20 Questions with… Misty Stone Part 1 – The Realest Bitch Ever

RXR: I know how busy you are so I appreciate you doing this.

MS: No worries.

RXR: I normally do this via email and I have a standard set of questions. For this interview I looked for interesting/different questions hoping they are ones you’re not normally asked.

MS: Yeah thank you, I appreciate that. I get so sick of the same old stuff.

RXR: I figured. The thought that new up-and-comers being interviewed is different because they’re new to the business and they probably haven’t been asked anything. You’re probably interviewed all the time.

MS: Yeah.

RXR: Are you ready for your 20 Questions?

MS: OK yeah definitely, let’s do it baby, I’m ready. --------------------

RXR: Ok the first question is: What is your earliest memory?

MS: My earliest memory… Hmm... My earliest memory would have to be… wow… I think it would be my first kiss. That’s so funny. Yeah, I think I was 5…4. He was 5 and his name was Erik. I don’t know why I remember this so well. I used to swimming with him at my sister’s apartment building and we sat on the steps.

And I remember my sister used to make me sing old school songs like “Early in the morning I put breakfast on your table…” I don’t know if you ever heard that song ‘Superwoman’ from way back in the day. Oh my God, she used to make me sing those songs on the porch. It was just entertaining to them because I was a kid. And we were on the porch one day and my big sister kind of encouraged us to have our first kiss. And me and my little boyfriend Erik, about ages 4 and 5, or 5 and 6, I’m not very sure because it’s a very early memory, but yeah that is my earliest memory that I can remember. My first kiss ever. It was so innocent I promise.

RXR: I like that. It’s sweet.

MS: Thank you (laughs).


RXR: It may not be the same memory, but what was the happiest moment in your life? And the saddest that you like to share with KEM readers?

MS: Interesting. Happiest moment in my life. Wow. I’m sorry… I have so many, ok I’m going to pick the happiest. Happiest moment in my life I think was when… When I was dubbed the “Halle Berry of porn.” I think that was the happiest moment of my life I was just like ‘I made it! I did it!’ I was just dubbed the “Halle Berry of porn” I’m the shit, I made it. So yeah I think, you know what honestly I don’t even know if that was the happiest, but boy was I happy! (laughs)

RXR: That was awesome.

MS: And when I got my Fleshlight®, that was one of the happiest moments of my life. I love you Fleshlight… Fleshlight.com. (laughs)

RXR: Of course! And conversely, what was the saddest moment that you feel comfortable sharing.

MS: Yes… the saddest moment of my life. Let’s see… I’m not sure anything sad ever happened unless it’s something I do, because I’m an emotional wreck. (laughs) Oh well, this was sad. You know I had this cat that I rescued when I was younger, me and my brother at Ladera Park and her name was Struggles. We called her Struggles because you know we rescued her and she was struggling in the park. She had all these kittens, and we took care of them and we took care of the cat…

One day, she was on the porch, and at the time we were staying in L.A., and it was kind of like a… you know how your mom is trying to keep you away from all the bad things around you and she’s got the porch light literally like a “Jailhouse Rock” type of thing going on?

RXR: Sure.

MS: So it had a little kitty cat hole so only the cat could get in, but I guess the dogs were small enough to get through her hole. She was laying, sleeping on the porch and they just used her as a rag doll. I mean there was blood all over the porch…. everywhere. And you know, me being a kid I lost my mind and I’m the one discovered it so oh my God it was just… that was horrific for me, it wasn’t good. And I’m such an animal lover, so that really was one of the saddest moments because I loved that cat. I rescued her. That was my baby, and for her to get killed like that… I was like ‘are you fucking kidding me?’

I wanted to murder those dogs. I didn’t know who’s dogs they were and I couldn’t go around the neighborhood killing everyone’s dogs, it’s just not right so. Vengeance for Struggles… vengeance!

RXR: That’s too bad…

MS: I know it sucks. It was a long time ago though. But I was so mad, I remember… I totally have that, what is it ‘angry black woman syndrome’ because it happened then when I was younger so I was ready to… my momma was like if you don’t calm down... I was like I’m ready to kill everyone’s dog in the neighborhood. I’m crying, screaming up and down the street, I want to get a bat and beat everybody’s dog’s heads in. I was an insane kid so… (laughs) angry black woman syndrome there. (laughs)


RXR: Ok, next question, what’s your favorite sound and your favorite smell? So which do you like the best and what is your least favorite sound and scent?

MS: My favorite sound I know this right of the bat. I love the sound of waves, water, nature, wind, and birds chirping. Anything that has to do with the soothing atmosphere of our world, like Mother Nature itself. I’m such a hippie kid. I love everything, I love animals, I love nature, insects, and water running. And the smell of that good kush burning is always that wonderful smell. (laughs) So yeah those are my favorite smells and sounds.

