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Welcome to the World of Master Joshua

August 6, 2018


MB: You’ve been making the circuits on the fetish seen and making changes I haven’t seen in a long time. Please share with us what first interest you in the Fetish/BDSM lifestyle?


Master Joshua: My first interest in the lifestyle was sparked by the learning and understanding of the deeper connections, communications and trust that comes with the lifestyle and its education. It’s certainly evolved from then to now, but my largest takeaway was the quick evolving relationships through these deeper connections. 


MB: The NYC scene was a hub for Fetish life with clubs catering to our community. At some point things started to change and lots of clubs shut down with a younger generation entering Fetish as some form of a trend with no real training. Is NYC picking back up and more experienced members are engaging and bringing back true Fetish life into play?


Master Joshua: I think the scene has splintered into a few separate entities. 2 being primarily the younger group that is either transient/exploring what they believe they’re supposed to be doing/exploring & the 30’s and up group. The group that understands or is seeking the understanding of the “bigger picture”... granted... everyone newish to the scene still deals with having to find themselves... the 30+ crowd has less of a difficult time transitioning to a more open mind. 


MB: You have a mindset I haven’t seen in a long time being a part of the community for many years and people are responding to that. How do you find a balance or continue a balance in your own personal time and space?


Master Joshua: It is difficult for me to separate the two. My drive in private has become more intense unless my physical body is exhausted... then I am more than happy to tone it down... I’m even more excited to bottom and let someone else take control in a more sensual way. My pro sessions become more intense over time as well as my relationships with my clients deepen. My play in public events steers more towards “this is what else BDSM has to offer”... more sensual and physically engaging scenes. A sensually sadistic romance of sorts. 


MB: How does it make you feel sharing your headspace with others in a session?


Master Joshua: When I engage privately and in professional sessions I open discuss what I’ve experienced in my role of the engagement. While some may see it as vulnerable, I think there are opportunities of learning ones self and the other partners. 


MB: Let’s talk about education!


I’ve seen many people come onto the scene solely for financial purposes and while there’s nothing wrong with earnings and/or compensation how does that effect the mindset of the community as a whole?


Master Joshua: This falls into a couple different categories for me. 


Hosting events:

Ain’t nobody getting rich on this. I use this platform as an opportunity to build the local community, provide experiences for new people exploring and bringing friends together. It’s also used to help people expand their understanding of what I do as a whole. 


Private sessions:

This is where I generally generate my income. My sessions are catered to my clients specifically and I take great pride in the work I do. 


Education & talks:

There could be a good amount of income through this as well when taking certain things into consideration. Travel, expenses, time invested, etc. 


The biggest value is the experience I get delivering the information & helping others gain that knowledge themselves. 


MB: How important is regular education - not just with lifestyle workshops of “how to’s” in addition to our current politics in how we conduct business?


Master Joshua: Knowledge is power. The more we know, the better we are equipped to sharing and teaching. Intent is also as important as the information we receive. I would turn down someone I felt would be using this information for means I don’t agree with morally. 


“Learning kink to fuck more people” for example. 


MB: What are some of the dangers one can experience (top or bottom) if going into a scene play and not clear on rules or safe words?


Master Joshua: The biggest? Safety/consent violations. Being victimized is one of the worst experiences one can have. 


MB: What are the first things one should know or learn when coming into the lifestyle? (BDSM 101)


Master Joshua: The power of the words “Yes” & “No”. That’s something we don’t learn and/or exercise much in life. Learning the power behind those words and using it should be one of the first lessons we learn. 


MB: What is the most important rule a sub should know about you when beginning to engage in a session?


Master Joshua: Communicate.

If you’re not comfortable with something, tell me. If something is too much, tell me. If you want more, tell me. TELL ME!! 


MB: Can both of you can experience subspace?


Master Joshua: Yes. 

“Subspace” as a word can be a bit misdirected. 

Subspace for the sub/bottom

Topspace for the Dom/Top


Playspace would be a better fit. Each person tends to go into a trance like space when theirs is a good working chemistry. I tend to get into a hyper aggressive state when topping and a varied state when bottoming, depending on the type of play. 


MB: After care... yes/no. Why?


Master Joshua: I enjoy aftercare when I’m not in my aggressive mind-frame. If I’m in my “top space” my hands don’t stop. My adrenaline pumping. I enjoy getting petted as well after I top, but it’s not common, especially after the bottom has been worked over. 


MB: The media is quick to make judgments on people in the BDSM lifestyle yet 50 shades became some form of phenomenon. Why do you think that was?


Master Joshua: I think the social concerns of judgment, religion, politics, norms...are what keeps us under the microscope... 50 shades is literature... “fantasy”... it put into words what some people think they want... and was celebrated. It was romanticized. 


MB: BDSM: lifestyle or trend? Temporary romance or commitment?


Master Joshua: Lifestyle. I think once the door is open, there is no going back (when done right). I do see a lot of people seeking it out as it can be seen as trendy... those are usually looking for the physical experience and nothing more. The shirt sightedness makes it trendy. 


MB: What can we expect from Master Joshua within the next year...?


Master Joshua: World Domination. 


I would really love to continue spreading the word of open communication, consent and respect. Being a household symbol of what BDSM can be. A positive resource for self acceptance and ones journey of life. 


MB: Anything else we may have missed?


Master Joshua: I love this lifestyle. It’s taught me love, respect & communication on a much deeper level with life time bonds. Helping people positively change their lives reinforces my drive to continue with my mission of spreading the gospel of BDSM. It changed my life. I want to show others how it can change theirs. 


I have also started the Kink-Collective to recruit other educators and speakers that have the clearer understanding of a genuine working chemistry between those involved. It helps create a deeper dialogue and engagement. 


People before kink. It’s very important. 


Your social contacts:

Fetlife: MasterJoshuaNYC & Kink-Collective 

IG/TW: MasterJoshuaNYC 

FB/MasterJoshua & Kink-Collective 


Photographer credits: Guy Leroy

Aimee Lalonde



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