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Lance Hart - Fetish and More - A Feature Interview

April 13, 2019


Lance thank you so much for taking the time out and interviewing with Kink~E Magazine

First all congratulations on your recent nuptials! I am so happy for you and Goth Charlotte!!! 

Lance: Thank you!!!!


MB: Having been in the Adult Industry now for the last 10 years what changes have you seen with the industry overall?

Lance: A bunch of things have changed. As technology changes, it’s easier than ever for anyone to film adult content and put it on the Internet. That’s probably the biggest change. Also, PREP has changed the gay side of the industry quite a bit, making bareback anal safe to shoot. When I started with SeanCody, all the scenes were condom scenes. Now, condom scenes are rare, and it doesn’t really make sense.


MB: How have these changes affected you professionally and personally?

Lance: Not much. I mostly direct for my sites SweetFemdom.com and Manupfilms.com lately, so financially I’m not really effected by what the rest of the industry is doing. I get booked once or twice a week for paid shoots, which I really enjoy, but they don’t really move the needle much in my monthly income. I’m happy that many of my friends can make a lot of money on OnlyFans and stuff like that easily. The PREP thing is awesome all around, but booking two men for a scene can get tricky, if one is undetectable and the other isn’t. I’m hoping PASS PLUS fixes that. PASS PLUS is the proposed solution to letting HIV undetectable performers take full panel tests, which prove that they are undetectable with HIV, and also don’t have the other STDs. Currently they’re not allowed to use our testing system, so it’s tricky.


MB: People within the industry can be pretty mean when it comes to an adult performer who cross the lines of gay/straight porn? What are your thoughts with this type of attitude?

Lance:  I’m one of the few (maybe 10-15) guys who would be considered crossovers and actually work very regularly. We’re marginalized, because we make up a very small margin. It’s okay with me. I never argue with someone, if they don’t want to work with a crossover. It’s their right to choose who they don’t feel safe working with. I wouldn’t want someone to coerce me into working with someone I don’t feel safe working with. I know the science, and I know I’m as safe to work with as anyone else. I don’t call people who don’t like crossovers homophobic. I just assume they’re scared of HIV, like many people are scared of spiders. Spiders can’t really hurt you, but you can’t make someone want to let a spider crawl on them if they are scared…. I’m not HIV positive, but I work with people who are (undetectable HIV), which freaks some people out. I get it. But ,today’s science proves that undetectable means ZERO change of getting HIV. Plus, I’m on PREP, which double covers my butt.  


MB: Talk to me about GQ and what was that like having to been interviewed by such a popular magazine?

Lance: I was really excited to see a picture of one of my cats and me in GQ. I’m pretty sure that will always make me happy :) My interview was fun, but they also interviewed a lot of other really awesome porn guys, so my interview didn’t make the cut in the end. They made up a quote to put under my pic with my cat. I’m just happy my cat was in GQ.


MB: You have won Male Performer of the Year from the Fetish Awards, three years in a row, as well as Favorite Male Fetish Performer, TEA, GayVN and AVN, what would you say makes you appealing to your fans and to be recognized for your work?

Lance:  I guess I just work hard and regularly. I’m very open and proud of being a queer man. I post on social media doing “man stuff”, like lifting heavy weights and shooting guns. I equally post on social media wearing fishnets and taking it in the butt. I think people like to see that someone can be fluid, and happy about it.


MB: Ron Jeremy once told me the industry has changed so much there isn’t the same money to be made as it was back in his day, do you agree or disagree and why?

Lance: I’d say as a performer the paid gigs don’t pay as much as they used to (although that is starting to change for the better), but as an independent producer, there is more money to be made than ever. It’s the technology thing again. I was able to build two membership sites on my own with no staff, no investors, and no mentorship, which I spend about 12 days a month running. This includes filming, editing, writing descriptions, picking thumbs, uploading, updating, marketing, managing my affiliates, email blasts, etc., all thanks to smart phones, the Internet, hosted service. It’s an incredible time to be a small business. I made $312,000 in 2018. I don’t think I could have made close to that much in 2007, when I did my first porn shoot.


MB: Most performers seem to go the route of developing their own studio, is this a good way of having to make a choice of who you would like to work with and recruit new performers?

Lance: I’m really fortunate that I work as a performer and a producer. I pretty much started in porn doing both at the same time. One feeds the other. If I just produced, I wouldn’t have nearly as many industry connections. When you work as talent with someone and do anal, you end up trusting each other (most of the time), and this sometimes leads to long lasting business connections. If I were just a performer, I don’t think I would be able to live nearly as well financially.  


MB: Being married to another performer was there ever a thought of jealousy on both of your parts that crossed your mind?

Lance:  I think everyone gets jealous. I don’t ever get jealous of her scene partners, but things come up other times, I guess. The trick seems to be to just talk honestly, and at the same time not make it a big deal. We care about each other’s feelings, and let each other feel things out. Jealousy is a quick emotion in my experience. If I don’t cling to it, or wave a flag over it and start making demands, it seems to pass in about two minutes. Also, putting serious effort into stuff that builds self-confidence helps. I guess if I didn’t feel awesome about my life, I might be more susceptible to it. 


MB: Do you believe relationships work better when they are more open as opposed to a monogamous relationship?

Lance: Currently Charlotte and I are monogamous, except for work. Previously, we were completely open and hosted orgies and stuff pretty regularly. I think either works. I’ve never been as happy as I am now. The important stuff is letting your partner love you and giving them space to do it the best way they can. Looking at yourself and looking for ways to be a better partner is equally as important.  


MB: Advice to those looking to join the adult world and what are the first steps they should take towards their career?

Lance:  I guess these days the best thing to do is start a porn Twitter, post a few sexy pics, and then start web camming and posting about that. This establishes that you are really a sex worker. Then, look for porn performers in your area to trade shoot with. If you’re good, they will refer you to companies for paid shoots.  


MB: What can we expect from the ‘Lance Hart Empire’ in 2019 :-)

Lance:  I just signed a distribution deal for broadcast, DVD and VOD and I’ll be releasing one gay and one femdom DVD per month through them. These titles will be available on all the VOD channels as well. That and a lot more hot content on my sweetfemdom.com and manupfilms.com sites. I’ve been putting more money and effort into production quality, sets, more models per scene, better wardrobe, etc. It should be an exciting time.


MB: Final Thoughts?

Lance: Thank you so much for taking the time out and letting me speak with Kink~E Magazine.




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