Jillian Janson – This Girl is a Real Wonder Woman

Originally Published in 2015 RXR: Name, Location and Profession: JJ: I am originally from Minnesota, but when I took on the opportunity to pursue my dream as an adult star I decided to move across country to the beautiful west coast of California. RXR: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and sharing your thoughts with the readers of KEM! JJ: Not a problem at all! It's such a pleasure to receive this wonderful opportunity as well as the ones that have occurred in my career and personal life so far over the last year! I truly love interacting with all of those involved in this industry and enjoy exposing my special charm to all my lovely fans! RXR: How long have you been active in the industry? JJ: In high school I wasn’t allowed to comfortably express my sexuality since my classmates were immature, disrespectful, or judgmental, if anyone was involved in that kind of explicit behavior. So one day I was surfing the Internet when I decided to join a site as web cam model and immediately fell in love with the pornographic community. Within a few days I was contacted by an agency to do nude modeling in California and it’s been over a year now since decided to spontaneously take the opportunity. RXR: As one of the hottest new XXX stars working today, what lessons have you learned so far? JJ: It’s astonishing that life presents countless challenges and obstacles, but through self empowering strength we are all able to conquer the impossible and evolve from the mistakes we make as we learn valuable lessons which I’ve already experienced even though I’m pretty young and have much more to face ahead of me!

I plan to go to college someday, but I plan to wait awhile since this industry has done so much for me allowing me to be very successful and I’ve been able to pursue my goals and accomplish the things I never thought were imaginable! RXR: Describe what it was like the first time being nude in front of cameras and strangers? JJ: I’ve always been known as an outgoing and photogenic individual when I had my clothes on, so when the clothes came off I seemed to keep that potential. I modeled my first time for Barely Legal Magazine, and the people on set were extremely nice and understood I was unaware of what to do so they were very polite and taught me a few pointers. Based on the compliments I was by receiving from the companies I worked for, I realized that everyone was admiring my youthful beauty, developing body, and sweet outgoing personality. So I had the confidence to continue down the wonderful path my career was leading me. RXR: I know you love anal. What is your next favorite fetish? JJ: I absolutely love satisfying all of my sexual desires and capturing the moments of experiencing things I’ve never done before. As I was a fan of anal, and enjoyed watching it on the Internet, I decided to try it out for my first time on camera.

It wasn’t long after when I realized I liked trying new things and satisfying myself in ways I had never done before. As the fetish world of bondage and BSDM were always a very big sexual interest of mine I never really had the opportunity to explore much with it, but I plan to now as I have more desire. RXR: If you do feature appearances at clubs, what are your favorite and least favorite parts? JJ: At this point in time I do not feature dance based on the little bit of experience I have with dancing, but it’s something I really want to do so. In the future I plan on taking some lessons! My favorite part would be the fact that my fans are able to enjoy my presence, as I’m able to tease them since they would love seeing me work my way around a big pole as much as they love watching me on camera! RXR: Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert? Has working in XXX changed that? JJ: Ever since a young age I’ve always enjoyed encountering new social situations with various individuals, because I appreciate having an understanding of more perspectives than just my own. A majority of my personality characteristics display that I’m more of an extrovert, but there are occasions I find it appropriate to keep to myself and stay independent so I appreciated that I also have some qualities of an introvert.

I grew up in a town where people did not accept what I did which kept me to myself, but ever since I joined this industry it has allowed me to be more outgoing since I’m comfortable in the environment I’m in with everyone being accepting and friendly. RXR: Where do you see yourself in one year? Five years? What’s your ultimate goal? JJ: My life over the last year as an adult performer has been very unpredictable, as I’ve had hands on experience with adversity that allowed me to learn valuable lessons about myself as well as reality. However, I’ve been fortunate to accomplish so many of my goals since I’ve been a part of the porn community.

I’ve respectfully taken advantage of the social and financial benefits that this career offers me. Modeling is an interest I will have for the rest of my life, but as I make my mark on this industry I plan to step up in the entertainment industry over the next year to take my skills behind the camera as a photographer.

Over the course of the next five years I would love to achieve my even bigger aspirations as a director that will someday allow me to achieve my ultimate goal of being a producer, so I can make all of my visions come to life! RXR: Describe to our readers why you differ from other XXX performers? (for example what’s your best move?) JJ: I think what people notice about me besides my curvaceous body and my innocent young natural beauty is the sweet, caring, and charming personality I have that usually separates me from the other performers. I love displaying myself the way I do to my fans and for me it’s a really big turn on knowing that they are satisfying themselves because of me and the ambition I have to satisfy my sex drive as well as others.

I am all about pleasing especially when it comes to giving head so that’s my best move, because over the years I’ve developed the perfect skills to get a man off using lots of spit and going very deep to the back of my throat. RXR: Has this profession affected your life as a whole? For example, does your family and friends know? Is it a barrier to "normal" things like nights out with friends, dating? JJ: Yes, this profession has affected my life, but in more positive ways than negative even though there’s been some times at the beginning that caused it to be tough since everyone had to adapt to it. When my classmates found out about it, they became very disrespectful calling me names and teasing me which resulted in me moving from that environment in order to put it all behind me. I’m very fortunate that I did since it allowed me to pursue this great career and explore life by experiencing so many wonderful opportunities!

