Restricted - The Violation of LinkedIn


As stated in the dictionary to restrict means “to confine or keep within limits, as of space, action, choice, intensity, or quantity.”

Such as what LinkedIn now known as ShitIn did to me today with my two accounts I had but barely used.

Last week my marabelleblue account on linkedin was presumably hacked. I usually don’t stay in logged in due to the fact I have every man in India trying to talk to me for which I have ZERO interest in having conversation with so most of the time, I do not reply.

So, I logged off.

As the evening dawned in there was a tweet I shared and my Hootsuite came back with one of my accounts was disconnected, “click here to reconnect”. When that didn’t work, I went on to the app which instructed me to change my password as there was unusual activity detected in my account.

Hmm, I thought, what the fuck…okay.

Changed the password.

Then, a message pops up, “your account is restricted, please go to the desk top version and resolve the issue.”

Okay I thought, no biggie.

A half hour later at my laptop, I’m getting directed to a place where I need to show proof who I am as in a government ID.

Why? Looking around on the site, I couldn’t find a help menu where I can send an inline email so I stewed and said, well who cares, I still have my kinkemagazine account, so I will use that.

Everything was fine, until today.

I finally found an inline email I can send them asking them why did they restrict my account as they gave me no explanation.

I’m followed up in my email they will get back to me as soon as they can.


But then a few minutes later, I can’t get into my kinkemagazine account as it was restricted as well as my vanilla account for which I barely post nothing at all, also claiming I violated the TOS.


How can someone violate a TOS without having shared any statuses?

I hit them up on Twitter with no response either.

Who the fuck are these assholes?

Look I know about the SESTA/FOSTA law but let’s get something straight. This law doesn’t give you permission to antagonize people for no reason at all.

A few weeks ago, we watched Mark Stupidberg get his ass chewed out for the privacy issues he had with the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In turn, everyone began changing their privacy notices and how data is shared. In between that bullshit was the FOSTA/SESTA getting signed into law.

For those who are confused with the shit going on in this country, is fairly simple. You have creepy motherfuckers who kidnap women and use them as their personal sex slaves to make money for them. They used platforms like Backpage, (which was seized by  the FBI on April 6th).

There are many who cheered about Backpage taken down but the sex workers who relied on Backpage for their business, basically got screwed.

I don’t have an answer for said situations, all I know is this…since this shit happened, people, like me who owns a magazine, sharing knowledge and education are getting the shit end of the stick.

“No you can’t promote that”, “sorry we can’t promote anything erotica”, “you are violating the TOS because you’re promoting sex.”

What the FUCK is going on here??????

I remember back when Madonna was reamed a new asshole for talking about sex and Fetish. She was made to be looked upon like a piece of shit who couldn’t keep her legs closed.

I, with many others, was cheering for her.

But let’s go back further in history with Stonewall and how gay people were being accused of having sex and doing “immoral” things at a bar where they converged and celebrated one another by being free for who they were and what they represented.

It took a fucking war and years of fighting to get rights just to LIVE, just TO BE!

I’ve been feeling as though I have to be on guard with everything I say or share. Especially having a vanilla account put on restriction with claims of violating TOS when I don’t even post anything on that account in the first place. 

I can’t understand this world. I took a history course and I can’t even begin to tell you how disgusted I was towards humanity.

There is nothing human about people today.

It has become, “sit down, shut up and just follow along”.

I have only two words for that. FUCK YOU.

Why did I start KinkEMagazine? For the same reason why what is going on today, which I have to say it’s worse now than it was back in 2000 when the internet was just surfacing.

And it makes me angry.

I feel violated due to the fact I am being told I did something and have NO knowledge as to what the fuck I did, which we all know is NOTHING.

BUT, when a man sends me a disgusting dick pic and I report them, GUESS WHAT….NOTHING HAPPENS!

I know I’m not the only one experiencing the ramifications of FOSTA/SESTA.

We know why this came into law, however, our freedom of speech is being curbed due to this law and that’s not right.

I log into my facebook and I see more shit about what a lousy job Trump is doing instead of people getting up from their fucking computers and making a difference, because after all, it’s so much easier to lodge your complaint in a status, then actually getting up and getting involved with some kind of organization.

Just recently I read an article from someone who’s making a choice from removing themselves from social media.

I am torn with that one. While I respect their choice, I also feel they are choosing not to be part of the fight.

This isn’t a fight to ignite what is right and what is wrong…this is a fight for our freedom of choice.

As for ShitIn, I think this is a network that will be wrapping up in a few years. Not because of what happened to me, just because I’ve notice in the last few years, it’s becoming a dead sea of information just floating around with no one really engaging.

On top of all this, I have a question for you.

What has social media done for you and have you been restricted or has your accounts disappeared without your knowledge or emails to inform you of changes to your account. I would like to interview you for my KEM TopTalk Radio show. Email me Thank you. 

Until then.

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