsh judge of character.

MB: Was there ever a time you had to turn down a client? MIXTRIX: I do it ALL THE TIME lol. Money is NOT enough to get Me to play with you. If I’m not into what you wanna do, we won’t be doing it. It is that simple. If the sub doesn’t seem fun, I won’t do it. It is THAT simple.

MB: Why is it subs are having a hard time accepting the fact that most ProDomme’s will ask for a tribute first before any further communication occurs? MIXTRIX: Because some of the Dommes they’re talking to have not been around long enough to have a body of work to represent them. Therefore they want to KNOW what kind of Domme they are tributing. That’s the reason for some. For some it is just that they’re a cheapass fuckwad. Others just want to cheat the system.

MB: What’s your protocol of service when a sub approaches? MIXTRIX: Totally varies. I don’t do scripted anything and that applies in the protocol sense as well. So how I treat them Depends on how them approach me and what they say.

Social Media and Community

MB: What have been the biggest misconceptions of BDSM other than 50 Shades? What’s the biggest misconception you find to be a recurring theme? MIXTRIX: That it is glamorous. It can be raw and gritty. It can be soft and sensual.

MB: How important are the aspects of mentorship if a new Domme is learning the aspects of running her own business? Can it be done without mentorship? MIXTRIX: I did it. So yeah, for sure. If I can others can but I’m not the rule here, I’m always the exception.

MB: Does mentorship take away from the ‘instadomme’ phenomena and make a better community for ProDommes and their business? MIXTRIX: Yes and no. I mean think about it. A lot of the mentors I’ve seen offering to BE mentors are not the people I would say are the best most experienced Dommes out there. Does mentorship help if your mentor needs a mentor? lol. On the other hand, of COURSE it helps. It helps to LEARN from the experienced. It is THE classic way of educating yourself. I didn’t exactly have a mentor but I’m not everyone and I had to learn the hard way on a lot of things. So sure, it can be done WITHOUT a mentor but is not recommended.

MB: Does it help with a sub looking for an authentic ProDommehe/she can do sessions with and avoid getting ripped off or worse getting physically hurt by someone who is inexperienced? MIXTRIX: I think social media has been a blessing and a curse for subs using it to “vet” which Dommes to serve or schedule for sessions. It CAN be a great way for the subs to find out WHO is legit and WHO takes it seriously and more. But at the same time the sheer amount of choices is probably overwhelming. I mean, social media is where everyone puts on their BEST front and it isn’t a fact checked kind of place. So if a Domme says “I have been a ProDomme for years, but just NOW started twitter” it is not always possible to verify that. But at the same time, it gives subs a chance to sort of peruse a free body of work, which is to some degree what tweets and blogs and Instagram can BE. They can show not only the Domme’s promotional media but give an insight into their personality and life. So the sub can get a FEEL for who they might want to serve based on that as well. I think for subs it is like a smorgasbord of Dommes they can just flip from one to the next and it is heaven and hell. Sure, they can sometimes get a very good feel for WHO is legit and what that Domme’s style is. But then again, it is social media, so you cannot always tell what is real versus the smoke and mirrors everyone seems to use on social media.

MB: Wise to use social media to abuse or kink shame others (other subs and not in the role playing way or other Dommes)? MIXTRIX: No, not at all. First of all, if you’re using it as a way to brand then that is a GREAT way to go “offbrand”. It is a great way to be off focus and out your time towards things that DON’T pay off. It is also a great way to make enemies on the very community that you hope will support you when push comes to shove. Overall, I find it a goofy way to get down lol

MB: How has attending events helped your business? Has it bought you closer to your community members? MIXTRIX: You know, in a weird way I don’t know that it has EVER helped my business in a direct way lol. ONLY in indirect ways, by getting to know others who are in the game and being able to network. But is doesn’t directly pay off in the traditional sense.

MB: FOSTA/SESTA has been quite the thorn affecting how we all run our business. Have you been affected and what steps have you taken to ensure the integrity of your business? MIXTRIX: Well, in theory yes. It means no craigslist and I used the FUCK outta that in many ways, not only to meet subs. But to be honest, it has not affected me as much directly as I know it affects the scene at large. I have a habit of seeing a wall come up and just going around it.

All About You

MB: Do you keep a personal blog (not for public consumption) of your sessions to gage on the day and the feelings/subspace that took place during your sessions? BTW feel free if you do to say yes feel free to say mind your biz LOL should you wish not to discuss details. MIXTRIX: No, not at ALL! I don’t keep track of anything like that to be honest. One time a very nice Domme sent me some software to keep track of subs and tributes and I was like now WHY would I want THIS evidence around in case shit ever goes down, lol. I don’t keep track of jack shit outside of bare necessities for taxes and so on. Do I keep a personal blog just for ME? Not my thing. My MIND is my blog. It runs nonstop 24/7, it does it all for me lol

MB: What are the life lessons that keep you grounded? MIXTRIX: AM I GROUNDED? Holy shit, I’ve been doing this WRONGGGGG. lol. I have never lived in normal land and I’m not sure I want to. Grounded is for suckers lol.

MB: Your must do rituals before beginning your day. MIXTRIX: I go get coffee, feed stray cats, mess with my pets, make sure stevo has done everything he needs to do and then I get down to it. Then again, I’m on my own schedule so I play it by ear.

MB: If you left BDSM tomorrow what would you want your subs to remember you most by? And your peers? MIXTRIX: I’m the best and baddest there ever was!

MB: Advise to new ladies entering this lifestyle? MIXTRIX: GET ready to WORK. If you don’t put your all into it then you’d better be ready to have a backup plan or be doing this as a kinky hobby. There is no rest for the wicked and no money for the lazy.

MB Final thoughts? MIXTRIX: Youtube can suck MY DICKS. All of them. How bout THAT?

And now your social media and websites: TWITTER is @MixtrixFix find me THERE first


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