Master/slave Series: Episode 2

1 Year Later:

It had been a long day at the office and all I wanted to do was either go home, or go see Master. The latter was preferable, I missed him. It has been almost a year since he accepted me for training and about three weeks since he had gone on a business trip. My phone buzzed, I had put it on silent since this insufferable meeting had started. Yet another meeting about some change to the Wordpress platform. Plus the buttplug I was wearing was starting to get uncomfortable since I had put it in this morning. My cock had been semi-hard all day. I was getting cranky.

I looked at my phone. It was a message from him. “I’m home. You are to come over here tonight. I have something to share with you.” My heart started to race, and this meeting just became pointless. It was time to go. “Ok everyone! I think it’s late and we have all worked hard. We can pick this up in the morning.” I thought for a moment. “Better Make that tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be coming in late tomorrow. Personal Business.” I got up and left, went to my office and grabbed my stuff. I rushed out of the office and got into my car. I drove straight to his place. He was waiting for me as I walked in from the elevator.

He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply. I drank in his scent, his energy, and the world melted away. I almost didn’t feel him undressing me. I felt my tie loosen, and my shirt disappeared as if my magic. Next my pants melted away. “Good, I’m glad you missed me.” He said with a grin on his face. “Get on your knees.” I complied with his command, although it was awkward, as my cock was rock hard. He reached out and touched my cheek. “We’ve been together just over a year. How would you say that year has gone slave?” Oh my, was my only thought. “Well Master, I’d say it’s been one of the best year of my life. I can’t describe what this past year has meant to me.” He nodded. “I would agree. It’s been a very good year.” He said as he brought IT out. My collar, the sign to the world that I was owned. My heart began to race, I thought it was going to jump out of my chest and onto the floor.

He smiled at me before he began speaking again. “I would like to make you mine. However, there are some things that have to happen before I can do that. Some considerations that need to be made before we can complete this collaring.” I nodded, not knowing what to say about it. I remained silent as Master continued. “In order for you to accept this collar. You will have to accept terms that state you have no claim on any of my assets and that if you should want to leave this relationship. You leave with what you came with and nothing else. Also you will have to accept that I have total control over everything. Outside of your professional obligations of course.” I nodded understanding why he had to make those stipulations. They were understandable, I mean I would’ve wanted to have those protections if I was one of the five most richest men on the planet.

I looked at the collar he was holding. It was a conservative looking bracelet that I could wear with just about anything. I could tell he had thought about it. I didn’t hesitate. “Master. My answer is yes. I don’t care about the money, or anything else other than just being with you.” My devotion had developed over the last year into a love that is hard to describe to most people outside of the BDSM scene. It went deeper than just love, it was something that had become part of my soul, part of who I am. I am my Master’s slave. It had become part of what made me so happy over the last year.

I signed the contract, after I had read it. Master made me read it. I would’ve just signed it and been done with it. It took me a week to read through it all. He sat there the whole time to make sure I read it. Once I was done, I just picked up the pen and signed it.

Two weeks later we had the collaring ceremony, and then we went on vacation for a month in the bahamas. When we got back I moved out of my apartment and into Master’s place. It was great, we started to settle into our routine once I had gotten moved into his place. Morning sex, afternoon sex, and sex before bed became our normal day and night. It was a bliss I’d thought I’d never know, that I didn’t know could exist.

“Slave, I have need of you!” I put down my book and walked into the guest bedroom. Well one of the six guest bedrooms. He was currently converting one of them into a full time playroom for us. He really wanted to do all the work himself, so for the last month that has been his hobby. “Yes, Master. How can I be of Service?” I asked as I walked into the room. He turned and grinned at me. “Stop teasing me, and grab that hammer. I need you to drive that bolt into the center of the cross.” Stop teasing me, what was all of that? Hammer to drive the bolt.. Who is teasing whom? I picked up the hammer and brought it down hard on the head of the bolt. It fell into place after about the fourth time I hit it with the hammer.

“There, see! You can hammer something.” Master said with a sly teasing grin. I could only grin back and blush a little. “Thank you, Master.” I finally said after a few moments. “You can go back to what you were doing slave.” He said with a grin. “Wait. Come back here.” I stopped and turned back around. “Get over here.” I walked over to him slowly. As I got close to him, he reached out and pulled me the rest of the way. We kissed passionately, our tongues dancing around each other, and then he started to undress me. As my pants hit the floor, he grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. “Mmm. I love this cock, my cock.” I nodded. “Yes, Master. Your cock.” I slurred my words as if drunk. “Get on your knees.” I responded immediately, and did as I was instructed. As I got on my knees I opened my mouth. Within moments Master was placing his already hardening cock in my mouth and I began to service him. After several minutes of sucking cock, he pulled my mouth off of him. He then attached the leash to my collar and lead me back to the bedroom.

