Domination Nation Interview with King Lexa

Thank you to King Lexa for her interview feature!

One of the first things I noticed unlike other Dominatrixes you are a King! Please share with our readers why King and not Queen?

I believe there is nothing more powerful than switching up gender roles. For a male to call Me King, when I'm a female, is a mindfuck and I love mindfucks. At the same time it can be humiliating, which is another one of My interests. I see it as the same dynamic as calling Me Daddy.

What peaked your curiosity to begin your BDSM journey? To be quite honest I had no idea BDSM existed until I was 23. My friend called Me one day telling Me she has been training to be a Dominatrix and that she couldn't stop thinking of Me, claiming I'd be perfect for it.

Did you have a mentor before venturing off on your own?

I went out on My own without having a mentor. I believe dominance is innate, technique is learned. I remember men would request sessions and only include abbreviations of the type of session they wanted. As a neophyte I would have to google it, sometimes even watch a YouTube video. Eventually I sought a mentor, My first and only mentor was Tara Indiana.

While exploring your journey, was they're anyone who advised you that perhaps it wasn’t a good idea and how did you handle or say about that “advice”?

Before going out on My own I met a "master" who intended on training Me and told Me I'd never make it as a Dominatrix. He thought a successful dominatrix needed to be a misandrist. I did not agree with his viewpoint.

What specialties became your favorite?

Forced domination (degradation), humiliation, and financial domination.

Any limits?

The standard limits, no queening, no nude face-setting, no sex.

Do you attend workshops or events relating to enhancing your craft?

I attend Domcon and classes offered by Tara Indiana

How important is it for you to continue your personal BDSM education in keeping with safety during sessions?

Safety is paramount and not just My safety but My clients safety as well.

What precautions do you take to ensure you and your clients are safe at all times? Does it include CPR?

Going over My clients history and triggers prior to our session is one of the ways I take proper precautions.

Why is it important for a client to disclose any personal health issues before engaging in any type of session?

A good example would be if a client has a pacemaker, I must be informed, I need to avoid using My electro wand. This sort of mistake can be deadly.

BDSM Business

What are your most favorite type sessions…online or real time?

I enjoy both differently. If I had to choose one over the other I would say real time.

One of your mentions on your site is you like to push limits. Do you find you reach more potential with subs from one to one real time sessions as oppose to online?

Most definitely, it's a-lot different when I'm in their presence, they truly have no way out.

With the inception of the internet and how technology changes day after day, do you find you have to change your vetting system? (You do not have to disclose any details on what you use or how vet anyone)

My vetting system has change drastically since I first began. It's not as simple to book Me. I have a series of requirements that a prospective client must satisfy and if they are not willing to satisfy them I do not dedicate My attention to them.

As a professional and promoting your brand on social media, is it better to keep your KingDom life separate and refrain from sharing personal life situation, family, etc?Should every Domme follow that path from refraining of sharing personal details?

I don't post much about My family if ever, but I am not opposed to it. I believe I have a picture with My cousin. I am human. I believe there is an importance in showing that side to a certain extent. I prefer to have them separate with rare family mentions.

Is there any part of your business you would have done differently early on your career or happy to have the learning curve need to conduct your business accordingly?

A mentor earlier in My career would of 10x'd My exposure as a professional-dominatrix. I would of also been able to leverage more from a mentor. Despite that I am doing fairly well.

Who is the ideal submissive who should approach you?

I'm attracted to the authentic submissive who exhibits intelligence, civility, attentiveness, and financial oblation.

Have you ever had to turn a sub away and why other than not approaching you correctly?

Plenty. Throughout My career I've learned that less is more and that I don't want to be everyone's dominatrix. I'm am hypercritical on who I allow in My presence. I've learned to be selective for My own sanity, with the purpose of delivering My best self to My slaves. These reasons correlate and feed one another. It's the best decision I've made. I am attracted to the polite subservient class of men, any abrupt or coarse language I find repulsive. This is the fastest way to rid of your chance to meet Me.

Why is the “mind-fuck” element an important aspect of BDSM?

Mind fuck allows the dominant to exert control over the submissives mind. It's the essence of domination.

Social Media and Community

What has been some of the big misconceptions since 50 Shades?

I have not read or watched 50 shades of grey and have no desire to.

What is the biggest misconception that is the recurring theme about BDSM that doesn’t seem to end?

The acceptance of traditional sex in a session. I believe this stems from porn.

Do you feel it is important to give back to the BDSM community through mentoring and/or, education or even attending events?

I believe if it's in your heart one should do it because it's genuine. I don't think it makes you a bad person for not doing so.

Has the “instadomme” phenomena hurt how people from the outside view BDSM? Has it taken away from the ProDom who invest their time in their brand and conducting business?

I don't think it takes away from Me, if anything is takes away from subs looking for a genuine professional dominatrix.

Is a good idea to use your social media platform to dommebash, chastise or kink shame?

There is a toxic element to toxic media in which I do not participate in. I don't see it as My role to judge other Dommes, I already have a lot to work on when it comes to Myself.

Why is it important to stand your ground and support the BDSM community as a whole?

It's My work and I believe BDSM can be a safe outlet when practiced responsibly.

What are your thoughts on the outlook of the future for the sex worker?

I believe this will largely depend on which way the political winds blows, nevertheless it's not a big concern of Mine.

All About You

What are some of the lessons you have learned either professionally or personally that makes you who you are today?

Self -education is the best education. If you want to accelerate the process invest in a mentor. One thing I struggle with is feeling like I am not moving fast enough in life. I find it important to remember that one is not entitled to get what experience gains them. You must understand patience, sacrifice and know that in order to gain, sometimes, you must undergo losses. You only fail when you give up, keep trying.

What are some of your “must do” rituals to get your day going?

Meditation and going to the gym are both essential to My well being. I must do both things in the morning before starting My day.

Advice to anyone new coming on board and exploring this lifestyle?

You are not entitled to get what experience gains you, go out, get dirty and fail better each and every time.

Final thoughts?

I'd like to take the time to acknowledge Kink~E Magazine for taking the time to host and craft all the questions I just answered.

Thank you!

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