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Feature Interview with Rising Star Brenna Sparks

October 11, 2018


We are so excited to feature Brenna Sparks the rising star within the adult entertainment industry and the spokesperson with Spankchain and understanding cryptocurrency.


MB: Please share with our readers what sparked your interest to become an adult performer?

Brenna: Getting into the adult industry was a very gradual process. I started with paid nude modeling, which got me pretty comfortable with my body and interested in dancing at a gentlemen's club. Eventually I stopped nude modeling and danced full time. I did this for a long time and got tired of it. I really needed a new schedule and Adult work seemed like something I could get into, so I did. I liked the idea of just working a little each month, and I no longer needed to be surrounded by alcohol and smoke, or staying up until 4am working in a loud environment. Shooting porn felt very peaceful in comparison.


MB: You’ve been in the business now for more than two years, working with top notch studios. What does it feel like to be able to work and to be wanted by the best in the adult industry?

Brenna: It still feels weird. I get these moments where I think, “Wow, I used to watch your work and now we're just casually hanging out!”. It feels like you're part of an exclusive world, which it really is.


MB: As a rising star, you’ve been busy with the advisor role for Spankchain. How did this come about for you?

Brenna: Unexpectedly. I was approached online and was invited to meet ups and it just gradually moved from there. Prior to that I was working as a marketer for a cyber security firm, trying to pave a new road for myself, but then this came to my table. I felt that Spankchain was an easier transition for me compared to cyber security. It's a new role with new responsibilities, but I also get to be in the comfort of an industry I am familiar with. 


MB: What has been the learning curve, if any in dealing with the changes in the adult industry when it comes to money and how adult entertainers make their money without disruption?

Brenna: The learning curve isn’t bad at all. You can start using digital currencies within an hour of adjusting to it. The first few transactions feel strange but after that it’s incredibly simple. I believe it’s more of the trust curve that is the issue, rather than anything else. Cryptocurrencies are still making a name for themselves and it is important that this process isn’t rushed.


However, those who use it immediately recognize the obvious superiority. As an adult performer, to be able to send and accept money without worrying about what my bank or what some payment processing company will do, feels very liberating. 


MB: Do you agree that people may get misinformed and spread unnecessary panic when it comes to FOSTA/SESTA issues?

Brenna: Unfortunately, one of the great problems that humanity continues to face is: uneducated, uninformed, and unqualified people posing as authoritative figures and making life-altering decisions on behalf of large groups of people. So yes, I agree that many are misinformed. This is one of the greatest downsides of free-speech. 


MB: What do you hope to achieve and accomplish when reaching out to a public that may not be open minded when it comes to crypto currency?

Brenna: I hope that people understand that the current financial system does not work and cannot possibly last much longer. All these problems related to money and elitism is a result of the current financial system. It’s not about talent, it’s not about the economy, it’s not about where you live or where you are from. It’s architecture of the monetary system itself. Its structure is completely obsolete and cannot possibly sustain a planet that is demanding more at an exponential rate.


Cryptocurrencies are not just something you may or may not make money off of. It is a completely new financial system altogether, rebuilt from the ground up, and one that caters to a society that is almost completely submerged into a digital world.


Cryptocurrencies will impact just about everything, since money is at the root of nearly everything. Those who don’t accept crypto currency either don’t understand it or don’t want to see their current system that benefits a tiny portion of humanity while everyone else struggle. No sensible human being could ever reject what it has to offer. My goal is to illustrate the many ways that money affects us, because only then can we truly see how we can do better, and how cryptocurrencies are the solution.


MB: Where do you hope to see yourself are you from now and perhaps within the adult industry as a whole?

Brenna: I would like to reach a corporate level in the adult industry. This is where the biggest changes can be made. Whether or not I will stay in the adult industry long-term is too difficult to say though. 


Please share where our fans can follow you:

You can follow me on twitter  @brennasparksxxx 

That’s where I’m most active!




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