Domination Nation Interview with Mistress Delilah Demeaner

Thank you to Mistress Delilah Demeaner for taking the time out for this interview and being so thorough and concise! We, at the Kink~E Magazine family appreciate you

How were you introduced to the BDSM/Fetish Lifestyle and how long have you been in practice? I have been in the BDSM Community for over 10 years now. A good friend of mine, named Amanda, had been a Dominatrix for a while. Her being a Dominatrix and what it just didn’t come up in conversation for some reason. She only worked a few times a year at a Dungeon in Mission Valley. It was more of a character she would get in, as opposed to who she was and what she did on a daily basis. She pointed it out to me that I was a Dominatrix, without realizing it.

When you decided you’d prefer to explore the opportunities as a Pro Domme in order for you to make money, did you seek advice and/or did someone suggest it wasn’t a good idea? What was your response to that? I wasn’t familiar with BDSM and didn’t realize I naturally act as a Dominatrix in my normal day. The only thing I was missing was the title and some of the terminology. I would have a bunch of different guys be my “helpers” (as opposed to slaves). The instructions I gave them were, they were allowed to come over and do their designated job, as opposed to a social “hang out.” One guy would come over and do my laundry. One guy would come over and polish my shoes, etc. I had a boyfriend at the time. He might add additional instructions. If his clothes were being washed by one of my helpers, he was not shy about giving additional instructions for his clothes. He liked it.

Amanda explained to me that I already am a Dominatrix. I was a little surprised at the news. I never really thought about the whole thing. Some of my friends did think it was odd to have volunteer workers on a regular basis, but it all just seemed like it was supposed to be that way, if that makes sense. Amanda invited me to join a double session with her and one of her clients and I loved it. Learning this could become my job was so exciting. I started making up my personal rules as I went along. I decided where my personal boundaries were and always make sure they are clear before I see a client. It is helpful having a website that I can refer people to.

Is there a supportive BDSM Community in your area?

San Diego does have somewhat of a BDSM Community, but it does not compare to the BDSM Community in Los Angeles, which is only a couple hours away. For the most part, it is somewhat “hush. hush.” However, the biggest radio morning show in San Diego, “Dave Shelly and Chainsaw” on the KGB station called me and invited me to go on their morning show on Valentine’s Day. They were having a trivia contest and asked me to come on the show, spank the loser and be interviewed for ten minutes, promoting my business. They were so intrigues that I ended up staying for over half an hour. It was great. I corrected many common misunderstandings on the air. It was listened to and watched on Facebook by thousands and thousands. The ratings were great.

They had the whole thing taped, streaming live on Facebook. Then they made clips of just the spankings. They also listed my website on their website. It is still on there to this day. I was surprised about that. I was really happy with it being recognized in the open instead of just behind closed doors. I showed up dressed up in my Dominatrix clothing. It was great. I had a lot of fun. I have the spanking clips on my website under “Outside The Dungeon.”

Do you attend events or workshops and how has this become an important aspect for your continued education?

The last two years I was very happy to attend Dom Con, as a Special Guest. I enjoyed it very much. I find it is more for having fun with likeminded people, than necessarily learning a lot at this point. There are classes throughout the whole event, which is normally five days, although this last one was cut to 3 days, having to be virtual due to Covid 19. DomCon is like nothing else. Anybody who wants to be a serious Domme, FemDom or be in the industry should attend. There is no better BDSM education and great experiences and memories different than you could get anywhere else. This year especially, they had some classes that would educate even very experienced Dommes by doing some specialty education most aren’t familiar with.

Which aspects do you find more fulfilling and lucrative, real time domination, online or both?

