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Setting the Record Straight

August 17, 2018


I'm not sure where to begin, so I will just start.


I wanted to say this out loud so anyone who visits this site, is fully aware of how we work here.


When I first  started this magazine, the idea was to have a platform where people can share their thoughts about alternative lifestyles without feeling ashamed of exploring different types of relationships.



With all the changes Kink~E Magazine has endured, I can say this, the concept of the magazine remains, no retaliation and no shame on Alternative choices or lifestyle choices or belief systems. 


That being said, certain things have come to my attention that at times, I don't see right away. As you know or may not know, all of our writers are independent, who share their thoughts and points of view on their expertise in Alternative Lifestyles, even if it doesn't reflect the view of Kink~E Magazine as a whole.


If you read the splash page as soon as you enter the site, all of that text in the bottom is our disclaimer. 


Some of our writers gladly share their copyrighted work, allowing themselves in using resources to get their information out there, nothing wrong with that. I welcome those who share their points of view (within reason of course). 


While I can control what goes into the magazine, I can't control what people say on their social media platforms. That, (and thankfully), I do not have control of.


However, my concerns lies with how the views expressed on social media affects the magazine as whole when someone may not agree with other publications or individuals in general. 


Words are a powerful force. We have seen in the past how one tweet has changed the career paths of celebrities and news anchors. In this day and age of the #metoo, #fosta, #sesta, etc., people have taken caution on what they share or even 'like' on social media, even if they didn't in the past. Once it's cast out there, you can't take it back. Social media has set the stage of representing who you are in this world and if you come off as a self righteous person, maybe not many people will like you. It all depends on what you share. The popularity contests does extend throughout social media. You can quote a tweet and someone else can put out the same tweet and get more likes and retweets, why? Because it's you.


In the years this magazine has been in existence, our writers' works have effectively reached out to people in helping them with lifestyle choices by answering questions they may have been afraid to ask or the information may have not been able to readily find elsewhere. Most importantly, we've established a special trust with our readers, for their research and are able to share feedback on how their experience has been positive or a turning point in making decisions since finding Kink~E Magazine. 


The one thing everyone should know when it comes to their social media platforms, we do not endorse, assist, or approve any of their personal opinions on people, other organizations or publications. If it is not found on the magazine, please know these are their opinions and theirs alone. However, if I see any of my writers being attacked on social media for an article written on my magazine, I will make exceptions. I will not go on a war-[ram]page, but I will defend my writers.


Thankfully that has not happened and I refuse to engage in any kind of social media war. It's not worth my time or effort. Sure I see things I don't agree with but it doesn't give me the right to attack every human being for something I don't find useful or think it's stupid. Sometimes it's best not to say anything. Also this is why we have a forum, so those who wish to discuss news and events occurring in their towns we can read about this without having to rely on just one news source, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 


With all this being said, I want everyone to know who visits Kink~E Magazine will not find me defending actions of those who take it upon themselves to demean or make comments about how others run their business or the opinions they hold regarding what others believe in how to live within the means of Alternative Lifestyle choices.


The beautiful thing about being alive is having choices.


Also, let us remember, the wonderful thing about the internet is the endless amount of information you can find, and if you can't find it here, there are many other resources you can find. I certainly do not walk around thinking Kink~E Magazine is the says all that ends all. 


I hope I was able to clarify any misunderstandings that may have occurred.


Keep it #kinke. Until then.






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