Domination Nation Feature: Mistress Simone

Originally Published February 2015

Name and City: Mistress Simone of Chicago

Your favorite Fetish/Specialty

My known specialties are medical and cbt. I also enjoy heavy bondage, objectification and corporal.

Why is this your specialty?

Medical fetishism is my specialty because I enjoy the invasive element of the procedures. It requires focus and skill on the Mistress's part and stillness of the submissive. Delving deep into my sub's body and control the responses is a big turn on. For these same reasons, I enjoy CBT. I am what I call, a sensation dominatrix. I enjoy causing reactions and responses in those I play with.

Your favorite type of Session

After 20 years, it is hard to claim a favorite type. It would have to be one where there is an element of connection between myself and my sub-regardless of the activity. I prefer to create an environment in which both of us can enjoy our mutual fetishes and have fun with them.

Favorite Punishment

Denial of pleasure whether it be seeing me, orgasm or engaging in their favorite activity.

Your biggest Pet Peeve when a slave disobeys

Not listening. I tend to say exactly what I mean, and all the words are important to ensure the slave understands. If something is misinterpreted or not heard, the slave will not do as I asked. Pay attention, and do not jump to conclusions about what I want. I will tell you.

How did you find the Domination life and how does it serve you?

I was a lifestyler since age 18 hanging in the Goth/Fetish circles. In my twenties, I took a job running an adult store in Chicago, which I proceeded to turn into the first mainstream fetish store in the city. Many of my customers were the local dominatrices.

One mentioned I would be good as a pro as I was a natural. She would bring her boy in for shopping days and we would have fun dressing them, making them buy us both boots and corsets while humiliating them. It was fun! I went to her house and discussed the professional details then decided to take the leap.

I mentored under her and the other ladies for a year, never seeing a client alone till she felt I was trained. I was trained in all the fetish arts by her and the house staff. We had nurse moonlighting as Mistress, so I leaned my medical procedures directly from her.

After a year of training at half pay, I was able to see my own clients. I worked for her for a year as agreed, and then went independent.

Being a dominatrix has served me in many ways. The most important way would be quality of relationships. I have had and do have some wonderful slaves and submissives. I enjoy the power exchange, especially with a strong element of life control, so I am lucky to have a stable that allows me to do so. It enables me to express my artistic side by creating wonderfully wicked, elaborate scenes with my slaves as my canvas.

Emotionally, I have had some wonderful people in my service. I enjoy the freedom being a Domme allows me. I would not do well in a cube farm- too restless and non conformist. This has given me a great way to be who I am on so many levels.

How important is it to ask questions to a slave that wishes to serve you?

VERY-of the utmost importance. Communication is key for BDSM relationships. Female dominants can be hard to approach so if a sub gets up the nerve to do so, we need to remember to ask as many questions as possible to find out if there is a good power exchange match.

Should you know any method of CPR?

I do, and yes you should. You should also know basic first aid for such things as burns, cuts and fainting spells.

Why is training important instead of just jumping right in?

Do doctors jump right into major surgery? Plumbers take on job without assessing it first? All good skilled professionals need to be trained in their chosen field. Ours is no different. If you do not have the knowledge and skills necessary to administer to your clients' needs correctly, your clients will go elsewhere. A pretty face is all well and good but if you harm a client due to lack of training that will bite you for years to come. Invest in your skill and it will make you a great Domina.

Where can your future slaves find you?

All over social media, lol! But specifically these links:

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