I feel it is important to always devote time to learning new things to offer in sessions or just make me the best FemDomme I can be. I read a lot and try and stay up to date on BDSM websites and current BDSM events. There is always something new to learn. I enjoy the wide variety of fetishes and the creativity behind finding the best way to session with each person. Everybody is different, with different ideas of what they find exciting. Plus, after getting to know a client and sessioning with them, I do like to push the envelope to keep things new and exciting. I refer to the other person in the session as a client because there are so many titles, it is the easiest way to describe so many different types of people. It is the one thing they have in common (from my point of view) and hopefully it a title that is not offensive to anybody.

Do you consider yourself only a ProDomme or both Pro & Lifestyle?

I consider myself a Pro Domme only. Since I spend so much time “working”, I feel I need a balance between “work ” and play. Too much of anything is not the best idea. I love chocolate. If I only ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do when it is a treat. Obviously, this is different, but just making a point. I actually spend the majority of my time in my Dungeon with clients. So, I definitely get my fill of dominating. But at the same time, it is my natural personality, to a certain extent; but not my absolute mood.

What is the best part, or your favorite part about being a Domme? Is there a least favorite part of this business?

Personally, I feel live, in person sessions are better because I feel the client gets so much more out of them. Rarely is an online session as good as in person. I guess the only kind of online session that works as well is humiliating. I can also give directions and instructions. But sessions like spanking are impossible. Forced Fem maybe, but from what I understand, the humiliation is more intense when it is right in front of them. I just get frustrated when I feel like a client didn’t receive as good of a session as they possibly could, like if they were in person. But if they are far away. or when they can’t be in person, an online session is better than no session. For that reason, I do offer both online and real time/ live sessions.

Why are the traits of the lifestyle important to you and how does it continue to fulfill your needs?

What I love most about being a Domme is I can be myself and get paid for it, without having to explain myself. As a Domme, you are given a pass to make the rules and expect others to abide by them or they don’t get to come over and play. There are enough submissives out there in San Diego that I am sure there will always be enough people that appreciate the way I do business that I won’t have a shortage of clients. Plus, I love having the freedom of being my own boss. What I don’t like about it is the misconceptions “vanilla people” have about Pro Dommes and the judgements they make. Plus, it has a stigma that could possibly follow you in a negative way. Many people see the word “Adult” and make certain assumptions.

What is something you learned or discovered that you wish someone would have told you before you entered the profession and/or lifestyle? Would it change your decision or opinions on BDSM?

I wish the real world was more educated to what BDSM really is and the freedoms it gives instead of it being something bad. I see my service as a very necessary one in society. I facilitate a place people can go for a few hours for a “mental vacation” so they can take a break from being in charge or stressed life gives. They can go to a place without judgement and be who they are who they want to be. I will keep their privacy at all costs. They don’t have to explain who they are or be embarrassed about anything. There isn’t much I haven’t seen. Things they have never felt comfortable discussing with anybody before suddenly becomes our normal conversation.

Even with specific instructions on your site for approach, do you diminish the potential client or address the issue of approach by giving them another chance to correct their behavior?

If a client is married and has curiosities they are dying to seek. They can come to me and know they won’t be cheating on their spouse and they can explore things without having to do things in a way that could jeopardize their family. I also have couples come to me that are about to break up or get divorced. As their last chance effort, they come to me and I introduce domination into their relationship. To my knowledge, I have a 100% success rate. I make sure both parties are heard and what each person feels they are missing and what they want is voiced and heard. Then we work out a plan to achieve that goal. Privately one person might bully the other or cut them off, etc. I make it clear that I run the show and everybody’s feelings and needs have value. I absolutely love hearing all the positive things that happened after our session. That is very rewarding for me.

Another part of this business that I have a problem with is how many people will try and waste your time. Some people make appointments then chicken out and don’t feel they need to convey that. Flakes are rude and inconsiderate. They think because this is anonymous that they can get away with not having to account for acting like a jerk. I keep very detailed notes on my phone and have a very long BLACKLIST.

What have been the misconceptions of BDSM other than 50 Shades? And what’s the BIGGEST misconception you find to be a reoccurring theme?

