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An Interview with Rita Daniels

March 12, 2019

Originally published in our February/March Issue 2015



Rita thank you so much for being featured!


MB: Let’s get started! You started your career in 2009 and had many fantasies of getting involved with porn. Please share with us what you were doing before you went in front of the camera?


RD: I was an independent manufacturing sales representative for major hot tub company. Considering all the sexual connotations about hot tubs it was only natural that I gravitated into the porn industry. Actually, my very first video for The Score Group was a hot tub TV commercial where the male talent was the customer. He called for an appointment and I went over to present the benefits of owning a hot tub. And lo and behold, I sold him by showing him the features and benefits which included a sloppy blow job and hard core fucking.

MB: MILF’s have become extremely popular. Is the word finally out that younger men do like mature ladies?


RD: Younger men have always had an attraction to mature women. It is not something new. I have always been sought out by young men. Sexually, the mature woman knows specifically what she wants and can help a younger cub who may lack direction and confidence but who is not necessarily inexperienced on how to please a woman. I am going to London later this year and I have a 25 year old guy who is going to take me out on a date. It is hot being 40 years older than him and to be his date. Others will think I am his mother until I tongue kiss him in public. So yes, mature and younger is definitely popular and even overseas!


MB: I like that you mention in your bio that you’re well-traveled and educated. Tell me how important these factors have been in handling of your career.


RD: It is extremely beneficial. Traveling allows me to meet others in the porn industry. I have expanded my experiences by being able to go to LA, Vegas, Miami, London and Paris to shoot with others. I have learned what is going on in other place across the industry which I have used to develop further my career as a porn actress.


MB: Let’s indulge with the interracial scenes…what was it like for you with your first experience of being with a black guy?


RD: It was intimidating because I had never been with a black man before. Hearing how black men had big cocks made me nervous. My first encounter was with Lucas Stone a very handsome black guy with an 11 inch cock. He fucked me like I had never been fucked before and was also the first black guy to ass fuck me. I think black guys are more forceful and are the take charge kind of men when it comes to sex. I am just a woman in the true sense of the word who enjoys my passions as well as my lifestyle and my men.


MB: What do you think the fantasy of interracial sex is all about?


RD: It’s the taboo for sure. The allure of being with a big hung guy from a different race who knows how to take charge. I would say today: however, it is more mainstream and not uncommon to have sex with a black guy. The stigma of a white woman being with a black guy in today’s society is exciting but it’s like having the forbidden fruit.


MB: I see you like to incorporate Fetish. What’s your favorite fetish and why?


RD: Feet fetish. I love my feet being worshipped and rubbed and licked. I enjoy jerking a cock off with my feet and having the guy lick the cum off them. After being in high heels all night it is nice to have your feet taken care of. I would say it is even orgasmic.


MB: Do you practice the lifestyle off camera?


RD: Most definitely. On Valentine’s Day I went to a Fetish Swing Party and for the first time I met someone who I allowed to Domme me. It was different taking the submissive role as it showed me a side of me that I didn’t know existed. He had me in a play room with another couple so that he could command me to suck his cock in front of them.  Being told what to do by him was hard because I had to relinquish my control. I also like going to friends’ homes and playing in an intimate setting. The lifestyle is my style.


MB: Tell us about your radio show xxxpornstarradio.com?


RD: It has been 2 years that I have been on the radio. I interview a wide variety of people in the industry on my show, “In The Cougar Zone”. It is a place to talk dirty and nasty and verbalize your deepest sexual exploits. The show also provides an avenue for me to help others in the industry who wish to promote themselves to a wide base of fans.


My listeners can also call in to speak to me and my guests to find out more about us. It is an interactive show that gives the fans an opportunity to get to know their favorite porn stars on a personal level and the porn stars to connect with their fans.

Thank you so much. Please share your links with us:









Twitter: @ritadaniels69


Email: rita@rita-daniels.com


 Check out her @KEMTopTalk Interview here




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