Interview Flashback with Zig The Foot King

Attending one of the fetish parties, I met a guy who called himself Zig the Foot King. It would be a couple of months that I would speak to him, the funny thing was he called me. It seemed that we were parallel with the Universe because I was thinking about him and doing this spectacular interview. The difference between him and all the others I’ve interviewed, Zig is the first to grant a magazine interview ever.

After speaking with him on the phone, we met several times thereafter at different types of fetish parties. He is probably one of the most sincere persons I’ve met in the scene. He takes his foot fetish very seriously, as one should take their fetish. He spoke very candid about his life, his past and how fear affected him, but yet empowered him to find a voice within himself and claiming his space with the Universe. You see in the “scene” as we call it, you’re either in it, or you’re not. If your fetish is a phase; to fit in, then you can’t appreciate the story that’s about to be told in this issue of Kink~E Magazine So without further ado, I give you Zig the Foot King!

MB: I am really EXCITED about this interview!!!!! So Zig this is your first magazine interview. This is your stage.

Zig: Oh yeah!!! I'm very happy that you found me on My Space!!! Well....I met you a while ago.....

MB: Yes...I met you at one of the fetish parties in NYC and you were very forthcoming about your foot fetish. Is this your way of getting a reaction?

Zig: Yes....I want people to know the "FOOT KING" is in Da Building....we about to have fun tonight!! You see....what I found is that when I was quiet, no one took me seriously and I wanted to make a career of this!! Then one day I was listening to one of my favorite rappers...Jay Z and in one of his songs he said "A close mouth can't get fed!!" When I heard that a light went on in "MY" head....I seen how far he made it....and thought "What do I need to do to get to that level?" I did not have a lot of money to promote I talked people to death....Now people do it for me....LOL!!!!

MB: I think this is a question that I have asked people in the past in what we call "the scene", how did you discover your fetish? Zig: This is a question I always run away from because I don't want to remember the negative and hurtful part of what happen to me....but I will share "one" of my stories with you because this is my way for people into and not into fetish to understand who am I and why? I was always told to write a book or make a movie about my life....but for now...I will keep this short...When I was 4 years old a female family member did things she was not suppose to do to me!! She would take my little arm and push it up in her while she played with me!! All I remember is "Why don't she stop playing with me....I want to go to sleep!! I ask to her please stop!!! Take my arm out!! When I tried to take it out, she twisted and pinch my skin until I cried!! Eventually, I fell asleep to her wiggling and moaning all night. In the morning I got up to go to the bathroom when I came back she had one of my younger siblings on the floor. She was tickling with her feet! They were happy...and a lot of laughing...she would put her big toe under the chin to do more tickling, in the mouth, in the ear...all over!!! Being that I was very, very young, I still remember thinking my sibling is not crying, I want to be happy too! So I asked can I be next and she yelled out "NO" get out the room!!! So I left the room, cracked the door, and watched her pretty feet making someone else happy. From there on, I looked at feet (painted toes) as being innocent. I had dreams of pretty feet "in" and everywhere on my body!!! Yes....EVERYWHERE!!! I will tell you one thing; I made all those dreams come true....that's for sure!! I HAD to take something negative and make it positive but Never did I think I would be the "FOOT KING OF THE WORLD!!"

MB: Foot fetish seems to be the socially acceptable fetish outside of the "fetish realm" but you make it big and spectacular. How and why? Zig: Well the way I came up, it wasn't at first. I came up in the "Mainstream", in the public eye. It was HARD!!!! I felt like it was me against the world!! So instead of going underground, I fought back. It started when I seen the news one day, a guy grabbed a woman’s foot on the train, another one hid in someone's shoe closet, another guy on the news asking Junior High School Kids there shoe size and then I seen something on "Dateline" I was like "It's people like this that are messing it up for the foot fetish community!!!” One woman I was cool with told me that some guy chased her down the street to suck her toes a few months ago!! I can go on forever with these stories.

The last straw was at the gym I work for, this happen almost 10 years back, this woman that was into me from the gym would talk to me for hours. I was not into her because she had pretty hands and "BUSTED" feet!! I guess when she seen I wasn't advancing, tried to get me fired from my job I been at now for over 20 years!! She sent a fax to my boss and said I was after her feet. Needless to say she went and told the truth and cleared my name. After that I said I don't trust ANYONE anymore!! "The one and only person I can trust is ME! At the time, I felt I was “damaged goods” because of what happen when I was younger, I never wanted to stick my meat in NO GIRL, guy, pig, dog, cat, rat a chicken with his "HEAD" cut off "WIGGLING"...NOTHING!!! ....not even a SOCK!! To this day, I don't like touching myself unless I have to pee or "SLAP" my dick up side some girls head...LOL!! Nowadays, I let the women "Pitty Pat"(touching with feet) my meat until it skeet, Skeet on the FEET!! LOL!!! (If they lucky to get me off!!)

....anyway...Back to the story...

So then I said to myself, "Why did this person do this to me....over"FUCK" her and the world!!!! If I go out....I go out with everyone knowin I'm the ZIG THE FOOT KING" NO one is taking the one thing I LOVE away from me...I will make people understand one way or can either hate it or get "PAID" to do it!!!! I don't care ....JUST take off your Shoes!! Once I started giving money...."ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE" Then my "FOOT SHOWS" took off!! My ANGER turned into happiness when after one of my shows, a young lady came up and said "You just help me finished paying for books for college!!" I WAS IN SHOCK!!!!!! I had tears in my eyes...I was not angry anymore. People started calling me Robin Hood of the neighborhood!!!!