The biggest misconception is that Dommes are escorts. I do not pass judgement on anybody and what they personally do to make money, pay for college or feed their family or whatever they make money for. You don’t know what anybody goes through until you walk a mile in their shoes. I seriously don’t judge escorts on how they make a living. However, that is just different from the services I offer. I don’t like the misconception because it is false information that can lead to disappointment and a totally different client base. I try to make it very clear that I am a Dominatrix and I do domination only. As a Dominatrix, I would never be in any submissive position or situation. If you are looking for sex, I am not your gal. If all people who work in the Adult industry are going to be summed up together, that is not accurate.

I am like a fetish specialist. Do you go to a podiatrist to look at your throat? No, you find the correct specialist to specialize in the need you have. I do a wide variety of fetishes and even enjoy some extreme or “hard core or extreme.” fetishes or taken to an extreme degree.

From Corporal punishment, spankings, humiliation, cross dressing and more, which fetish you have found to be your favorite?

I’m often asked what my favorite fetish is. If I had to choose just one, I guess it would be humiliation. For some reason, I feel it is one of my personal gifts. I can rattle off, getting to the core of the person’s insecurities. I have to be careful and always ask for hard limits ahead of time to make sure I go in the direction they find stimulating. I even go as far as asking for an example to make sure we are on the same page. The last thing I want to do is offend you in a way you were not asking for. I start light and warm up to make sure they want my humiliation to get more intense. I don’t know where it comes from. But I do absolutely love spanking and corporal punishment. I often do “hard core” punishments. I always warn people if crying is a stopping point, make sure to let me know ahead of time. Otherwise, I will take it as a form of whining and think you need it harder. However, with newbies, I am fine and usually insist on going easy until I get to know them better and can be sure they really want what they are asking for. I am a lot stronger than I look. My third favorite session is Forced Fem. I literally have a walk-in closet in my Dungeon. I have a vanity set up, racks of shoes, a dresser with panties, nylons, thigh highs, knee high socks, garters, etc.

I also have a variety of high-quality wigs. I love “transforming” them as much as possible on the outside as you can do in the time they book their session. I love doing their make-up and giving them the encouragement to “find their feminine side.” The amount of relief I have witnessed is amazing. Sometimes people really get emotional when they are given the freedom to really become what they have thought about for years but was always scared. I love offering “girl time” and just doing makeovers like some girls enjoy doing. Plus, they are given make-up remover and made sure nobody would ever have known they were wearing make-up earlier, like if they have to go back to work or something.

Even with specific instructions on your site for approach, do you diminish the potential client or address the issue of approach by giving them another chance to correct their behavior?

If a client does not follow instructions or breaks the rules, do I give them another chance? That is to be answered on an individual basis. It really depends on what the mistake was and if I honestly believe it was a one time thing. Sometimes I might get a feeling to give the person another chance if I feel they really felt bad about making the mistake. However, if the mistakes ever being rude, there is no second chance. I feel if somebody was rude, that is who they are and they will most likely not be respectful to me, which is a must. Plus, they probably aren’t truly a submissive, which I require.

What sets you a part and makes you different from other Dommes?

What sets me apart from other Dommes? I believe deep down a true Domme is born not made. I feel like you are either born with Dominance is your personality at the very least. I have tried to train a few girls that no matter how much I teach them, they will never be a real Domme. It is my natural personality and who I am so it isn’t fake at all. Plus, I believe when your client is able to relax and just get into the session, you are actually feeding off of each other’s energy to a certain extent. I really have a lot of fun.

I honestly enjoy the sessions. I have been told by many clients it is obvious how much fun I am having. The money is a nice bonus that allows me to be able to play all the time. Plus, I have a lot of experience. I feel it is what I was born to do. I give every session 110%. Even though I enjoy it, it does take a lot to pay very close attention to every little detail, trying to read the client to anticipate what they would love next, etc. I feel my clients get a session like no other in my Dungeon. I literally have thousands of regulars that continue to come back. I have about a 95 % return rate. Every once in a while, it wasn’t for them or whatever. But I think the return rate speaks for itself.

