The Adventures of a Kleenex Kid

The Adventures of a Kleenex Kid

Sometimes the most important fetishes are the ones we allow to become the most ingrained is us, the sometimes most taboo and are usually non-movers. When analysing our love for something, an obsession or fetish we decide to question why we love them so much, what part they play in our lives, could we actually do without them and what reactions do we get from them.

I think the most symbiotic and challenging of my fetishes has now become one I'm able to talk about with the closest of friends and potential love interests. Now that fetishes are more acceptable to hint at least, a love for being tied up or pantie sniffing, for example, is now being met with more acceptance due partly in part to that piss-awful film 50 Shades of Grey.

I am skirting around that rim of actually letting more people in my circle know more about what turns me on because I know after all these years they accept me for that pervy kinkster I am in real life as well as on my Facebook profile. For years I've been growing more in confidence about it as I've been writing it into my erotic stories.

I guess I'm using this as a coming out party - of sorts.

Kleenex Tissues. Yeah.. "What the actual fuck" you're wondering. They're my second main fetish besides Silk Scarves.

Some of you may know about this already and have had reason to use this wonderful consumer product we know and love as Tissues, Kleenex or otherwise. And tissues are definitely a fetish object; however it isn't the most common or heard of much at all. It's important that any and all who do get turned on by tissues, yeah, I bet you're still thinking "What the....."

Why do people "love" tissues so much that it becomes a fetish? Like any other fetish, borne out of childhood influences it has been a taboo thing for me, until about 2001. Many different factors play a part and maybe a certain event is the trigger for these thoughts, I can't recall.

The tissue fetish is harmless, quirky and also has Bondage applications too, plus... it's pretty cheap and easy to come by.

What do people do with tissues? It's very much a sensual thing for me. The woman who messaged me this morning said that Tissues are one of her favorite underrated, simple, yet cheap sensation toys. Mainly dragged slowly and teasingly over the skin... or wafted down upon it... or flicked across it and that a guy she used to date turned her on to them. Since then, she's turned a bunch more people onto their sensual possibilities.

How the fetish triggers? Well, it involves sight, smell, sound, touch, and yeah taste, well not taste per-se. Therein lies the bondage applications.

Sometimes all it takes is to see the box of Kleenex tissues in the supermarket and I'm a gonner, at least in my trousers. I have been using them, responsibly as a gag for the last 20 years, both upon myself (I practised through self-bondage) and on other partners and submissives.

Since I was about 5 years old I've never seen them for what they were designed for. As I grew older this developed into a taboo thing but as an adult, lets face it, being a guy a good box of tissues is a man's best friend when it comes to being alone in your bedroom, at least in your teenage to adult years, but even still their value is decreased when they should be enhanced.

Well now it's become a full on sexual fetish for me. Whenever I see a box of tissues I get aroused. The soft silky white plume that sticks out the top of the box, the sound made when you pluck a handful out, their smell. So unique and untouched.

Tissues also make fantastic gags. A good handful eased into the mouth before then secured with perhaps a silk scarf or Tape. In Play kidnapping scenarios as well as the heart quickening the captive may also salivate a lot, the tissues absorb saliva well with enough quality to them but a good brand is needed and health and safety always adhered to. There's a technique to using them this way and I have seen a few videos on porn sites of riggers who do kidnapping scenes that use them for this; some use them well, but others don't so you do need to be careful. Kleenex Tissues stay in tact more is a large enough number are used.

But they can also be used as a gag more safety too. Back in November 2005 I was in a session with a new sub who I'd been speaking to for a couple of months, I gagged her using a small silk neck scarf stuffed in her mouth, some stockings wrapped a few times around the packing and then over that I wound layer upon layer upon layer of White Toilet Tissue around her mouth.... Ohhhh and I doooo enjoy gag kissing too.

I can't recall ever having Tissues in the home, nor near me in previous homes growing up, until I was a teenager and experimenting anyway. I can't recall the first time I saw a box of Tissues but the first I can recall being turned on by them as when I was 8 years old. I saw them on the teacher's desk at school. Now this teacher, Miss Tracy, I did fancy. I had a crush on her anyway and she always wore silk blouses, again, she contributed to my fetish for Silk Scarves, and silk... well, silk everything.

I used to actually look at her box of Kleenex and I knew how they looked, so soft and pure. I'd see other girls flail them about and I could mentally feel their softness. I knew that these must feel incredible on the skin.

Anyway, during a lunch hour at school I got back to the classroom early and I saw the chance, in the empty room to quickly, cheekily to the box of Kleenex Tissues, in all their sheer clean glory and finger the box, to feel if I was correct. Lo and behold... I was. They felt incredddddibly soft and bouncy, decadent and I knew that a handful of them was what I needed to prove that I was intrigued enough for this to be a 'thing'.

Yet nothing occurred afterwards and I remained, for years, intrigued beyond reality at how Tissues felt. I would watch old films with kidnapping scenes where in my own young mind I was binding the damsel and gagging her a lot better and also more comfortingly than was shown (Yes how was I supposed to know that being bound and gagged was supposed to be a distressing event.... ha, well, don't we know differently).

I'd see princesses in films dressed all in white, in my mind, bound and then all this evolved into thinking in these terms about women on Television that I had crushes on. And I'd be binding them, all from the age of 12 till 15 I was sitting on all this taboo and thinking there was something wrong with me, but I enjoyed it. And the ways I'd be gagging these 'actresses' were with Tissues.

I'd watch the 60s Batman show and sometimes Batman and Robin would be captured by the Penguin, the Joker or better still Julie Newmar's Catwoman...(Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pardon the dribbling). And some of the gags I saw I'd flip on to Catwoman, well, Julie. Only they would often be a handful of folded Tissues, silk scarves and evvven Sanitary Towels... that soft tissue-like inside of them must be comforting on the mouth, cheeks and face, surely.

And now I know, as I've done a lot of Self Bondage myself, I've used Tissues on a couple of Submissives only this was still while I felt taboo about them and to that instance, guilty. I was about 23 at the time. I'm 35 how.

I keep about 10 boxes of Tissues at a time and when I get a cold they are NEVER used. They are purely a sexual item, a sensual item that can make my flesh feel incredible, they're a comfort and something which always tips me over the edge of climax. If I here the noise of a few Tissues plucked quickly from a box in quick succession then I know it's allllll coming. They're very much laced into my DNA now.

Over time, my very good friends, mostly female, have ordered me unique collectors boxes of Tissues, limited editions, for my Birthday. And now I seem to be converting a few people to them as an underestimated item. I've a few friends from back in the day who also adored Tissues but they're all men. Now though. it's evening out as people aren't afraid to explore.

As a Thirty-Something Dominant with (Daddy Dom leanings) with too much of a soft core to compromise... I think it's time to come out of the closet. There are just far too many boxes of Tissues inside to stand still in here.

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