“Get on all fours. I want to fuck that tight ass.” I did as he told me. I was on my hands and knees waiting for him. I felt his hand on my right hip, then then his left hand on my back. I felt the tip of the lube bottle as Master applied the lube to my hole. It wasn’t fifteen seconds later I felt the tip of his cock waiting to be pushed into my ass. I was a happy boy to be able to service my Master. I felt him start to push into me, I relaxed and let it happen. I could feel that his cock was as hard as diamonds now. The lube covering his cock made that squishy sound that was so delightful. I could see that my cock was stiff with excitement and dripping like a waterfall after a hard snow. The feeling of his cock in my ass was so wonderful, the rhythm of his cock going in and out of me was the best feeling in the whole world to me. I had always known I was a bottom, I just never knew until him, how much of a submissive I was as well.

He was worked up today. His thrusts were hard and fast and no mercy was to be found. He hadn’t been kidding he wanted to fuck my ass, and he fuck it hard. I almost couldn’t stay in my position he was going at it so hard. I felt his hands on my hips pulling me into him hard. The vibration of each thrust got me closer to exploding, but I held back because I knew that Master would want to do that himself.

The Paced quickened, as if that were even possible. I knew he was getting close now, and then he exploded into me. A guttural roar escaped his mouth to fill the room as he emptied himself to fill me. He panted hard as the moment passed over him. He turned me over as saw my cock slick with pre-cum. He grabbed my cock and began to stroke it, within a few moments I was spent as well. He pointed to the shower and I quickly went to get cleaned up. Once I was done I came back to the bed and we cuddled for a bit. We both fell asleep, I felt so safe in his arms.

Part of my agreement with him was that I would handle all the day to day stuff with the apartment. So I dealt with the maids, and the cook, and the day to day taking care of the home stuff. The contact also stated that after we had been together as a Master/slave couple for no less than two years. I would leave my job and be a full time house slave. There was still another year left before that happened. However about three weeks ago some lawyers came by and I was told to stay in the bedroom until Master came for me. I did as I was told, and was rewarded with a new laptop. I was a happy geek. It didn’t take much, and a new laptop was something I had been needing for awhile now.

I woke up about an hour later and Master was still sleeping. As much as it pained me to do so. I had to get out of bed and go check on dinner. I got dressed and walked to the kitchen, and saw that there was a note on a stack of plastic dinnerware with covers.

Here is dinner for tonight and tomorrow. You were otherwise occupied when I was finished so I put dinner in these storage containers. I will be here tomorrow morning for breakfast and lunch.

Chef Brown.

Well that would make things easy for us. “Jack?” I heard Master calling my name. “I’m in the Kitchen, Master!” I heard his bare feet on the title of the kitchen floor, before I had felt his arms embrace me. I don’t think life could be much better than it was right now. “I need to tell you something Jack.” Well that sounded serious. “Yes, Master?” I was a little scared now. “I have a daughter. She doesn’t speak to me. She thinks I’m a sinful, sinner, sinning my life away. She is very religious. I blame her mother for that part. She might contest my new will once it’s read after I die. Don’t let her, I have everything in order so you're taken care of for the rest of your life. I’m making a change to the contract. Also I would like to ask you something.” My heart was pounding in my chest for the second time in a year. “Would you marry me?” He held up a ring with the brightest diamond I’d ever seen in my life. “Yes, Yes I will Master.” If your heart can explode from happiness, mine was pretty damn close to it right now. “Oh, what was the change you wanted to make to the contract?” I asked after about five minutes of me being in awe of the ring. He smiled, “I want to you to quit your job in the next six months.” Oh. That was a big change.

The ring wasn’t a traditional engagement ring. It was a band with a single diamond inlaid into the band so it was flush with the surface of the ring. The ring was titanium and it would never leave my hand again. The girls at my office noticed it right away, they also knew I was with someone and that I was gay. So they spent the next twenty minutes fawning over my ring. None of the men in my office generally acknowledged my sexual orientation, though I did notice that they didn’t joke around me as much as they did each other. Which I was fine with, considering I was their boss. I took a deep breath and walked into the first meeting of the day.

“So Jack! I heard you got engaged?” It was the first thing my Boss said to me when I walked into the conference room. “Yes, Sir. That’s correct. My Boyfriend proposed this past weekend.” My boss was an awesome guy. “Congrats. I hope your marriage is a happy one.” He said to me with a smile. He was being sincere, but he was also sending a message to everyone in the conference room. “Thank you, sir.” I said for the congrats, and for the message he was sending to everyone. He would not tolerate any negative behaviors from anyone.

The rest of the day went without much drama. I ate my lunch in my office because I just had too much work to do to leave. As I started to work through a request for content. I got an email, and I was so stunned that I had to stop eating so I didn’t choke.

Your kind needs to die. You’re an abomination, and you will burn in hell. You and your F***ot lover will die!

