KinkE Archives - Interview with Stevie Lix

MB: How long have you been in the industry?

SL: I just had my first birthday in xxx and before that, I was an erotic dancer, theatre artist and sex life coach for the past decade.

MB: Why this type of career calling?

SL: I was schooled in the theatre and healing arts to use my body as an instrument. By gravitating towards adult entertainment I found a good place for my exhibitionist nature and shock jock style. My goal is to inspire others to come out, get loose and be free.

MB: How do you handle anyone who has said anything negative about the adult industry or even about you?

SL: To be straight about it - I dropped all the people who wanted to hold me back long before entering the industry. I shake them haters off ! At the same time I know many are called but chosen are few - I even wrote a rap song about it called “Do it if Ya Could”

MB: Your favorite scene?

SL: My most recent scene with Filly Films was Mommy & Me, starring Trillium and directed by Jim Power was a great one. It will be off the chain! It’s coming out soon - girl on girl gone WILD!

MB: Your favorite person you’ve worked with?

SL: Vivid Radio - My radio mentor, and porn star legend, Christy Canyon.

Video - Brad Knight was cool male talent, he won best newcomer this AVN, so go figure.

MB: Name a person you aspire to work with in a future film.

SL: In XXX - The amazing Keiran Lee!

Mainstream - Woody Allen...hey he's doing that Amazon I’m putting it out there!

MB: The most challenging scene!

SL: Cougars Crave Kittens - my first girl/girl...We had to shoot it quick in time for the other talent to catch a train!

MB: Anything you haven’t done you would love to do?

SL: I’m excited to bring my stage show with original rap music to life both live and in xxx music videos.

MB: Recognition/Awards…?

SL: That relate to adult entertainment? Not yet...Give me a little time;-)

Now more personal questions….

MB: You’re earliest childhood memories that put a smile on your face?

SL: My grandfather telling me that I was going to grow up to be a dangerous woman.

MB: Your greatest personal accomplishments?

SL: Growing up to be that dangerous woman.

MB: The things that annoy you the most are….?

SL: One size fits all approaches and non-thinking bottom lines.

MB:The things that please you the most are…?

SL: Being spoiled...Rotten!

MB: Important cause or charity?

SL: Self love and self acceptance.

MB: Bullied as a kid or popular?

SL: I was always in with all groups...a leader. Also, I was more of an observer, already plotting my escape.

MB: Your favorite body part you think is the most appealing.

SL: My lips

MB: Your favorite snack?

SL: These days it’s been skinny pop - pop corn

MB: One thing you can’t live without?

SL: Apple Music all day and night!

MB: One thing you CAN live without!

SL: Re-boots of movies that were better the first time around

MB: A country you would love to explore?

SL: Spain - Ibiza in particular

MB: Where do you see yourself in five years?

SL: Living up the road in Malibu California.. Heavily involved in the adult entertainment industry cutting edge. Purveying a high tech cyber brothel and virtual musical review that redefines sexual wellness and adult entertainment.

And finally…your social networks!

Twitter @stevielixxx

IG: Stevielix

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