Domination Nation Features Presents Madam RavenRae

-What are your specialties and hard limits (if any)?

Madam Raven Rae: I specialize in Female domination, Foot fetish, Trampling. Giantess Role Play, Corporal Punishment, Financial Domination and Humiliation.

I also provide smothering with panties on but limited worship.

I do not engage in scat, or age play. No WAM (wet and messy) no tickling, and no sexual services. A lot of women send their husbands to me because there is no risk of sexual interface

-Do you tour/travel?

Madam Raven Rae: Yes I do domestically as of now and will offer international with business class flights only.

-If so what have been your favorite places and why.

Madam Raven Rae: I love to go to Texas, just something about that hospitality and my country upbringing.

I also had a great trip to NYC, which I usually hate so I may make my trip two times a year instead of one.

Since I am close to Las Vegas in LA I often hop over there for a work vacation ;)

I hate Florida don't ask me to go unless you are willing to pay for me to go lol

-How important is anonymity for you and for your clients?

Madam Raven Rae: HUGE!

I have a tendency to get very close with my regular subs. Some that are life subs and not financial all sign a NDNC as to make sure that I can be who I am with them freely and vice versa. Being who you are and being honest is everything.

I keep all my documents in a locked box and only I have the key, but my subs all have files.

Building a strong online presence has been the social media standard in promoting yourself.

Should a Domme keep their personal life separate from their Domme life?

Madam Raven Rae:: YES YES YES!!

Bottom line is no one cares about your personal life drama and the more you show it the weaker you look. Clear minds and clear thoughts are best to session with not to get dragged down with personal baggage.

I love to air out dirty laundry that mostly isn't mine just to give perspective and make people think a bit more than they are used to.

-In your experience, what has been the most fulfilling aspects of Domme life?

Madam Raven Rae: Self acceptance.

Most people will never have this.

A sex industry worker has the highest self confidence and they have to in a sexist environment based on objectivity.

As a Domina, we learn how to spin that and manipulate, without our self acceptance we could live with guilt over who we are when society doesn't like it... tough cookies is what we say and keep going.

This translates to almost everything we do. I love the loyalty with submissive, it is something lacking in today’s relationships

-The BDSM community continues to grow however, throughout social media we see this ‘instadomme’ phenomenon. What are your thoughts about women who perceive themselves as professional dommes only asking for money with no real time experience or training?

Madam Raven Rae: That is exactly what we should expect with mass awareness before mass education.

We are on the brink of a new generation and yet the masses do not know the science behind it.

This is good and bad.

It is bad for the obvious reasons that they simply do not know what they are doing and cannot give a genuine knowledgeable experience and a long time Prodomme. This can cause injury or even death if one does not know what they are doing.

Now in retrospect the client needs to do their own due diligence.

I have no tolerance for a client who gets ripped off my one of these women and then think all women are like this, which leaves no self accountability to make sure who you are going to is reputable.

I have earned my stripes and came on the scene strong I used social media, but I also knew what I was doing and had been doing it before social media for a long time. But women also need to slow down. I know it is empowering and we all need that, but also if they charge $150 for an hour I am sure they are not the best Domina and you should go where they charge professional prices for professional knowledge.

-How does that affect the prodomme lifestyle when potential subs disobey from past experiences with non experts?

Madam Raven Rae: This really muddies the water sort of. Again if you don't look up who you are going to be vulnerable with that is no one else's fault but your own. I just don't see those subs and I don't care. I do not need to be around someone who is going to let a past experience dictate this one. I also want to slap the woman who is causing this toxic cycle (not really but it's frustrating).

Women need to have respect for other women who have led the way. Bottom line, if a rapper doesn't give props to Blues music then they just seem dumb... same here.

-With the implementation of FOSTA/SESTA how has this effected how you do business? Were you prepared for the possibility something like this could happen?

Madam Raven Rae: FUCK THEM!

10% of who they have caught have been runners of a sex ring, all others are mostly women and victims of the crime and they are being jailed with prostitution on their record when they wont give up their "PIMP" .

They rather ruin their lives for good out of fear then give up these men. SESTA is criminalizing a victimless crime and in turn turning all sex workers into criminals and making sex look bad dirty and something to be shamed for. This is so toxic to a healthy sex drive. No one needs to feel guilty about what they like or what gets them off unless it is morally wrong which we can debate later.

All SESTA is doing is harm, in order to control out of fear, they are losing control of women as a minority moving to a majority and this fact alone scares most men more then they will admit.

TAKING AWAY ONLINE MARKETING AVENUES WILL LEAD TO MORE PIMPS this is just what happens when women can not market for themselves. More women were able to get off the street and leave their PIMP for the first time ever due to online marketing of themselves, take that away and gain the risk of rape, abuse and death for women.

Is it important to keep yourself informed of newsworthy and resourceful information and laws instead of relying on social media or others wishing the community that may not be as well versed with the laws.

100% this is so important because you never know how the laws are different in your state or even in your county. Like in some places like St. Louis it is considered incursion for foot worship therefore it is illegal. A lot of areas do not allow BDSM because of the non-ability to consent to abuse.

So know your laws because a Dominatrix has never in history nor will ever win in court. And know what attorney to call!

-Educations and workshops, important for your growth? Yes or no and why?

Madam Raven Rae: Absolutely! Your own sexuality is based on a continuum so therefore you are always going to learn something new about yourself with the more knowledge you have coming in from the world around you.

Your subs may all want something different and you can not offer it until you know how to deliver that with accuracy and understanding of that particular kink. Refreshers are always good we cant remember everything all the time...we are still human.

-You took a short break. At times is this a good thing to regroup and refresh?

Madam Raven Rae: YUP!

I have been on a break from face to face work, but I have been continuing my research on topics of interests like knife and blood play. Personal growth is never a bad thing.

-What are some of your life lessons that keep you grounded?

Madam Raven Rae: Inch by inch anything is a snitch - My dad taught me that and no matter how frustrated I get I always remember that along with "this too shall pass". I have had many life lessons that a lot of people have not.

This has made me more humble and wise than I care to admit. But what I have learned the most is everyone is on their own journey and one can not judge another's until you walk with them. I like to find out my subs past history with family and religion and find out how their world was shaped so I can get in their head and have them have an amazing session. And when it doesn't turn out as we both had hoped, then I always have 5 more subs telling me how I have helped them in so many ways and I don't get down on myself because I know I am doing good for people.

-Your ‘must do’ rituals to get your day going?

Madam Raven Rae: CHAI LATTE with almond milk is what most of my subs bring me as a small tribute when we session. Every morning I have that.

I also stretch really well.

Check all 13 social media accounts. Check 10 emails, and I smoke pot for my chronic pain. I medicate with purpose not malice.

I feed my bunnies, then I go to my garden and water.

It grounds me :)

-If you left BDSM tomorrow how would you like to be remembered by your community and your slaves?

Madam Raven Rae: LOL well I have left for the last 6 months to take care of myself.

They seem to remember my feet and my awesome Giantess videos the most.

I want to do more though. I want to change the way men view women in our society!

I want to be the pioneer for why women get along with other women.

I want to be known as the Mother Theresa of Porn lol

-Final thoughts?

Madam Raven Rae:Just be honest with yourself.

Be honest with your gender.

Be honest with your partner.

If you cannot be honest with your partner than you are not a partner you are a foe.

If you ever need to talk seriously and not just for foreplay I do help counsel a lot of subs.

Presently in school for psychology specializing in sexual fetishes and addiction studies.

Minoring in Linguistics with consideration in, please some talk to me if you need you and know you know someone who cares!

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