Have you found a need consistently evolve your vetting system in order to keep up with the changes of our technologies?

I guess I am always trying to figure out ways to improve everything. If I was satisfied just because I am doing well, there would not be a push to be my very best. I do find it important to constantly add to my Dungeon with new toys or items to show regulars, to keep things new and exciting. For people that have been coming for a long time and continue to do so on a continual basis, I always want to have something new for them as often as possible.

Was there ever a time you had to turn someone down from serving you? What suggestions did you give (if any) in order for a sub to improve if there were specific on serving you?

There have been many times I have turned down a client from seeing me. I believe it is important for there to be a match where each party is compatible. It is also important for each party’s needs, role and if they are seeking something specific being fulfilled by the other party. I feel I am very good at what I do.

Obviously, not everything will be able to be discussed or even understood on the phone. There are many different tastes, fetishes, ways of doing things, etc. There are certain things that I listen for on the phone that make me realize if I am not compatible with somebody. I don’t want the client or for myself to be disappointed. I don’t want anybody to feel their time or money was not well spent, nor do I want to feel as if my time was not respected.

I list my rules on my website as well as a peek into the way I do things.

I have pictures of my Dungeon and do my best to help people understand what they can expect from one of my sessions. After looking at my website and the client feeling like a session with me is what they are looking for, then they can call me and make an appointment. If I feel like they are submissive, respectful and looking for what I offer, I am more than happy to give them an appointment time.

I always have the clients call back an hour before the session to confirm and get the address. I expect after seeking me out, calling and asking for an appointment, that you are good for your word and say what you mean. I expect you to call at exactly the designated time I give you to call and expect you to be exactly on time and follow every direction that I give. If the client can’t do the basics of that, I know they are not respectful of my time and most likely would do the same if I gave them another chance. So, before you call and make an appointment, make sure you really are ready and you can make the time of your appointment to avoid ruining the possibility of enjoying one of my sessions.

I hate to put people on The BLACKLIST, but have no problem doing so if they display selfish, immature and rude behavior begging me to do so. I am serious about what I do and put a lot of time and effort into it. I demand respect and do not put up with any sign of disrespect.

What are your thoughts about sharing your personal life in social media or others sharing their own personal life (pictures of family members, etc.)? Is it better to keep your professional life and family life separate?

I do separate my social media with family and BDSM. Although I am not shy about what I do and am proud of being a Dominatrix.

I don’t feel it is appropriate to share a comment space with my relatives. It is out of respect that I separate the two. I want to feel able to say how I really feel in both places and don’t want anything to influence what I say. Being Mistress Delilah Demeaner is very much a true part of my personality. However, everybody has different parts of their personality. Somebody can be a very authentic BDSM participant. That doesn’t mean that is the part of yourself that you would bring to your family’s Christmas gathering.

Plus, I am grateful for all the attention I get from fans and clients. I don’t share my personal information outside my Dungeon with clients and fans, just as I don’t ask for their personal information. Privacy is an important aspect that must be respected by everybody involved. I treat people the way I want to be treated and expect the same in return.

In your opinion, do believe subs have a hard time with Findom essential, yet your time isn’t free for other services. Is there a difference?

I think the majority of clients have no problem understanding what I provide is a service that requires being paid. Everybody basically sells their time. When you have a job, most of the time, the pay you earn is determined by each hour you spend working. The fact that I love what I do for a living is the way life is supposed to be. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to find a job that pays them for doing what they love to do, but that is what every person is looking for if they don’t already have it. I am grateful to find something that I love doing. That doesn’t mean that I should be given less money because I enjoy it. If somebody doesn’t enjoy doing this, they probably shouldn’t be doing it.

