Celebrating PRIDE with TS Ashley Sparks

Ashley thank you so much for becoming part of our KinkE family. Let us begin.

One thing that captured my attention was a retweet from someone else retweeting your profile picture with no hair. It was definitely a moment of captured beauty for me. Was there a reason why you had kept this hidden at some point and decided, “fuck it I’m sharing

TS Ashley: I had previously shared and had been for a few months that I wear a wig. I figure so many people do I just want them to be comfortable. I decided to go bald because it is authentic and I feel the truest to who I am.

Talk to me about what your childhood was like and when did you realized you felt different and express that difference. Were you able to find resources where you can connect with people who are like-minded and can help you on your journey?

TS Ashley: My childhood was great. I'd say normal whatever normal is. I've always felt like a lady. Nothing ever really changed. As for resources they are out there. Best one I found was my hormone provider in Portland. Outside of that just everyone I talk to on Twitter is very supportive and i love them.

Offline we spoke about people who have tried to bully you in public. What are your thoughts of people who have these types of reactions to gay and transgender? Are they acting out on their own fears and the inability to accept people are different and think differently in how they choose to live their own lives?

I remember once arguing with a person due to a comment I made (on facebook no less) about a video that went viral of a kid who waited for his father to leave for work so he can disclose to his mother a secret he’s been keeping – which his mother new all along and told him she loved him regardless. (just thinking about it makes me emotional). When I mentioned about how sad it must be when family members want to express who they really are and afraid of being judged because of their choices, someone chimed in how it wasn’t a choice. While this person insinuated he was born that way (and accusing me of judging not even realizing I owned an alternative lifestyle magazine), I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing so many individuals who have called it a choice while others said they were born that way. What are your thoughts regarding this. Choice or born this way?

TS Ashley: So many people in life for so many reasons get bullied and face hate on so many levels. For me as far as people and my personal experiences in then expressing hate towards myself has to do with their own insecurities. I speak with them and do my bet to speak in a way that helps them face these insecurities head on. I say live how you want. Be happy and accept yourself. Love yourself for you you are. We only get one life. It's your life. Live it. I am the way I am. I don't put it on a choice or born a certain way or not. I do what i do. I am who I am.

What made you interested in the Adult industry?

TS Ashley: I've always enjoyed being on camera. I love acting. As far as the adult industry and getting involved with it I just felt I was meant to be in it. I dated someone involved in the adult industry and started doing cam shows back in 2010. Some of the most honest, most loyal and sweetest people I have met in life are in the adult industry. I love my career path.

You call yourself the “Lesbian Adult Actress”. Define for our readers what that means.

TS Ashley: By Lesbian adult actress I mean just that. I top girls. I'm a lesbian and I love it.

There was a tweet you put out in late May about sexual orientation and gender are separate and some trans girls love pussy and cock. Are people getting their messages crossed with what they “think” a trans girl performer should be?

TS Ashley: I feel that trans girls a lot of times are grouped into this "we like guys" "we need a daddy" group. I got fucked by a lot of guys. I don't like it.

Adult performers have been chastised in the past (and the present as well) for refusing to perform with male performers who have performed with other male performers. In the BDSMsector, there are Dominatrixes who have “hard limits” which means, they can and will refuse anyone who request certain scenes or BDSM play they have no interest in partaking, yet do not get chastised for that. Does it seem there’s a perception that a porn star should just be open to anything because they are a porn star?

TS Ashley: I film main stream porn. I feel that of course we get asked to do things we may not like. Without asking though how do the production companies know what we will / wont do? I personally will never film with guys or trans girls because I do not film gay or trans porn. From my personal experience, trans porn stars are not required to be in the PASS system. The one professional scene I shot in May 2017 I wasn't even made to provide a full panel std test. This is very dangerous and I do not want to take those risks anymore.

Let’s touch on corporate America….diversity in the workplace, real or perception?

TS Ashley: Honestly I'm not sure. I do not work in corporate America. However it is my opinion there is diversity and acceptance from my perception and what I have heard from some of my transgender friends.

Suggestions/advice for anyone seeking a safe place and people they can talk to who feel they need to explore their options of sexuality.

TS Ashley: Do you. Be you. Don't be ashamed. Just be safe and keep it legal. The only way we know if we like something is to try it.

If you can change the world, what would the world look like in TS Ashley’s eyes?

Would there be anything you would change about yourself? Why or why not?

TS Ashley:If I could change anything about myself I would manage money better. Cant live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

Anything else we may have missed?

TS Ashley: I am so humbled and feel as if I am changing the world everyday just by telling people to smile. Recently a CEO of an adult entertainment company told me I inspire her. That gave me goosebumps and reminded me that people love me and I am helping so many just by being me.

And now your social media.

Instagram: @iamashleysparks

Twitter: @tsashleysparks

MV: Ashleysparks.manyvids.com

Facebook: tsashleysparks

Pornhub: TSAshleySparks

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