I didn’t know what to do. I was frozen for a moment. I got up and walked to my secretary's desk. “I need you to call security, and then go to Stanton’s office and get him.” She nodded and left. Stanton was there in moments with a curious look on his face. “Hey Boss. I have to show you something I got in my email just a few moments ago.” We went into my office and I showed him the email. I’d never seen my Boss mad before, and now I never wanted to see it again. He went from curious to pissed off in about 1.5 seconds. “Jack. I’m sorry that you got this email. I will find out who sent it, and have them fired.” The security guy came in a few minutes later.

He read the email, and before I could ask him, he said, “Yeah...we..can uh...trace this and see….where it...came from…” The security guy said in between chewing his gum, and breathing so heavy you’d have thought he had just run a marathon. “How soon can you know who sent this? I need to know who to fire, for this unacceptable behavior!” The security guy, blinked a few times. “Well sir. I think we can have something for you by tomorrow morning.” Stanton nodded and then left my office. I looked out there, and the atmosphere was dark and people were looking for an exit, so as to not get noticed by Stanton as he made his way back to his office.

I decided that I’d had enough for the day, and I was going to go home early. “Please escort me to my car.” I asked the security guard, who looked like he was about to fall over. I wasn’t sure he would be much help if anything happened, but at least he might be a witness. I quickly got my stuff together and started to walk to the elevator. I had taken about twenty steps when I saw that they security guy was still in my office and was just standing up. He started to lumber his way towards me.

As we started to walk up to my car. I saw another man walking my way. My heart started to beat faster, and my adrenaline started to flow, the fear was screaming in my brain. Was this when I was going to have to defend myself for being gay? Was I going to die for being true to myself? The man walked past me, without even looking up. I started to breath easier, and then I waved at the security guy, and then got into the car.

Just as I was walking into the penthouse, I saw Master. He was smiling at me and was walking my way. When his head snapped back and he suddenly dropped to the ground. I ran to him, and I could see the pool of blood starting to form under him. “Jackson!” I screamed, my protocol forgotten. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911. “Yes, my husband has been shot!” I quickly gave them my address and I watched as the light started to dim in his eyes. He looked at me, struggling to talk. Finally he said, “I love you.” He took another breath. “Forever. I love you.” I felt it as his body shook, and his eyes closed. I didn’t hear the EMTs come in, I don’t remember them moving me, and I don’t remember when the cops showed up. I don’t remember saying anything to them. I didn’t wake up for three days.

“Mr. Douglas? How are you feeling?” How was I feeling. I just saw the love of my life gunned down. “I’m feeling like someone punched a hole in my chest, ripped my heart out, and then stopped on my balls.” Detective Assclown. I didn’t say that last part because I didn’t think the detective would’ve liked it. “What do you remember from three days ago?” I told him everything, and I didn’t leave out one detail. It was a good thing they were using a voice recorder, because I don’t think they could have written everything down, as fast as I was talking.

A day later, the hospital let me go. I went home. I walked out of the elevator, over to the couch and then sat down. That’s when it hit me, like a Peterbilt Truck going 65 miles per hour. I cried, sobbed, wept, and then I screamed until my throat was raw and I just didn’t have anything left.

“What in the hell!?” I looked up and saw a woman standing in the spot that my Master had fallen. Anger rushed over me. I got up and started to walk over to her. “Who the FUCK are you!! Why are you in my house!” Her eyes got wide. “I...I...I’m Rebecca! Jackson’s daughter!” My angry rush stopped cold. “Oh.” I said quietly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” I turned around and sat back down. “So the hospital let you out huh?” I nodded. “Yeah. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Your father was my everything. My soul.. it’s crushed.” I started to cry again, and I felt an arm around me. “I’m sorry. I know he loved you too.” I hadn’t expected her to be so compassionate. Master had always said she never approved of us.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m comforting you. I didn’t approve of my father’s lifestyle, or that he was with men and women. But I saw the pictures of you two together. I see the grief, and pain you’re in, and I can’t help but acknowledge that the love you had for each other was true, and real, and it would be inhuman of me to do anything other than comfort you.” It was all she had to say to me. “I do have one question. During the 911 call, you called him your husband. You aren’t married. Why did you do that?” I blinked, I took a deep breath. I sat up and I looked her in the eye. “He had just asked me to marry him the night before it happened. Although frankly we have….had been together.. For just over a year. I was in a panic, and I wasn’t thinking. I guess I had already started to think of him as my husband.” She nodded. “I see. Well I am going back to bed. You should get some sleep as well.” I looked up at the clock, and it said it was almost 8 pm. How was it already that late. My stomach grumbled. “It seems I’m hungry. I’m going to go eat.” I got up and went to the kitchen. The chef, he was wonderful, there was comfort food waiting for me. So I warmed up the mac and cheese, the hamburgers and put a big helping of potato salad on my plate. He had known what would get me to eat.

I sat down and began to eat, I was hungrier than I had thought. I devoured my first and second helpings, and was about to have a third when a thought hit me. Why would someone want to kill my Master? It started to roll in my mind and then it became my driving thought, and then it was all I was thinking about. I put the food away, and started to make a list.

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