MB: I remember back in 2000, when I thought of my idea for this magazine. I thought to myself, there really isn't a magazine out there for women like me. Sure we have Vogue and Cosmo, but I'm not a "Vogue" kind of woman (other than the fact I can’t afford the clothes they advertise). I always felt different growing up and now that I'm 'grown' and I know how to channel that energy, I have found a place in the Fetish world to expose other communities to each other and hope to have society look at people with fetishes or any other alternative lifestyles, that we do not have issues. Have you ever dealt with anyone that has told you that you may have issues and perhaps you should seek therapy? How did you deal with that? Zig: HELL YEAH! But I knew that if I'm the "FOOT KING" then I have to take it....but THEY have to be able to take it too!!!

MB: Oh...How did you give it back to them?

Zig: First you have to understand growing up my Grandfather would say "BOY YOU GOT AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING!!" Well he was RIGHT....I do!!!

All my life, people would always try to hurt my feelings in front of their friends, and that's when I let them HAVE it!! I have plenty of stories. Here's a few, one young lady said feet are nasty and dirty and I said yeah but so are other things and people still put it in their mouth don't they? Then she just looked at me in shock and she did not know what to say. People started warning other people, “You Better Leave The "Foot" alone”.

Another was this guy, he looks at me and said to his friends "He eats Toe Jam!!" I said to him..."No more than you grabbing a girl that been with a dude earlier that "Blew" in her and you come and lap it up!!!" HE WAS IN SHOCK!! Then to save face he said, ”Oh yeah, so what if a girl step in shit?” I said "What if a girl wipe from the BACK to the FRONT!!!"

Last was this pretty young thing, one of the best looking girls in Queens. All my friends, and her friends was around, then she went in on me, “I would never let you near my feet” and I looked at her and said I can see why...You take care of your face, you take care of your hands, but your toes are dirty, chipped polish, toenails are out of shape!” I said, “BABY...those some FEET you can KEEP!!!” Everyone started laughing so hard!! I seen her eyes water up!! Now when I see her feet, them shits are painted and buffed!!!

MB: LOL!!! Now you know that’s fucked up but at least she’s keeping her feet in check. Now to the fun stuff, tell me about your music. :-) Zig: Humm...Well it started when I heard Ludacris song...."I GOT HOES" ....every time it would come on in the club...I would change it to "I GOT TOES" I would also change the words and make it funny! People would just crack up!!(LOL!!) So one day I wrote a verse to the song rapped it to everyone. At the gym, at the clubs, bars, in friends’ cars, everywhere! Friends would tell their girl friends I rap about feet. They didn't believe them so they would call me over so I could spit (rap) a verse or two....they LOVE IT!!! Everyone told me to do one more verse...make it a song!! When I did, I said to myself "this is perfect, I can make people laugh and tell them about who I am!”

MB: Rapping about foot fetish...I never heard of that. How is the Hip Hop & R&B community opening up to your music?

Zig: Hell....They LOVE IT!! Some Record labels are coming to "ME" on My Space and Twitter!!

They keeping an "EYE" on me..... MB: Besides your music and feet, what else Zig is getting into these days? Zig: Well I just started getting more into acting!! Gym Rats Don't be that Guy is what I am working on now. I love acting because it allows me to get all my emotions on screen!! My entire life, I would hide it from people and now on stage or in front of a camera I can be anybody I want!! My mother would write plays and songs then all of us as a family would get up and perform them in front of a people, so I have been entertaining people all my life!! MB: Are you marketing yourself and is there a limit for you? Zig: Yes! I'm marketing myself!! In this day and age of computers, ANYONE can go "WORLDWIDE!!" It makes it harder for record labels, movie directors or anyone else to find that next "SUPERSTAR". Everyone’s a "rapper, a singer, an actor, a dancer, etc. What people is failing to understand is that these people are out looking to make "MONEY!!" You have to "HAVE" or "DO" something different!! They are looking for staying power!! Well I have that "POWER!!" Why? Because everything that has to do with a "FOOT" I "WILL" be a part of!! Nail Polish, Nail Clippers, Flip Flops, Women Shoes, Socks, TOELESS Socks... (so you can keep her feet warm while you are "SUCKING HER TOES"...)Toe Rings, Ankle Bracelets, Stockings, Foot Cleaning Products, Sneakers.....I can go on "FOREVER".....I don't think there is a limit. I think what will top it all off is to have a "MAN MADE ISLAND SHAPED LIKE A FOOT!!"

MB: “So Zig....I heard that people call you "FOOT" how did that start?

Zig: It started around the time I just finished being on Jerry Springer. A guy in the gym called me "FOOT MONSTER!!" I laughed and said " can just call me "FOOT!!" So now that's what everyone calls me!!

MB: So do you like men’s feet too?

Zig: To me feet are FEET!!! You either have nice feet or you don't!! I say that because I have seen some men who look like women who paint their toes and have nice feet!! Sometimes you can't even tell on the computer...LOL!! Hey..I would be a liar if I said I didn't like them! Just don't ask me to go past the ankles!!!

MB: LOL!!! OK…Do you like dirty feet?

Zig: Well it depends, how sexy the woman is!!! Can she put on the baby face and soft voice to get me to do it. Are her toes painted some? "I CAN'T RESIST YOU NAIL POLISH COLOR". Am I lying on a towel "BUTT NAKED" on the floor....wiggling like some inch WORM......Is it Jessica Alba, Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey, shoving their foot in my mouth? On a Dare, I've done it!! Hey..."MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS"....LOL!!

MB: If you had one pair of feet who is famous whose feet would it be?

Zig: Ahhh...That's easy....Oprah Winfrey!!!

Want more of Zig the Foot King??? Coming soon, video footage of The “Foot” working his magic with his fetish. Be on the look out!

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