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The Sexiest Piano Lesson EVER!!

December 16, 2018


At the age of 32, I was married and had two kids.


You would have thought I’d be settled and happy. I thought I was, until I started to finally have some time alone. That's when I finally realised there was so much I hadn't done.


So many experiences I hadn't tried. I loved my husband very much, but there was a small part of me that still wanted to experience making love to different people. I never thought I would, until one day whilst alone in bed (my husband was down the pub) I started looking at porn on the internet.


I sat intently, watching women enjoying the taste of each other’s bodies. I felt jealous seeing them with their legs spread wide open, having another woman licking their pussy lips and being fingered. This resulted in me putting my hands in my knickers and gently stroking myself. I imagined being touched by a woman, picturing her breasts and me touching them.


I licked my fingers and wet my lips, then pushed my fingers deep inside myself. After a few minutes of hard fingering I started to get really wet. I moaned as I felt myself about to come. A sudden warm rush of pussy juice dripped on my fingers. In my mind, I pictured those women on the porn sites naked.


That was it for me. I knew I wanted to try it, to have sex with a woman, just once, maybe.

I scrolled on my phone typing in Lesbians in my area. I suddenly came up with a photo of the most beautiful woman, long brown hair, large breasts and perfect lips.


I realized I recognised her, but where had I seen her before? I went to bed, as the last thoughts of her lingered.


The next day I remembered. She was a piano teacher three roads away from me. I suddenly felt excited and nervous. I typed in piano teachers near me and she came up in my search! There was a contact number, I texted her straight away.


"Dear Alison. I’m looking for a piano teacher for myself. I’m 32, have you any availability for me, thanks...Megan"


As I hit sent, my heart was racing. I felt like an idiot too. She might be married or seeing someone. Why would she want me anyway? Suddenly she text back.


"Hi Megan, sure, are you free to come round for a chat this evening?"


My eyes widened...this evening??? OMG. I told my husband earlier in the afternoon about my passion to learn how to play the piano and that I was going for a chat to meet a lady nearby who gave lessons.


He was surprised but supportive. I had a shower and took my time doing my hair and makeup.


I began to think, was I being ridiculous?


I walked there nervously. My hands were shaking as I rang the doorbell. After a short wait she came to the door. She was wearing a low cut top. I looked up quickly from her breasts so she didn't see.


"Hi Megan," she said smiling shaking my hand "Nice to meet you, please come in"

She stepped aside, I stepped into her home. After closing the door, she led me to a lounge area.


"So you want to learn the piano...that's great", she said enthusiastically.


"Yes" I lied “I wanted to try something new"


At least that part was true.


How on earth was this going to happen? It would take time to get to know her I suppose. Then I could invite her out maybe, get really drunk and make my move. After chatting about ourselves I’d told her I was married and then I then asked her about her life.


"So, how about yourself...married, seeing anyone?"


She blushed a little.


"No, I’m single..,I’m actually gay" she smiled nervously at me.


"Does that put you off?"


"No way" I said rather happily.


Alison looked shocked by my response.


"In fact" I continued bravely" I’m rather jealous actually."




I suddenly thought to myself this could either go one way or the other. I may as well go for it and if it didn't work, I’d not come round again. I couldn't afford piano lessons anyway.


"I’ve recently been thinking, what it is like, you know, to be with a woman. I'm annoyed at myself that I never tried it...Having, you know, sex with a woman."


There was an awkward pause before she answered.


"I know for a fact you'd enjoy it!" Alison answered.


“And if you wanted to try I’d be MORE than happy to help you."


"You would?" I said shocked.


"Definitely" Alison whispered.


I looked into her large brown eyes. I suddenly wanted her more than anything.


"Can we try it...now?" I whispered to her.


Alison leaned forward and kissed my lips softly. I looked her in the eyes then kissed her back. I felt her tongue slide in my mouth and we kissed passionately. Her hands stroked my arms and moved to my tits. I wore no bra as I wanted her to notice my nipples. She moaned as she slipped her hand into my blouse.


"Your tits are amazing, let me see them" she begged.


I undid my blouse. She started to kiss my chest. I felt her warm tongue lick my nipples. Then she sucked them hungrily. She moved her mouth lower down my stomach, kissing me. She carefully pulled down my skirt. I was naked underneath.


"No knickers!" she said excitedly “You’re a horny bitch aren’t you!"


She pulled my legs wide open and looked at my pussy.


"Sexy as fuck" she cried before moving her head down in between my legs.


I let out a moan of excitement as I felt her tongue flick over my clit.


"Oh my god!" I cried, "Oh my god your tongues so warm on my pussy."


She moved her tongue up and down inside my lips then gently sucked them. I put my hands on her soft brown hair as she ate my pussy. I was getting so wet.


"You want my fingers up inside you?" she asked.


She looked me in the eyes whilst she pushed three fingers up my pussy. I moaned in pure pleasure.


This was way better than watching porn. What would my husband say?


I didn't care. He'd probably enjoy watching it!


She fingered me hard. Pussy juice gushed out on her fingers.


"Dirty bitch" she said pulling her fingers out."Taste your juice"


I sucked her wet fingers.


"Do you like the taste of pussy juice" she asked me whilst playing with my clit.


"Yeah" I moaned.


She slid her fingers back inside my pussy and moved then side to side quickly.


"Oh shit!" i cried, “That’s so fucking good"


"Are you gonna come for me?" she asked.


"Yeah!" I replied.


Alison pulled her fingers out slowly. She told me to get on my knees on her sofa. I stuck my arse in the air. I suddenly felt her hot tongue lick my pussy from behind. She licked up and down.

Then I felt her tongue on my arse. I'd never been licked there before. I didn't stop her, I was loving it too much.


"You like that" she asked me before licking it again.


"Yes I fucking do" I said.


She pushed her fingers up in my pussy fucking me hard whilst licking my arse. I screamed in pleasure. I'd never had it that good.


"I really want to finger your tight arse!" Alison told her.


"Do it" I begged, “Do anything you want, I’m all yours!"


Suddenly I felt her finger slide up my arse. I moaned loudly. It was so sexy. I never knew I liked anal. She pulled her finger in and out of my arse and sucked my pussy. I suddenly felt myself about to orgasm.


"Keep going. Don't stop!" I cried, “Keep going, oh god yeah that's so fucking good. Ohhh shit!"

She kept going as I dripped juice all over her. My body jerked as I orgasmed. I turned round and kissed her.


"Wanna taste my pussy?" she asked.


She stood up and stripped off clothes. Her large tits looked so sexy.


I stood up and sucked them like she'd done to me. I got down on my knees and pulled her lips open. I could smell her sweet pussy and I loved her neatly shaven pussy. I dived straight in, licked her gently, enjoying the taste of her. I sucked her pussy lips and I could hear she was enjoying me eating her.


She sat on her piano stool and spread her legs wide. I pushed my tongue up deep inside her and fucked her with my mouth. She was soaking. I took my fingers and pushed inside of her pussy. It felt so warm.


"Suck my clit and finger me at the same time" she demanded.


I sucked her clit hard. Within minutes she orgasmed. She cried loudly as she came.


"You are so talented" she told me. "You make a fucking good lesbian."


I smiled at her. Then we hugged naked. Her body was soft and warm against mine.


"That was the best piano lesson ever" I said laughing.


"Oh yeah" she replied" about that...you wanna come again?"


"I'll come on your face whenever you want me too" I said laughing.


"Brilliant then, I will see you next week!"


I got dressed and walked home with the biggest smile on my face. So that was one experience on my bucket list ticked.


Who would I fuck next!

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