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Alex Anaconda - A Bright Future Awaits!

June 2, 2018

A Kink~E Magazine treat with rising star Alex Anaconda.

 MB: Tell our readers what made you become interested in the adult industry. 


Alex: You know it’s hard to say . I pretty much always knew I would end up in the industry some form or fashion . I am a exhibitionist so I love being nude in front of other people .To be honest the sex was just cherry on top lol . I watched a lot of porn growing up and as I became a adult I notice my cock was in the same size range as the most famous porn actors . I assume it’s destiny . Oh btw yes I love to fuck . So when destiny and desire meets I guest it was truly fate .


MB: You were involved with the swing lifestyle. What were your likes and dislikes in attending lifestyle parties?


Alex: I was a swinger because I wasn’t quiet ready to join the adult industry but I love the exposure and the fucking . Parties was cool sometimes . The issue that found with them is the lack of protection and hygiene. Seriously I went to parties when the moment you walk in the door I noticed the entire place stinks like fish . Don’t get me wrong that’s not common but I remember thinking, Geez I should turn around at the door . Another dislike is that very few people use protection and trust me they aren’t tested like people are in the in the adult industry. I saw a chick one time fuck 10 strangers and all 10 came in her mouth . I doubt she even knew one of them names . I was like wow . Well what I liked about it is normally I’m like a special guest . I was the king of swing in Houston due to my size and stamina. That’s translated to me having whomever I wanted at these parties . I fucked about 3 women at once at this party . Sucks because I never came because they all tapped out . I ended up leaving to go fuck this cuckold’s wife in front of him . I was destined to cum that night lol . I also like the idea that people are open about their sexuality. Trust me I have fucked some amazingly beautiful women at those parties that I was shocked that was even there in the first place


MB: Do you have your own private parties now?


Alex: Well some times I do but not as often as I should . Normally my private parties consist of me and 2 women normally friends or if I’m working then just 1 woman . Normally my parties consists of dinner and entertainment. Oh Btw I love to cook so everything I serve is prepared by me . Book a private party with me ladies and I can promise you that’s it’s worth it


MB: What would you advise to couples interested in swinging?


Alex:  Well I always was the single guy that fucked the female half of the couple so I’m not sure. I will say please be cautious about using protection. Don’t get me wrong it’s been plenty of times I have wanted to fuck this beautiful woman without condom but I always remember if she let me do it then she probably have let 5 guys before me do it also  .


Another thing I noticed is and I’ll say this once  (Guys ,please don’t let your wife fuck cocks bigger than yours ) . Trust me I have seen so much divorce and separation because the guy thinks she won’t leave or cheat because they are married or some crap . This chick told me that she didn’t even want to swing but hubby forced her to go to the clubs and etc. He made her fuck a BBC and ever sense that night she wouldn’t fuck him anymore she instantly became a size queen. They later got divorced and she married the BBC . If you have a small dick stay home and be happy with your wife . Don’t waste your time in this lifestyle.  I even told a guy who asked me to fuck his wife . I told him that he was crazy to let other men fuck his wife . This guy wife was soooo beautiful. I told him if I fucked her I plan on keeping her . He hung up the phone lol 

MB: You’re modeling for a jewelry line. How did this come about for you?


Alex: Well I contacted Dick Dazzle  because I look at some of their product and I thought i would be a great fit . We talked we made the contract and we made it happened. My intent was to have a jewelry line that made for men my size . (The Royal Anaconda)BBC worship was the foundation of it . The owner asked me what king would I like the jewelry to be inspired from and  I chose King Ramsey .I can’t fuck with it on but I do have the ability to do half penetration and having the head of my cock sucked .  I know it’s fairly new but I think it will take off very well in the US . Stay tuned 


MB: On April 30, you tweeted out you are different than the usual - within this saturated industry, how do you stand above the rest?




Alex: I posted that because some studio was trying to rip off a friend of mine that’s a actress. I believe I stand out because I’m coming in the industry a different way . You will always see me dressed in suits or professional because by nature I’m a business man . I have a classy , Rolex wearing , beautiful women kissing and champagne drinking style .  I coin myself as the classiest mofo in the business and I think a lot of people like that about me . When you see me you going to know it’s Alex Anaconda and not just another BBC . I’m all about building my brand and my brand isn’t just my dick it’s me from head to toe . I’m fortunate to have done well in life from a financial aspect so I didn’t have to just jump in taking contacts because I  needed the money. I stand out because I’m self contained and my brand is sovereign and owned by no one or company but me . I hope I said that correctly lol . Say this again “Keep your $400” 


MB: What are you learning or have learned when it comes to negotiating your wants to studios?


Alex: I don’t deal with Studios period. I learned how to shoot my own content and get my own co stars . I don’t need a studio. I have a studio set up in my home . I realized they only ripping off actors and actresses . Pay them $400 then make $4000 off the content it’s ridiculous. I’m a business man so I control ever aspect of my business . I’m putting my MBA to use . 


MB: Lately there has been a outpour of social bashing towards adult stars against their peers even from former porn actress Tila Tequila. What would you say to people like Tila who are suddenly against something they once embraced and even gave them a name?


Alex: I had no clue that was going on . I can say that I don’t speak about people I don’t know or situations I don’t know about . Sorry for the short response but I’m from the hood and that’s hood rules 


MB: I’ve seen adult stars come into the industry and seem to follow a rise to fame format, eventually becoming producers. What’s your focus on your future?


Alex: I have seen that as-well. I plan on crossing over to fashion modeling or acting . I would consider being a producer also I’m not sure yet . I brainstorm nightly about what I should do next . I feel like it’s a lot of possibilities so I’m super excited to see what’s next for Mr. Anaconda. Who knows,you may see me in politics one day lol 


MB: FOSTA/SESTA has become a big issue within the adult industry, especially within the social media platform and fear of websites being taken down. What fears do you believe are real and what is the hype?


Alex: I can tell you that sex work will never go away . I will say that I think it will be a higher focus on prosecuting sex workers and Johns . I would encourage anyone in that profession to be cautious of who you deal with because from what I’m hearing VICE is working really hard . 


MB: What’s on the longevity agenda for Alex?


Alex: I have shoots coming up . I’m definitely excited to shoot with the beautiful Brooklyn Snow . She is just a doll . To tell you the truth I’m having fun so who knows what’s next . I can promise you it will be classy and entertaining lol . I’ll continue to have fun and fill pussies up to capacity. Longevity wise well the great thing about being independent is that you determine your longevity. I’m just getting started . It haven’t even been 6 months yet lol . Trust me the future is bright!


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