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Club Gals Vol. 1

December 16, 2018

Club Gals Vol. 1


Frank Lucier.



Theresa and Fred were the all American couple.


She was 34 and pretty damn good looking, with long blonde hair and an athletic physique.

Fred was 36 and her high school sweetheart, a good looking jock type who drove a new pickup truck and was pretty on the normal sexually.


Theresa had been with a few guys before Fred in her school days but he became the keeper. And when Fred fucked his long term sweetheart it was usually missionary or sometimes doggy style pretty vanilla.


The most excited he got was when he tried to talk her into going to bed with another girl which was becoming a constant lately, and although she generally wasn’t attracted to women she was almost willing to do it just to shut him up. Tonight they were heading out to a new dance club that had opened up downtown. Theresa threw on her favorite club dress and a pair of heels. Fred wore his special football shirt a pair of jeans and a sports coat which he thought made him look particularly “studly”.


Theresa could see it already, he wouldn’t dance with her, so she’d be on the floor alone again and within the first hour he’ll drink too much and she’ll be driving them home, but it’ll be fun for a little while, she thought.


They arrived at the club the loud dance music poured out through the door, it was a pretty typical place, dimly lit with the DJ putting on a light show and playing mix of new and old club music.

Fred went straight to the bar and got his usual IPA and a shot of whiskey and bought Theresa her mimosa. They sat at the bar for a while when Theresa started getting antsy.


She was here and wanted to take advantage of the dance floor.


She got up and boogied down and after a while she took a break and headed back over to Fred who already had 4 empty beers in front of him and 3 empty shot glasses that she could see.

She couldn’t say much though as she was on her third cocktail. He was already slurring his speech and started hinting at how sexy some of the other girls looked out on the floor.


“mebbe you could go grind with the blonde out there?”


Ugh… here he goes again, she thought to herself and ordered a shot of tequila.


She sucked it down quick and hit the floor again feeling looser and she was really getting into the music now, shaking her ass to the beat and even teasing her hair like they do in the movies, within seconds someone was behind her grinding on her and getting just as into it as she was.


She turned and there she was, a very sexy woman maybe, 21 with long red hair, slim body, and big tits, barely staying in her top she could tell they were fake but they looked really good!

Theresa turned back and started moving her ass to the music making sure to grind it against her new dance partner.


Fred was trying to watch from the bar but there were a lot more people who had come in, he didn’t want to get up from his stool as he had a fresh beer on the way and he might fall if he got up to fast.


The girls were still on the floor, three songs in and having a blast. Theresa tried to introduce herself but the music was too loud and she figured why waste the effort when they could be “boogying down” to Electric Avenue?


The strange girl’s grinding was getting more intense with the next song Theresa had never heard it before but it had a really hot Latin beat and started to put it all out there when her new friend pulled away rather abruptly.


“Oh shit!” Theresa could barely make out the words over the noise but she got the gist.


The girl was jogging to the lady’s room and for some reason Theresa was compelled to follow.


She made her way through the dancers on the floor and into the restroom and saw the strange girl fidgeting with her black vinyl skirt in the corner before moving into a stall.


“Oh shit….” The girl muttered again.


Theresa followed her into the stall and when she turned around she could see a bulge poking out from underneath the skirt.


“I’m sorry” the girl explained, “I usually take care of this before I go out.”


Theresa was very surprised and maybe it was that last shot of tequila but in a way very turned on.

Theresa closed the stall door behind them reached down and started to rub her bulge, then slid her hand down and pulling up the skirt.


There it was poking up through her soft lacy panties a short fat cock. Theresa pulled it out and it stared right up at her the girl seemed kind of shocked at what was happening.


“I Uh?...” the girl started but Theresa was starting to rub the thick shaft and whatever this sexy young lady was going to say turned into moaning.


Theresa was on her knees stroking her and the girl started thrusting it through her hand.


Theresa could feel it getting harder and noticed the pre cum starting to ooze out of the tip.


The girl was moaning frantically she could tell it wouldn’t take long. Theresa stroked harder and harder and her new friend was frenzied thrusting it through her hand.


She stopped her thrusts suddenly and moaned “Ohhhh fuck, fuck ! I’m cumming!!!!!” her tight body was convulsing as her fat, throbbing ,cock started shooting its large thick payload all over the toilet there was so much cum it was everywhere.


Theresa tried to aim for the bowl but she managed to blast just about everything around it as well. She was still stroking it when her new friend pulled away gasping.


Theresa was wondering if she had been possessed by some crazed sex demon or maybe it was just pent up sexual frustration but this was definitely one of the more exciting experiences she has had. The girl was still breathing heavily and collecting herself.


“My name’s Becky.” She said as she pulled her panties back up over her still swollen cock, she was trying to tuck it away but it was still very stiff and throbbing out droplets of cum.

Theresa was breathing pretty heavily herself.


“I’m Theresa” she said and gave a little smile.


“I usually rub one out before I got to a club, so things like this don’t happen. But I’m pretty glad it did this time.”


Becky said and smiled.


“Me too.” said Theresa. She inhaled deeply then she gave a sly look “Are you up for round 2?”

To be continued….

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