So, realistically, this job requires somebody who loves doing it. Just because it is fun doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require hard work. I do put a lot of effort into what I do. I spend a lot more time preparing and setting up than I am actually paid for. I spend a lot of time on the phone, promoting, building my website, etc. Plus, I do put a lot of money into this business. All of the outfits, rent, looking well, supplies for the session and much, much more cost me quite a bit of money.

Findom is when a client’s fetish is them getting excitement or sexual gratification from watching a Domme spend their money, spending money on the Domme or whatever their personal kink is. That is totally different than paying for BDSM services.

I like to keep my Findom clients very separate from all my other clients. I even have a totally separate website for Findom. It is close to impossible to find something to do or go that is free. Even the movies cost about $50. That’s just watching something.

For somebody to go somewhere that caters to their personal fantasies/ kinks and brings them to life, to a certain extent within certain guidelines, etc. They get my undivided attention.

They have total privacy with this type of “therapy.” I have never heard of any kind of therapy session being free. If the therapist likes their job are they expected to forfeit charging their fee?

What is something you learned or discovered that you wish someone would have told you before you entered the profession and/or lifestyle? Would it change your decision or opinions on BDSM?

Being a Domme is my area of expertise, my profession how I contribute to the world. It makes me so insulted when people complain about paying for the services they called and asked for. If it was a free service, most people wouldn’t be spending their money advertising the service. Often, I have session after session scheduled.

So, it is important that I am mindful of the time. In order for me to be ready for a client, every client has to be respectful and leave when their session is over. Sometimes it can be hard to be aware of the time when I really get into something.

However, I usually am aware of how much time has gone by with the music I usually play. I have a few different things like that where I can realize how much time is going by without being too obvious and glance at the clock too much. Regardless of how much fun I am having, I have to be mindful of everybody’s time and keep on schedule. I don’t want people to be late to their appointment so I want to be ready on time for the clients. To finish answering the question about people not wanting to pay for their session, most people understand that it is not volunteer work. I am sure a lot of people don’t want to pay for dinner on a date but they want to be the boyfriend eventually, etc. There are a lot of cheapskates’ out there, which irritate me. I am used to dealing with gentleman and classy people. I do not haggle or make deals. If somebody has a problem with my rate, I suggest they call somebody else. I am a big believer in “you get what you pay for.” Meaning, if you want somebody who is very good at what they don’t waste your time thinking you are going to get a deal (or even a discount). If you only have $100, call somebody who doesn’t know what they are doing or somebody who isn’t verified and you have to worry about who you are going to meet. People can be so selfish and not consider the other person and their point of view. They are only thinking of how they can get a lot for the least amount of money. Luckily, I rarely have people like that call.

How important is it in developing a strong social media presence in order to promote your business accordingly?

Social media helps advertise. However, I have had a hard time keeping my social media accounts. I had thousands and thousands of followers and several fan clubs on my Facebook account. Facebook has since locked me out of my account and now ended it. They accused me of having an inappropriate account. This also happened with Instagram. The account where I had thousands of followers was closed.

I have since made a new Instagram. But I am starting all over again. It is very frustrating and not fair. What I did and did was advertising was widely accepted and many others had similar accounts. Some even showed nudity, when I did not. I feel I have been discriminated against. So, I have wasted all this time trying to build up my social media presence, just to have the accounts shut down from ignorance.

What are some of the lessons you have learned so far in life, both professionally or personally? Did these lessons come with difficulty and make you who you are today?

The thing I learned that I wish I would have known is many people calling will try and keep you on the phone for free as long as they can. They will say whatever they have to, especially set up a long appointment for later on, then try and get a bunch of your time on the phone now because they will be paying so much in their session later on.

Sometimes they will even try to jack off on the phone, thinking they are being stealth. I pretty much answer almost any question people have on my website. By the time the client calls me all that is left is to just set up the appointment time.