My mother was always aware that I was sexually active, but never tried to stop me like my father did. He was hardly a part of my life, but he still didn’t approve of his only daughter exposing herself this type of way so we have grown into a distant relationship. My mother and her side of the family have been supportive and still show their love for me the way they always have my whole life. They still have their valuable opinions about my job just like everyone else does considering it’s not a subject everyone is fond of.

Although I’m not ashamed of what I do, it’s not a typical conversation starter unless you can trust that the person will be respectful and accepting of who I am which is also how I distinguish whether or not I develop a friendship or relationship with them. RXR: If you could have one super power, what would it be? JJ: I’ve always admired all of the beautiful and exotic places in the world, so I’ve gained a lot of aspiration to travel. So if I had a super power it’d be the ability to fly, because I’d be able to see the world at my leisure! RXR: Favorite superhero/superheroine? Why? Villain? JJ: I admire the courageous and powerful strength that women represent for one another as we live throughout mankind. I find it amazing that we are capable of fighting for our own justice, peace, love, and sexual equality so I believe that Wonder Woman is the perfect symbol of everything I represent as she stands for feminism. RXR: What are some of your interests and hobbies that might surprise people? Is there something else you’re into, do or collect? JJ: I would definitely say that sex is a favorite hobby of mine, because if I’m not at work receiving multiples orgasms, than I’m at home masturbating with my Hitachi on webcam for my fans. I have a big fascination with art, so it’s been truly amazing to work with photography as a model and someday I’ll expand my interests to going behind the camera since I love capturing beautiful moments. When I have free time I spend it relaxing on the couch watching TV, going out with my friends, or spending quality time with my family and loved ones. RXR: If a young gal contacted you to express interest in the XXX industry, and how they can get into it, what would your advice be to them? JJ: I don’t believe this job is for everyone even though it is perfect for me, because of my love for pleasing my sexual desires and the fact that I enjoy sharing my experiences with my fans which gets me attention from all around the world thanks to all the popular companies that have filmed me. If this is something the person is ready to take on that is asking me for advice, then it’s definitely financially worth it to make a living through the benefits of the porn industry. RXR: If time travel were possible and you could go back to your first day on a XXX shoot and tell yourself one thing, what would that be? JJ: I was very optimistic my first time on a set even though I was nervous since I didn’t know the slightest thing about modeling in the nude. However, the people in the room were very informative and respectful so I was able to get the hang of it right away. The only thing I would change if I could go back in time would be choosing a name I was more satisfied with so I wouldn’t have changed it so much. RXR: Is there a subject, topic or fantasy you haven't yet tried that is on your modeling/filming "bucket list?" JJ: Going through my high school career it came to my attention that I’d built up a lot of sexual drive and experience, but by the time I started performing in this industry I’d realized my hunger for fulfilling my fantasies were more desirable and achievable than ever. I’m really satisfied with the path my career is headed on as I get to achieve anything I want, so it’s always been a desire of mine to involve myself more with fetishes and the art of the bondage/BDSM world. RXR: I look forward to meeting you in person someday. Thinking back to events/shows you've attended such as any adult trade shows like EXXXOTICA, how has that type of experience benefited you? JJ: I get the opportunity to be a Trophy girl and sign at a booth for the 2015 AVN Award show, so maybe I will be get the chance to meet you then! Last year I went, but I was still pretty new in the industry so I believe that I will receive a lot more benefits from participating this year! RXR: On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you in your life (10 being perfect)? Real life vs. online life? JJ: Over the course of my life I’ve experienced obstacles that taught me valuable lessons which allowed me to mature through adversity and prosperity, but at this point in time I am completely satisfied with my professional and personal life as all of my hopes and dreams have come true.

I’m so blessed for the recognition of my accomplishments as I’ve been enjoyed working with a community that allows me to be open with my sexuality! ###########

About Jillian Janson:

Hardwired for hot sex and frisky fun, 2015 AVN Award Trophy Girl Jillian Janson broke the mold when she outright went against the norm and embraced her sexually tainted “perfect American girl” image. Discovering the pleasure factor of the adult industry at a very young age, Jillian grew up with a passion for exhibiting her growing sexuality and love for nudity and self-expression. Within days of becoming a webcam model, Jillian found herself Los Angeles bound with an offer to work in adult films. Shutting the door on a normal college life, Jillian dove headfirst into the industry and has already worked with companies like Evil Angel, Reality Kings, Naughty America, Girlfriend Films, Digital Playground and has appeared in Penthouse and Club International. Jillian was recently nominated by both the 2015 AVN & XBIZ Awards for Best New Starlet, and fans can currently vote for her to receive the Cutest Newcomer Award at the 2015 AVN Awards. She has also been nominated by the 2015 AVNs in the Best Group Sex Scene category for her performance in Manuel Ferrara's Reverse Gangbang 2. Making her mark as the definitive playful and overtly sexual young blonde, Jillian Janson is a rising star quickly becoming everyone’s favorite barely legal starlet.

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