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Original publishing April/May 2016

Name and City:

I am Mistress Natalie and have been practicing the art of domination for the better part of 22 years. Based in Manhattan, New York I have my own private upscale studio. It is extensively equipped with all of my favorite toys and gear. Getting me out of the city is challenging but for the right slave I can be motivated to leave the Big Apple.

What is your favorite KINK?

I love to play in many areas of BDSM. I consider my versatility an asset. I do hold a special fondness for all things medical…enemas, shaving, sounds catheters, electric, prostate manipulation, needle play, hypnosis and alike. Institutionalization and doctor role play are also very fun.

Your favorite Type of Session?

Hmmmmmm, that’s a hard one. For me it’s all about getting my sub to surrender and give up control, I love power exchange. The avenues I use to get that response are less important. With that said I am partial to extended scenes with desecrate public play, chastity play, strap-on play and my very own Kinky Coaching. Those tend to top the list…medical too as mentioned earlier.

What is your Favorite Punishment?

I view punishment and discipline as two different things. My most effective was to punish a slave for a serious infraction is to send him home or deny him play time. That will wake any naughty boy up!

As for discipline, much needed to keep a slave well trained and attentive, I am a fan of corporal punishment, feminization and chastity.

What do you think some of the misconceptions of BDSM are?

Unfortunately there are many. The non-fetish world often perceives practitioners of BDSM as tragic figures-abused as a children, into drugs, or suffering from a personality disorder. I feel they believe that a Mistress is selfish, angry, heartless and bitchy. Honestly from my experience BDSM couldn’t be further from that. Some of the most well-adjusted and self-aware people participate in BDSM and explore their fetishes. They are creative, intelligent and more well-adjusted than most. The Alpha career Doms I know are intelligent, thoughtful and very understanding especially of the importance of the relationship between them and their subs. Some of the strongest relationships I have seen are between a Dom and her sub. The bond is powerful and meaningful but lost on the general population.

How important is anonymity for you and your client?

It is extraordinarily important for my slaves. After 22 years I have learned to truly respect this and take all precautions necessary, especially during any public outings. Their BDSM and fetish adventures should never interfere or detract from their personal lives or career.

I am fortunate to have a very open family; they are nonjudgmental and know exactly what I do. This is what allows me to have an internet presence and not be concerned with putting out to the world who I am. With this said I would never expect the same to be true for any of my slaves or subs.

What sets you apart?

My smile :-) Well that is true but more pointedly I’d say my professionalism, intuition, enthusiasm, and skill set. I have a true passion for what I do and a respect for those who has earned it.

Is community support important?

I believe having a great fetish community in New York is a real asset. Unfortunately most people I see are not able to reach out for the support needed. Most of my subs have to keep their activities very much under wraps and are unable to connect with liked minded individuals. This is another reason the Dom/sub bond is so strong. Often times I am the only person in their life that knows this part of them exists.

What is your biggest Pet Peeve?

I will not tolerate disrespect of my time. This can manifest itself in many ways…assuming I’ll be able to take an appointment the same day you call, getting emails asking questions that are obviously answered on my website, canceling last minute with no real reason, being too needy, etc. It all boils down to them not understanding the amount of “non play” real work that goes into making sessions able to happen. Owing your own business, being an entrepreneur, weather a tech company, restaurant or dungeon is very challenging especially in a city like New York. Another big pet peeve is lack of communication or as I call it, playing with a "dead fish". Communication, weather it body language, visual, verbal or audio is very important. I need to feel some form of energy from my sub when playing.

How important is it to ask questions to a potential slave?

I find this to be essential. I will not accept new slaves without them filling in The Profile form on my website. I want to know as much about my new toy as possible. This will allow me to better understand how to get him to that place of total surrender. Communication is key.

Is training important?

I am a firm believer in a regimented training protocol for both newbies and experienced players. You will never excel at anything unless you train at it. Any sub or slave should be eager to be trained properly to the likes and ways of his Mistress.

Is the mental game or "mind fuck", an important aspect of BDSM for you and your slaves?

Oh yes, the mental “game” is the most important aspect of BDSM. Without the mental component the actions are frivolous. Not to mention many subs or slaves cannot play heavily in the physical realm, some cannot have marks, others have a very low pain thresh hold, others have physical limitations but none of that matters when you have the mind fuck! It is crucial to my play.

How has the internet influenced BDSM?

I feel the internet has been both a blessing and a curse to the BDSM industry. The internet has given BDSM more exposure. On the up side this exposure has allowed platforms for like-minded people to find community, it has allowed proDoms to reach a wider audience for promoting themselves and it has allowed some destigmatization of the culture. On the down side it has allowed for other misconceptions about the industry to grow, too much flashy BDSM content is propagated but it does not represent what really happens in a Dom/sum relationship. Much like porn, the internet has "consumerized" the industry. The internet exposure has also flooded the market with a host of people who have no clue as to what BDSM is really about, this could potentially lead to unsafe play and practices. Just like everything else in life it's never just black or white.

Where can your future slaves find you?

I have a plethora of information on my website including many photos, my blog, my general interests, how to schedule a session and how to follow me on social media.

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