Sex toy review: Silk by Tantus

Tantus have a reputation for making some of the best insertables in the sex toy industry. Their medical-grade silicone toys are of the highest quality and their range is vast. My collection boasts several Tantus dildos, but the two that I come back to over and over are the Silk small and medium.

The Silk lives up to it’s name, with super smooth texture and a graceful curve. There is not a ridge or seam in sight on these toys, which are made from Tantus’s premium blend of silicone. The Silk comes in three colours: pink, black and this gorgeous pearlescent purple. There is a small, medium and a large version of the SIlk.

The silicone that these toys are made from is some of the nicest I’ve ever felt. A lot of silicone toys in my collection have a velvety texture, which is nice but it tends to drag on the skin. But Tantus use this gorgeous silicone that is super smooth and silky. I’ve found that you need very little lube with these toys, as they glide easily over the skin. Silicone is one of my favourite materials for insertable toys because it’s non-porous and so easy to clean. You can throw them in the sink with a bit of mild soap and you’re done. Or, if you need to give them a more thorough cleaning, you can boil them or throw them in the dishwasher. As these have no cracks or crevices, there are no places for bacteria to get trapped so they are very hygienic.

The Silk has a great in-between texture that makes it ideal for beginners. It’s firm enough to thrust with but not so stiff that you’re going to painfully poke someone during play. As the small Silk is thinner, it is slightly bendy so it won’t stand up to vigorous thrusting, but it’s nice for a slow glide. Both of them are satisfyingly squishy when pressed into your palm.

Of the pair, I’d say that the Medium Silk is my favourite. It’s a nice size, neither too big nor too small, and is ideal for using on it’s own or with a separate clitoral vibrator for extra stimulation. If I’m perfectly honest, I’d say that it is a little thinner than the toys I usually prefer, as I like my insertables on the girthy side. But if you aren’t into thicker toys and want something simple and smooth to play with, then the Silk medium might be ideal for you.

The small Silk was a bit of a disappointment to me…at first. When I took it out of the packaging, I wilted a little when I saw how small it was. It’s only slightly longer and thicker than my middle finger. You could practically hear the sound of sad trombones as I inserted it. It was just too small to offer much benefit to me during vaginal penetration. It sat in my toy chest, alone and dejected until one day I decided to try a different path.

You know what the Silk small is brilliant for? Butt play! If you are into anal play this is a toy that you might want to add to your collection. And in my humble opinion, it’s ideal for anyone who is interested in trying anal stimulation. Why? Well, aside from the fact that it’s got a flared base for safety, and the aforementioned ease of cleaning, the shape and size make this a great beginner butt toy. The Silk has no seams or texture that will irritate your virgin ass and the silky smooth finish makes it really easy to insert. Plus, it’s quite small and not as intimidating as many of the beginner plugs on the market. The flexibility of the small Silk makes it really comfortable when inserted.

The Silk is fantastic if you’re interested in pegging. The Silk is harness compatible and anal safe which makes it perfect for pegging. It comes in three sizes so you can work your way up as your play becomes more advanced or if you want more sensation. The firm texture means that they’re sturdy enough for harness play and won’t wobble about as you’re trying to direct the dildo into your partner’s backside. Best of all, Tantus sells the small and medium silk together with a harness in their Bend Over Beginner kit. So you can get everything you need to begin experimenting with pegging in one awesome package.

So, are there any downsides to the Silk dildos? In my opinion, not many. I think my only criticism is that the smooth texture doesn’t offer a lot in the way of sensation. While they are nicely filling and fun to play with, the Silk isn’t the toy for you if you like to be tantalized by texture. Also, the tubular, rounded design lacks a pronounced head, which means that the Silk isn’t a great toy for g-spot stimulation.

Overall I really like the Tantus Silk and I’d heartily recommend them. When my readers are interested in giving pegging a shot or want to try anal but are intimidated by the huge range of toys to choose from, I point them in the direction of the Silk. It’s an amazing first-time dildo that is beautiful quality and will give you hours of versatile play.

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