And then my least favorite sound would have to be… what is that? Nails screeching on a chalkboard. Oh God, I can’t stand that, that’s so annoying. And teeth grinding… I don’t like that either. (laughs) And then my least favorite smell… I would say… ooh this is kind of mean, but I’m kind of glad we don’t live there anymore. I used to live next door to this Filipino lady and she used to cook this food, she was my landlord and we shared ventilation… I don’t like the way the food smelled.

RXR: So the spices or ingredients?

MS: I don’t like the way it smells.

RXR: Ok…

MS: (laughs) I don’t like the way that smells. (laughs) It smells yucky.


RXR: In real life, what’s one thing that REALLY turns you on the most? And turns you off instantly?

MS: One thing that turns me on the most is attention. If you can give me your undivided attention, and let me know that I’m that bitch and nobody else is in the room, nobody else exists but me? Oh my goodness. That is a plus. And then, what was the other one?

RXR: What’s one thing that will really turn you off instantly?

MS: Oh yeah. The turn off would be bad hygiene. Body odor, you know, if you’re not shaved nice and clean cut you know, I’m such a big, big, big OCD girl so if you’re not up to par you might just want to walk off the set.


RXR: What do you do to relax? Any specific hobbies or activities you like to do that people wouldn’t necessarily know?

MS: Oh yes. I like to bike ride, I told you before I love nature, I’m a hippie girl, so I’ll go bike ride on the beach for hours… hang out with my friends. I haven’t had a chance to do the hiking thing yet, but I’m looking forward to doing that this week. (laughs) So yeah I just like to do crazy… and I know this is kind of the opposite because I’m love nature and I like to be part of the world and all of this stuff, but then I like to do crazy stuff like go to Six Flags or go go-cart racing and motorcycles and jumping off of planes and do crazy stuff. So I’m very spontaneous as well.

RXR: So you have a little adventure streak?

MS: Yeah! (laughs)


RXR: Would you say you make friends easily?

MS: I do. Too easy actually, keeping them is the hard part. Yes I’m absolutely, I’m very inviting, my personality is always “10 on 2” so you always feel like you’re comfortable with me. I do tend to flock a lot of young ladies and young gentlemen my way. As far as friends, I’m just a real girl. I’m the realest bitch ever. (laughs) So that’s the part, it’s hard keeping them because I’m so honest and such a good friend, you have to built or cut from a certain cloth to understand me or know that that is good intentions.

It’s not to hate on you, it’s not to hurt you… it’s to make you better, like me. Because I’m on this pedestal, I want you to be on this pedestal too. So if I feel like something is wrong, or something needs to be addressed, then I will address it. I will not sugar coat it, because I love you and I am your friend. So I tend to lose some friends because of that, so then they weren’t my friends in the first place then I guess. (laughs)

RXR: Very true.


RXR: A perfect night for you: a night out on the town or an evening in with someone special?

MS: Ooh, ok… my perfect night… You know because I’m so yin and yang, I like to chill and just be a stoner chick on the couch, watch movies, you know chill… have five different kinds of flavors to smoke, a few girlfriends over, we might make some Mai Tais, or some kind of crazy margarita drink concoction we put together, watch some scary movies because I like scary movies. And I love board games. So that would be my perfect evening with my girls.

But I’m such yin and yang, let me tell you another evening. Another evening would be me getting in makeup, being beautified by Daniel Chinchilla, danielchincilla.com (laughs), I beg your pardon, he’s amazing… he’s truly an amazing artist. He would be coming and doing my makeup, and I would be going out on the town like to a Hollywood club, I don’t have to wait in line… you know we don’t do that because this is a perfect night you know? It doesn’t always happen like that, but we’re talking about a perfect night here (laughs). So we’re not waiting in line, we get a table, we’re having a great time, the DJ even shouts me out ‘Misty Stone is in the building!’ And then we have a big after party at one of my friend’s mansions. And we get naked in his pool… I’m just saying. That would be a prefect night for me.

RXR: There you go. I love it.

MS: One day it’ll be my mansion.

RXR: Even better.

MS: I’m working on it. I’m working on it, working on an empire right now. So many different things in progress I’m working on it’s so crazy. I really hope that everything turns out well.

RXR: It will. You’re on an upward streak I can tell.

MS: Thank you.


RXR: When was the last time you told a lie? Can you share what it was?

