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About Ember Snow

Rising starlet Ember Snow is the girl to watch. The exotic beauty is garnering attention for her adult entertainment performances. Fans and critics are entranced by the stunning Filipina. While standing only 4’11”, the gorgeous brunette has a larger than life personality that captivates viewers of her scenes and appeals to their fantasies. Top industry companies like Hustler, Evil Angel, Digital Playground and Brazzers have all showcased Ember in their productions. Wicked Pictures also utilized Ember’s talents for their big-budget epic Carnal as she is featured in an elaborate all-girl orgy scene. A trained actress, Ember is also skilled with line-reading and brings a believability to her roles. In addition to her filmed work, Ember is making an impact in the webcam world. She was recently nominated for Cam Crossover in the YNOT Cam Awards, and also in AVN and XBIZ for her award nomination performance in scenes. Fiery new starlet Ember Snow is on the move. Ember has taken the move into feature dancing and is going to be exciting fans in person all across America. Keep an eye on this up and coming beauty as she continues to make an impression on the industry.

Ember thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on our magazine!

You just began with the industry a little more than two years. Please share with our readers what the last two years have been like for you?

A really fun ride. My life had always been so structured and ordered, but once I got into the industry I found a new sense of freedom that you can't with many other things in life. Obviously, the money affords you the ability to do more things and achieve personal goals, but sexually I have been able to fulfill fantasies that would have been difficult to do if I were leading a "normal" life. There have been highs and lows, but for the most part I have been concentrating on the highs, because those are rides I want to take.

One interesting note, is that you lost your virginity not very long before coming into the industry. Did that experience open a door to explore a frisky side?

In a way, yes. I had been nurturing a bit of a freaky side internally for years. I was in a relationship with a woman for a long time and had played around with a few boys before I met the guy I lost my virginity to. And I'm glad I did because it was the exact experience I needed to let me know that all the things I had in my head were "OK". A lot of people, men and women, think that their kinky side is going to be seen as abnormal and get teased for it. This guy let me know that everything I was desiring was real and that if I wanted to do those things, I should. It even made me brave enough to try things I thought I never could.

Now making appearances feature dancing and at conventions like Exxxotica, what has that been like for you meeting your fans face to face?

It's always a pleasure to be able to meet people in real life. I spent the majority of my formative years sitting behind a computer and getting to know people online. When I'm camming on or texting people on SextPanther, it's the same thing.

Being in public, seeing their faces, live, hearing their voices and interacting with them reminds me that these are real people, with real lives just like mine. The conventions are amazing because you have time to talk to them a bit. Some of them eventually subscribe to my OnlyFans page and remind me of who they are so we can continue the conversation. It's especially nice when they want to get to know you as a person. I'm totally fine with being a sex object, that's part of my career, but when you meet some of these people in real life, it makes the bond even stronger because you feel how real they are.

I love that you’re into Fetish. What inspired you to explore your dominant side?

Again, the guy who took my virginity. I've always been very stubborn and would throw fits and tantrums when I didn't get my way. But when it came to sex, he saw that I could have gone down a very slippery slope and ended up under someone's thumb. He showed me how to be sexually aggressive, to be more present in my sexuality. He showed me how to challenge my partners to fuck me harder instead of just "laying there and taking it."

That's what I try to do in an as many of my scenes as possible. I want to show women that sex doesn't make you a victim. If you like it, show that you like it and express that to your partner with as much aggression and enthusiasm as you can.

This ultimately translates to the domination scenes I have done. While I'm really not a mean person and I don't like to inflict pain, knowing that the other person likes it and is aroused by it, helps me to channel my aggression and my positive enthusiasm for what I am doing. So, if you see me beating the hell out of some guy in a Dominatrix scenario, I'm not thinking about getting revenge on a guy, I'm thinking about how much fun it is to let less and be physically aggressive with someone who enjoys what I am doing to them.

Let’s talk about your first production, “Choice”. Opportunities opened up for you with this film. You got to work with an A-list cast, and Executive Produced the film. This is really big for being new within the industry. How did it feel seeing this project come to life in front of the cameras?

The interesting thing is that the writer, John McDougle (who do directed and produced with our partner Shawn Donovan) came up with the premise for this on the spur of the moment. We were prepping some more scenes from my first series, "Girl Crushes" when he pitched me this idea for what he saw as the first porn "series". And when I say series I mean like the kind you'd see on Netflix or AMC. It's more of a "pilot" than a feature. The stories could go on and on and on. We found financing for it almost immediately and from concept to wrapping production was less than 60 days, which is unheard of in mainstream Hollywood. I was just amazed at how quickly and seamlessly it was. Xander Porn shot it, and the look is incredible. With the exception of one character, we got ALL of our first choices for cast, which includes Cherie DeVille, Chloe Cherry, Christiana Cinn, Jill Kassidy, Gina Valentina, Jake Adams and Nathan Bronson. Oh, and me in a small role. I got to have sex with Cherie DeVille which I'd been wanting to for two years. It's funny and dramatic and I was completely blown away with how dynamic it was once I saw the final cut. We're still looking for a distributor right now and hoping we can get someone to release it in time to qualify for the AVN and XBiz awards next year.

Congratulations on your recent nominations - how does it make you feel to be nominated?

At least lets me know that people are thinking about me. I'm really hoping that this year my first anal scene, along with a few others and, of course, my film "Choice" will be nominated and maybe even win some major awards.

Most adult entertainers usually have other activities they like to dedicate their time. Is there anything outside of work that you like to devote, such as animal causes or other organizations that you feel being a part of and making a difference?

This is going to make me sound completely and totally self-centered, but I got into this business to afford myself the ability to produce my own mainstream projects without having to beg the studios and networks for money. So, I have been totally focused on either making money, raising money or actively producing my own work so I can achieve my goals as a mainstream producer. Once I get to the point where I have more disposable income, then yes, I will get more socially active with specific charities and groups. But for now, I have to make money to donate money.

What are your ‘must do’s’ to get your day started?

Hug my cats. LOL

I have two little boys named Cal and Aaron, but after watching Avengers:Endgame, they are now "The Striped Panther" and "The Winter Kitty." I also like to work out when I can, but usually my day starts with showing my cats as much love as I can.

What keeps you motivated?

I don't want to sound like I am putting anyone else down, but a lot of people get into this industry with no plan or motivation, and that's sad.

This industry, if you use it correctly, can propel your life to so many great things. Sure, people are going to judge you and objectify you and say hurtful things about you. But if you show them that you can take this industry seriously and responsibly, you can have a real future ahead of you. I sacrificed a lot of things to join this business and I don't regret a single second of it because so for the rewards have outweighed the costs. My motivation is to take this career as far as it will go and to own every second of what I do so that the decision to do what I am doing will not be looked upon as a waste of these years my life. I can achieve the goals I have set in front of me. And that's about as much motivation as anyone needs.

What are your long term goals and aspirations?

I got into this business to raise the money to become a mainstream producer. The money I make myself and raise through investors (and occasionally through very supportive fans) goes toward these projects. Some are adult and some are mainstream. Some will never see the light of day. But all of them will build a resume of what I can do as a producer and what my partners can do as writers and directors. And even if that goal is never achieved, I'm hoping to eventually acquire enough knowledge to direct and produce adult films until I am able to retire. So, this girl isn't going anywhere for a while.

For more of Ember Snow: (@officialembersnow is currently deactivated, Ember is trying to get it back, in the meantime backup is @Ember4ever

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