Adult Feature Interview with Nikki Delano

Nikki thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview with me, I am truly honored!

MB: Let’s start off with your career. You have appeared in more than 500 films, working with major studios even appearing in pay per view cable television, not to mention appearances on local stations, but take us back to your beginnings, what was that like?

Nikki: Wow things are completely different from when I began, until now. Back in 2011, I did so many amateur roles, and really loved being a chameleon for each scene. Now that I’m established, my fans know me as a Latina Porn Star. When I started out, many wondered what my niche would be, given that I look Caucasian. I started with my natural hair color (which was ginger), plus I have a fair complexion and green eyes. Many were confused on where I fell into, but with time I made my mark, and I’m loving every single minute of it.

MB: Did you find yourself focused from the beginning of what your intentions were for your career?

Nikki: When I got into the industry, I was extremely focused and still am. I hired a publicist my third month in. Most girls don’t do that when they begin, but I took things very seriously. I wanted to establish myself. With hard work and dedication, I did, and also thanks to my PR Erika Icon. Her and I have worked together since 2011.

MB: You definitely have a busy schedule, between appearances, working out radio and studio work, what are your secrets of maintaining being in the forefront and keeping yourself current?

Nikki: I believe just being active and working hard keeps my image and name current. I never sit back and settle. I’m definitely not a complacent woman. I always want the best and give 110%

MB: I love that you have your Bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology. What sparked that interest for you? Did you have plans on pursuing a career in forensics at some point?

Nikki: In college, I pursued forensics psychology, based on my interest of either working for crime scene investigation or FBI. I know that I did a complete 360, and I wouldn't change a thing.

MB: One of things I’ve read in your bio that keeps me on my toes with my own weight issues, is how important it is to workout and stay in shape. Share with our readers why this is so important and how we can benefit from being good to our own bodies.

Nikki: It’s very important personally for me given that I’m always in the public eye with or without clothes on. My image is what keeps me relevant and maintaining a fit figure is extremely important.

MB: With our current political times, what are your thought on the Fosta/Sesta movement and how that effects the Adult industry in how business is conducted?

Nikki: I honestly rather stay out of the political clown party. I call it that because these politicians are hypocrites, plus I’m positive that I have bigger porn collections than the average person.

MB: What is the most important thing you have gained from your fans, whether it’s online or meeting them in person at different events and conventions?

Nikki: Being humble and treating everyone as they were my friend. Without my fans, I wouldn’t be Nikki Delano and i love them all! Thank you, guys.

MB: Any surprises for 2019 :-)

Nikki: You’ll just have to wait and see. I’m always working on things to improve myself.

MB: Final thoughts?

Nikki: Follow me on my verified Instagram and Twitter @Nikkidelano. And, thanks again for having me. I love you all and keep fucking. Thank you again for your time, Marabelle! Truly appreciate being interviewed by you.

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