Erotic Stories - Queen of the Night

As I lay in bed naked, with a sheet covering me, I wondered to myself what to expect when she walked in the door. She walked in and when I first laid eyes on her seductive body and friendly face.

Little did I know what to expect.

Mistress Nola strutted over to greet me and gave me a little peck on my quivering cheek. After a little small talk, she went into another room to change her casual attire to something much more comfortable and apropos.

She emerged wearing a matching transparent, black bra and panty set which was incredibly sexy and exquisite. She had a perfectly contoured and well proportioned body. She was a 6' tall, very pretty and buxom black woman with jet black straight hair. You could tell by her strut that she was visibly confident and cocksure. She enjoyed briefly modeling her incredibly sensuous and voluptuous body to me.

The bulge under the sheets signaled my body's approval and appreciation. She immediately noticed it and with her delicate fingers started stroking her soft fingers from my ears down my neck, shoulders, chest and arms to my stomach. She then pulled back the sheet to expose my welcoming bulge. She didn't touch my cock yet. She just kept going down my thighs with the tips of her tantalizing fingers and soft rounded fingernails. Nola avoided touching my throbbing cock by working her fingers around the surrounding area ever so slowly and methodically.

She reached into her bag with dubious intent and pulled out a long, soft feather. She gently ran that feather in the same path as her gentle fingers only now stroking my hard cock up and down with it. She spread my legs wider to get a better view and to explore more. She then moved her mouth down to my hard cock and stroked it only with her hot breath. She moved her head and body up and down the length of my erect and throbbing shaft.

She wasn't looking at my pleasurable face. She was totally concentrated and fixated on playing with my swelling hard-on. She abruptly stopped blowing and stroking and abruptly slapped my cock hard to each side as if it did something wrong.

Curiously, it was quite a turn on! I guess going from a gentle touch to such a hard and sudden change of venue was quite exciting. Again, she went to her bag of tricks and pulled out a toy to use on me. It was a metal pinwheel with spiky ends and rolled it up and down the length of my penis. She pulled the base of my penis away from my body and rolled that spiky object around the perimeter of the base of its head. Encircling from the frenlium all the way around from its front to its back, going around and around very leisurely causing my cock to swell and almost burst. Then she went up the frenlium to the hole, stroking just that little section with that unique spiked tool.

She briefly looked up at my panting face and asked if I liked it. I was barely able to speak. She said "Say yes Mistress, I do enjoy that". I was in such a trance of pleasure that I most certainly complied. She continued spinning that splendid spiked pinwheel around my cock for about 3 minutes. She then brought to my attention that my cock was oozing out a little pre-cum. She squeezed out a little on her finger for me to taste. Nola then sat down on the bed next to me put her forearms under my knees and bent them up to expose and explore my rectum.

She squeezed on a pair of latex gloves and entered me with her index finger to massage my prostate. I was a little leery and uncomfortable of that at first, but she used enough lube and knew the proper force and direction to go. It was strangely exciting. As she probed with her index finger she gently massaged and stroked my perineum with her thumb.

Occasionally she used her other hand to stroke my hard oozing cock. I was getting pleasured on both sides-back and front. I was trying to distinguish and decipher where the feelings of ecstasy was coming from. It was a combination of both pleasure zones. It was the first time I felt pleasure of that nature coming from the whole area instead of just my pulsating penis. I've had some anal stimulation before, but not as ecstatic as this. Mistress Nola gently pulled her finger out to relax my muscles, and reached into her magical bag. She pulled out a little soft plastic toy specifically for male anal stimulation.

It was about 8"long with varying degrees and sizes of connecting circular balls. She put a condom on it and was ready to insert it in me. I held my breath and awaited her entry. She saw my questionable anticipation and said "You'll like this, trust your Mistress". She spoke with such pleasing authority. As she thrusted it in gently, I felt the surge and rush of intense pleasure. She started thrusting harder and faster, fucking me with that simple and flexible toy. I screamed out "fuck me, fuck me harder please". "You like that don't you" Nola asked playfully.

"Your ass-hole is mine, isn't it, isn't it", she repeated louder. "You're my bitch aren't you?" In my vulnerable and ecstatic position I called out "Yes my mistress, yes my mistress".

She then started stroking my cock harder and more rapidly. I felt myself ready to explode in all different directions. She then abruptly stopped the stroking, thereby interrupting any flow of semen. "I don't want to cum yet", I pleaded. "You better fucking not", she commanded.

My poor cock just laid there happily frustrated. Mercilessly and purposefully she continued fucking my ass. My ass was pleasantly sore. She pushed the toy deep inside me and just let it sit still for a few seconds. She looked directly in my submissive eyes against the foreground of my engorged cock that was lying against my stomach and said "you're my bitch aren't you?" Yeah, I own your ass hole".

As phony as that sounds, it was true. Then she started fucking me over and over again. Then she slowly pulled the toy out and I felt the gentle and empty withdrawal. She then put a metal cock ring only under the head of my swollen dick. Not the base, like where it usually goes, it didn't provide the pressure and cock swelling as it usually does when it's at the base. She then put on a liberal dose of lube on my purplish cock and started stroking vigorously.

She stopped stroking again and slapped its sides with a force so loud it was like clapping your hands briskly. "Now my bitch, you'll really enjoy this", she said with a demonic glee in her beautiful dark eyes. She got on the bed, lifted my knees and calves over her shoulders, which, in turn bent my head and neck awkwardly. She inserted that toy again to start fucking me vigorously.

As I lay there uncomfortably with my legs draped over her smooth tattooed shoulders, my neck bent and my poor sore ass-hole being fucked, she stroked, slapped, jerked massaged my cock and balls without mercy. I felt the strong urge and rush to cum. She proclaimed, "Let's see it, let me hear it. I'm going to aim it right for your mouth. I want you to feel and taste your own tasty cum. Make a mess of your face and enjoy your taste". Before I could say otherwise I found myself exploding in an upside down fountain of ejaculation. I opened my mouth to welcome it.

Sensations of euphoria swept over my entire body. Any soreness or uncomfortableness was washed away by my incredible and rapturous orgasm. Goosebumps mixed with cum spread all over me. She slowly removed that stimulating toy, dropped it on the bed and massaged my ass-hole, perineum and deflating balls with one hand and with the other still squeezing my lubed up and diminishing erection making sure she got every last drop out.

"You released a lot of sticky cum. Feel good?" She said with an accomplished smile, which exposed her delightful and devilish dimples. As I recuperated gratefully, she eased me down on the comforting soft mattress gradually. She slowly caressed my legs and skin with those enchanting fingers while astutely noticing and appreciating my pleasure of panting and breathing blissfully. My heart rate was dipping and my body was drained and satiated. She squeezed out as much is she could. Then she went to get a hot wet washcloth to clean me up with. That was a comforting end.

And that was way more than I expected.

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