The process should take no longer than a minute or two. If they are trying to take things a different direction or divert from actually setting up an appointment than it is obvious their intention is not to come over for a session but to try and talk to me for free on the phone.

That usually lands them on the BLACKLIST and I let them know. I usually warn them if I think that’s what it seems like to me. If they don’t finish making the appointment then they basically are confirming what I said. If I am wrong and they are just nervous or whatever, most people can understand where I am coming from.

It would not have changed anything for me. In fact, I figured it out pretty quickly. But that is one thing that you kind of have to be told before you would even think people would do. It’s pretty sad that people are so cheap they are fine with wasting your time and trying to get off while doing it. It is super pathetic and disrespectful. But it is what it is. There is no shortage of scumbags in this world.

How has Covid affected your business? Has it given you a new outlet for future prospects of your business model?

Covid has changed things. At first, many people were setered to come due to the stay at home order. So it really slowed things down for a bit. I have been doing a lot more work online. But things are slowly getting back to normal.

Is it the same affect when FOSTA/SESTA was entered into law or different?

To be honest, when FOSTA started it did hurt business because it took down Backpage, which was a great place to advertise and clients from all over would go there. However, I feel it was worth it if it helps stop sex trafficking’s.

That is so sad. I couldn’t imagine being in their shoes. I definitely do sympathize with anybody who has had the misfortune of experience with that. I am blessed to still have a great client basis. I could lose a few new, additional clients if it helps put away a site that was supporting sex trafficking’s.

Community members who discuss the lifestyle, emphasize the ‘mind-fuck’ element plays a key and important role more than physical. True or False?

I agree, the “Mind Fuck” is the biggest part of the whole idea and session. That is definitely a main ingredient I couldn’t do without. But whether it is more important than physical depends on the individual client and their personal interests on what excites them.

When they are as excited as possible and enjoy the session as much as possible that is the most important thing because I can feel their excitement and energy and we both feed off of each other’s excitement in the session. That can mean a lot of different things because each client is so different.

How important are the aspects of mentoring and the relationship you have with mentors and/or mentees?

I have tried to mentor a handful of women to session with me. I have had a mixed result. With some people it went well. I have had a horror story too. But I always try to have at least one other Woman available that I can call in case the client requests a session with 2 Dommes.

The other Domme is usually in training and not comfortable to work alone but happy to assist me during a session.

Originally, I had planned to lease a big Dungeon where I could have multiple women working. However, I struggled to find women that were trustworthy and were willing to accept all my rules of always being legal and not doing anything that could get the Dungeon in trouble. So, I opted to have my own personal Dungeon and others want to join the session, if needed. I now have met a few great Dommes I wish I had met before I got my personal Dungeon. But, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

What do you think of the ‘instadomme’ phenomena? Are these young ladies looking to make a quick buck or perhaps finding their place and following suit from inexperienced ladies?

I think “Instadomme” would depend on a one on one basis. Of course, everybody has to start as a new Domme. I guess her business practices, how she runs her sessions, if she really enjoys it and how long she stays in business will tell if she is serious or not. I think the ones that are doing it for the money are not hard to spot after sessioning with them.

How has the adult trades shows helped your business and interaction with new clients and/or other Dommes you were able to work with?

Personally, Adult Trade Shows have brought me some business but a lot of exposure, which, in turn, brings business; so yes. Domcon, for instance, has a membership where all attendees or members can communicate regardless of where you live. Even though the convention is in Los Angeles, I still get clients from San Diego to notice and call me.

There are those who use their social media platforms to express opinions about BDSM which are not highly regarded as constructive criticism and can be quite hateful. Is it a good idea to express hateful opinions or say nothing at all? Domme bashing yea or nay?

I never think it is a good idea to speak hate or negative opinions about people. You never know what they went through and what they are going through. Speaking bad about something or somebody just makes you look bad. You can speak an opinion but if it is hateful most people probably don’t want to hear it and it will cause more problems than it is worth. Why make enemies? I personally have much better things to do.