MS: Oh wow. When was the last time I told a lie? Hmm… I have to think about that because I told you I’m the realest bitch, I’m blunt. (laughs) I don’t easily lie. I would say that it was a white lie because I told half of a truth, you know so you don’t hurt someone’s feelings? So I sugar coated it…yeah I did, I sugar coated it. And I only did it because I didn’t want it to be blown out of proportion. Oh my God, I don’t know if I can share it though. I don’t think I should share this…

It was a situation with me and two young gentlemen… And one of the young gentlemen, basically is hearing things… a conversation that I’m having with the other young gentleman, and that he doesn’t care for, and basically the conversation wasn’t even a bad conversation, but because it just was being said about him it was a problem. I don’t know. Oh this is so confusing because it’s hard to tell the story without telling the story. (laughs)

I had to sugar coat something because things were being said, and I knew that it was going to be blown out of proportion like oh fuck this n*gga and that shit, but I’m not that kind of person. If I’m not with you I’m not with you, but it happened to be a good relationship but had fallen out. Sometimes you’re with someone for so long and you know that that person is a good person but you’re just not good together.

RXR: Yes.

MS: And then you realize that and I did and I moved on, but that person didn’t like the person I moved on with. You dig?

RXR: Gotcha.

MS: So they felt that that person wasn’t a good person for me and so forth and so on. Basically playing daddy in my life. That’s not his place, but he did that. And when I had a conversation about this gentleman to that gentleman and it got back to him, the conversation was twisted. And it seemed as if I was being malicious in the conversation, like oh you know like telling a friend about it or just some dumb shit, but it was really like I was trying to shut the conversation down because I didn’t like the energy of the conversation being said about my ex.

So me being the realest bitch that I am, I shut it down. And because I shut it down, I guess they made it, twisted like… it was just really weird but I did that for a reason. That was me explaining a story without explaining the story. So (laughs) thank you for listening.

RXR: I understand where you were going.

MS: I’m not sure the fans are going to understand that. But if you write that well I think they might.

RXR: I will wordsmith it.


RXR: What’s your favorite food to pig out on?

MS: Oh my goodness… my favorite food to pig out on is spaghetti.

RXR: Spaghetti?

MS: Mm-hmm. Homemade spaghetti is like my favorite. It’s got to be homemade spaghetti you know? Everybody’s spaghetti is not like homemade. Homemade momma’s spaghetti is just the best. And I love jambalaya and gumbo; those are two of my other favorites. Those are my pig outs. Yeah , I pig out on that stuff.


RXR: If tomorrow, not to get morbid, but if tomorrow were your last day, what would be the first thing you would do?

MS: Go to my momma house and spend the whole day with her because I love her so much. My mom is like God to me, she’s just.., her and God are on this pedestal, and there’s nobody above them. And that’s just how I feel about it. I love that woman. I’m truly a momma’s girl (laughs). So yeah, I’d spend the entire day with my momma duh… who else would I want to spend the day with?

RXR: As a momma’s boy I appreciate that.

MS: Ok right, there you go, we have an understanding. Momma’s everything. She told me I was going to be a star when I didn’t even know. She’s amazing, been encouraging for the entire journey that I’ve been through, my entire life she’s been supportive and I appreciate having someone so wonderful like that in my life.

RXR: That’s awesome. I picture and imagine that you were probably from what I’ve seen that growing up you were always the center of attention. The person that everybody loved to have in the room, and were always dancing and singing and acting.

MS: Yeah. That’s so true. That was me. Totally. Totally. Wow… Momma’s girl, she’d be like “Ah baby do your dance baby, do your dance.” That is so funny… yep you read me. Good job. Are you a psychic, or I mean a psychiatrist or something?

RXR: No, no just a student of human nature I guess.

MS: Ok it’s the Sociology class; you know those classes in high school. We think we don’t use these things.

To be continued next month when Robert asks 10 questions… about Misty’s professional life. What secrets did she reveal? Stay tuned…

Misty’s bio:

Misty Stone was born on March 26, 1986 in Inglewood, California, spent her youth in Nebraska before eventually moving to Los AngeIes, California, where she attended Crenshaw High School (junior/senior years). She was a member of her school’s varsity basketball team the Crenshaw Cougars.

She started out in the adult industry dancing at strip clubs before performing in her first XXX movies in 2006. Since then, the "Halle Berry of the porn industry" (as The Root magazine dubbed her) has enjoyed immense fan loyalty and crossover appeal starring in well over 100 films. Misty is a multiple award nominated/winning adult film star and the first, and only, Mocha Colored FLESHLIGHT Girl.


Connect with Misty Stone online:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mistystonexxx

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2402354/

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mistystone420

Website: http://www.mistystone.info/misty-stone.html

Wish list: https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/14HDF3GWZXP34/

Talk Live with Misty: vrfd.co/MistyStone

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