Las Amas por Siempre or Mistresses Forever One Man's Love of Latin Dominant Females

While the places are real all the names have been changed

for obvious reasons.


Mistresses Forever

One Man's Love of Dominant Latin Ladies

Gregory Pappas is a good, respectable middle class

guy from the San Fernando Valley. Ever since he was

a kid he has had a love of Hispanic and Latin females.

While in high school he came to grips with the fact

he was kinky. He loved the idea of cross dressing even

though he knew he was heterosexual. He had a strong fetish

for ladies in over the knee boots and those wearing leather.

During his junior year at Van Nuys High School he befriended

a pretty Mexican girl named Elliana. They just only exchanged

greetings while passing each other. One day at lunch she showed

her dominant side when she passed Greg and took one of his

potato chips and said "oh you're so sweet." He did not mind.

They finally hugged on her graduation night as she was a year

older. He never saw here again. While a teenager he grew deeper

in his love for all this fetish thanks to pop culture of the 1970s.

In 1979 he took a job as an usher in a Sherman Oaks movie theater.

The daytime cashier was a girl from Colombia named Selina. One day

Greg saw her walk across the lobby speaking Spanish and he got off

on it. From that point on he referred to her as "my Latina." When Selina

spoke Spanish he started kissing her on the hand just like John Astin

did to Carolyn Jones on the 1960s sitcom The Addams Family.

When things were slow at work they would chat as employees do.

One day he started talking about bondage and S&M. Greg started

working the evening shift shortly thereafter. One day he arrived at

work early and Selina and another female employee decided to tie up

Greg with belts. They attacked him in the lobby but he escaped into

the auditorium during the screening of a movie. He was sitting near

the front when he saw the two girls followed him inside. He ran back to

the lobby but they would not leave him alone. So he realized his

fate and they trussed him. A few seconds later the boss appeared

on the scene. A few minutes later the boss called Greg into the

office and said "if I see that again you're fired."

A few days later while in the lobby Greg told Selina jokingly

"I wanna be your gringo, and you can be my Latina."

The assistant manager of the cinema told Greg "you're sick."

Greg let it roll off his shoulder.

Greg was friends with a former high school classmate named

Esteban who had a Basque father and Tejana mother. Esteban

had three younger sisters all very pretty with dark brown hair

and eyes. Greg let own about his interest in the dark arts.

One night Greg told one of the sisters to hit him. A friend of

hers was at the house who said "oh God he's kinky."

About a week later there was a local news magazine which aired

an episode about the Chateau which was a commercial S&M parlour

in West Hollywood. Estaban and his sisters were in shock and later

he told Greg "it's gross." The sister who hit Greg was named Veronica

and she was a little ditzy and referred to the scene as "chains & bondage."

Another sister named Patricia who was very high maintenance helped

Greg explore his feminine side by giving him clothing and letting him

wear her jewelry. She used to cut Greg's hair too. Patty used to

call Greg corazon (meaning heart but in the Spanish speaking world

also can mean "love or sweetheart"). Patricia would also

say it the Castillian way by saying the vowel sound th rather

than z.

One night in 1985 Greg was home on leave from the Navy.

Two months later he would deploy for a six month cruise

to the Asia-Pacific region. He went into a bar and met a

curvy Chicana named Deena. Greg had to leave the bar for a

few minutes and she said to him "where's my kiss?"

He returned and promised to take her home. Once they

got into his car he said "yes Mistress" to which she

replied "you better call me Mistress." He asked if he

could wear her lipstick. She applied it and called the

color "cocksucking red lipstick." Before going home

they went to one of her friends house and she made

Greg sit on the floor. Deena said "he's my slave and

he's so handsome." They went back to the bar for a

nightcap and she told him "I'll put you in drag."

When they kissed goodnight sharing an open mouth

kiss she grabbed his left buttock and then moved

her hand to follow his parts. Then they parted company.

On his 25th birthday in October, 1985 he was in Subic Bay,

Philippines. Once he finished work that day he did what

all sailors on liberty do. He slept with three different women

in a day. In the wee hours of the morning while standing

outside of a brothel two of the local girls noticed he had

a large smudge of candy apple red lipstick on his mouth.

So the two girls neither taller than 5'2" decided to paint his

face. They taunted him with jeers of "Boy George you pretty,"

"bakla (tagalog for homosexual)." Greg forgot to wash off

the paint before returning to the ship at dawn. So his

buddies teased him.

During the final week of 1985 Greg went to another commercial

establishment called Casa de Dama Amor (House of Lady Love)

in Mar Vista. There he met Leticia. A buxom Puerto Rican dominatrix

with coal black hair. She made Gregory wear a green dress and

brown knee high ladies boots. When the session was over he met

the proprietress Dama Amor. She was a pretty Chicana with

auburn hair and a little on the plump school marm side.

During the session Letty told Greg "I put you in black boots."

This was a prophecy fulfilled. Two years later in 1987 Leticia

and Gregory were reunited in an apartment in Hollywood which

also was used as a commercial dungeon. Gloria put on a pair

of crotch high black leather boots which laced up in the front.

She leaned on a bench and ordered him to "fuck my boots."

He shot the greatest wad and he thought he would faint.

There she gave him the nickname puta (whore). Two weeks later

they met again. This time she put him in lingerie and black patent leather

boots. Same scenario and an equally great orgasm for Greg.

For the next three years he was her house cleaning bitch until

she moved to Las Vegas.

A short while after Greg reunited with Dama Amor in the early

90s at play parties thrown by the Los Angeles chapter of Society

of Janus. One great scenario had her dripping candle wax on his

genitalia and abs while saying sweet nothings to him in Spanish.

All during this time he would frequent Lady Laura's also in Mar Vista.

Greg became friends with a Tejana lady named Lupe. While they

never played they saw each other at Janus parties and other functions

and developed a friendship. For a while he developed a crush on her

but she did not reciprocate. In 2005 she relocated to Tucson and hence

parted ways.

While at a Janus party in 1993 he met a Brazilian-American lesbian

dominatrix named Cristal. He gave her a foot massage that night

and she loved grabbing his crotch. They met again in 1997 when

she rented a house in North Hollywood. While at the residence

they bartered sessions. Greg's biggest thing was mummification.

So he became a house bitch and would get such sessions in return.

In 1998 she moved to Florida and left the scene altogether.

Besides being a fetish practitioner Greg had a strong interest

in metaphysics and the occult. On two occasions he visited

the Psychic Eye Bookstore in Sherman Oaks. He met a Hispanic

woman about his age (mid 30s) who struck up a conversation

with him and told him "you're my slave."

In 2000 through a mutual friend he met Mistress Delilah. She

was born in Mexico to a Mexican mother and American father.

Twice a month she had parties at her establishment in downtown

Los Angeles. They developed a close bond. They could call

each other on the phone and cry if need be.

Delilah would force him to cross dress and often peg him.

They also engaged in cellophane mummification and flogging.

In 2004 Domcon LA was inaugurated and was soon established

as an annual festival of for pro Dommes celebrating the lifestyle.

Greg volunteered at most of them when he could. In 2012

he met a dominatrix from Mexico City named Domina Azteca

who gave him the nickname "corazoncito" which means little


From 2001 thru 2009 Greg lived as a boarder in a single

family home in North Hollywood with a Dominican landlady.

Greg was not shy to tell her about his lifestyle. Maria was

her name and she called him "pervertido" and "bad boy."

When Greg would go to a play party or shoot a video

he would call it "the pervertido thing."

Soon he found a new residence of his own in

Los Angeles and continued to be active in the

Southern California scene.

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