However, if it is a safety thing and you are giving a necessary warning, that is different. NEVER, NEVER NEVER ever speak badly about another Domme. We should all stick together. There are different styles and different tastes. It is great that there are so many varieties. If everybody was the same, things would be boring.

Why is it important to support the community, lifestyle and stand with other Dommes?

Too often women compete with each other or are unsupportive to each other. I think Dommes should stand together as a unit. We all have a lot in common. We should support each other, speak well of each other and look out for one another. It’s crazy to do anything else.

What are some of the lessons you have learned so far in life, both professionally or personally? Did these lessons come with difficulty and make you who you are today?

I have learned and always treat people the way I want to be treated. I have also learned how to read people and have a good idea what their intentions are.

I have especially gotten good at screening clients on the phone. I have learned by trial and error what to listen for and the different things that might indicate the client is wasting my time, serious or looking for something that I don’t offer. Unfortunately, people can’t always be taken at their word. You have to look beyond what they say to have a better understanding if there is chemistry and things in common that would make a good session for both of us.

I try and put myself in the place of the client and or pay very close attention to their reaction to certain things. That tells me where to take the session next. Plus, listening to the client’s request very carefully on the phone.

Your ‘must do’ your rituals (i.e. meditate, coffee, tea, etc.)

I have to have coffee when I first wake up. I like a little bit of time to actually wake up and let my mind and body do the same. I like to swim everyday, although with Covid, that has been interrupted.

Then I come home, take a shower, eat, put on make-up and do my hair. I will usually start sessioning right away. If I have time between sessions, I work on my website, social media or my business in one way or another.

“During my leisure time I’d like to _________________, and it’s important to me because ________________________”

In my leisure time I like to swim, eat healthy and spend time with close friends and family. It is important to me because when you care about people, spend time with them. It is such a shame when you really care about people but you don’t make the time to see them. Life is short and I don’t want to regret not doing so. Plus, although I do spend most of my time in my Dungeon, everybody needs a break and time to themselves. It is nice to be around your family. You never know when you won’t have the chance. Everybody gets older everyday and that seems to sneak up on people.

If you left the BDSM life tomorrow, how would you like to be remembered by your subs and peers?

I would like to be remembered as somebody who loved what she did. I feel like each session is a moment between your client and yourself.

Sometimes the client might experience an epiphany that changes their life. I hope I have encouraged everybody to be who they are. Do whatever makes you feel true to who you really are.

Don’t let other’s expectations or judgements influence your decisions. Whoever you are inside and want to be, learn to love every part of you and feel free to share it with the world. I hope I have touched as many people as possible to not let anything keep them from being happy.

Advice to mentors or new ladies coming on board and discovering their FemDom side?

My advice is to start by dressing up how you feel sexy and dominant. That might start helping you develop or find the Domme inside. Don’t let anybody talk you into doing anything that you aren'[t comfortable doing. Do not compromise your boundaries for any amount of money. Most of all, BE SAFE. Most of the people who participate in BDSM are amazing. However, just like any category of people, there are always a couple bad apples. Make sure you listen to your gut or intuition.

Take whatever precautions makes you comfortable and able to enjoy what you do. If you aren;t having fun, then you should find something that does make you happy and do that instead.

Domme for life or retirement in the future?

I think I was born a Domme and I will always be one. I have no plans on retiring anytime soon. If something changes for me, I will have to tackle that when it comes.

Final thoughts?

I really encourage everybody to be supportive to one another and not to pass judgement on somebody because they are different than you are. Try new things and find joy in whatever you do.

I would also like to say that I recently opened a store on my website and also have an app with the same items for sale called “Dungeon Shop.” It has a bunch of clothing, shoes, tools and more for Dommes, Subs and anybody who enjoys BDSM. You can find the store at Thank you so much for the interview and the opportunity to tell people a little more about me.

And your social media and websites: (used to have)

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