Remembering Goddess Sadie

Early this morning, as I was working on a project for a new collaboration with another sister within the BDSM/Fetish Community, I received a direct message from another community member informing me of Goddess Sadie’s death.

I realized within the excitement of yesterday’s show, there was a pop up notification from my local news app about a woman being shot which I had intended to read later. A follow up notification came up, and gave myself a reminder to read it later.

It wasn’t until the message I received today and putting together what I received in the news was indeed about Sadie.

I followed Sadie for many years while I was living in NYC. We connected in person when I moved out here to Arizona. What a pleasure it was to be around someone with the same like minded attitude.

In early November, I received a text message from her as she wanted to collaborate on a project in conjunction with the magazine and do a KinkE video session, as well as posting her ad on our Domme Guide. This made me very excited. I love when community members come forward with ideas to reach their business goals and to share knowledge and insight. Due to our crazy schedules, we couldn’t solidify a time to meet up.

The last message I received from her was on December 6th, letting me know she didn’t forget about me to do the video session as she was putting her answers together to record and was planning on getting it done the follow week.

“We live our lives as we see fit.”

That has been my motto from the minute I put pen to paper in my notebook when I began keeping notes for the creation of Kink~E Magazine, what it would be like.

Because of this magazine, I have established beautiful friendships and working relationships with people from all around the world and one of them was Sadie. She was a fabulous person, I loved her attitude and her spirit.

She understood Kink~E Magazine wasn’t just an entertainment outlet, it is a resource to educate, share knowledge and a place for people to express.

On a much bigger scope, we live to day to day, not knowing what to expect what our days will bring. We make plans for educational seminars, vacations, or visit friends and family, never thinking that we may not see that day. My friend Leo, who was a big part of the magazine in its early stages (and taught me everything I know), was diagnosed with lung cancer and had the chance to call his friends to say goodbye. I was one of those on his list and to know this would be the last time I would speak to him was just as devastating to hear the news I heard today.

I know that Sadie was a cautious person. She had years of experience and had a great wealth of knowledge.I would have love to hear her video response. I know it would have been fabulous.

Today, December 17, 2018 is ‘International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers’ (

What happened to Sadie is much bigger than we realize. It hurts because it’s someone we knew. It’s up to us as community members to take a stand, to ensure ways of protecting ourselves whether we think we need it or not. Whether you think you have the most secure ends all that says all vetting system. Or even worse, the person who you can call a friend is the person who stabs you in the back.

We have to protect and defend. If you feel funny about something, your gut instinct is never wrong.

Listen to it and follow it. If something doesn’t feel right, contact someone, give them your info of where you will be and who you are meeting.

There isn’t a place for, “well I don’t want them stealing my client”, type attitude.

With social media on the rise daily, there are people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc who don’t ever have the best intentions, WE SEE IT EVERY DAY!

Look at this list and read it:

Did anyone think in their right mind that day or night would be the last breath they would take?

It’s time for us unite.

If there’s anything I can do to help, I will use all of my resources to make it happen, but I can’t do it alone.

It shouldn’t have taken Sadie’s death to see what needs to be done.

I pray for everyone’s well being. I pray for Sadie that her spirit flies free. Rest in Power Sadie.

You will be truly missed.

Please note a go fund me page has been created on her behalf, you can share your donations here:

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