Master/Slave Season 1 Episode 1 A Kink*E Magazine Exclusive Series

The Master/slave Series: Episode 1: Introductions

The rain fell hard outside. It’s rhythm comforting and relaxing. I thought about that as I was tied to the bed waiting for my Master to come back into the room. It felt as if he had been gone for hours, although I’m sure it was only a few minutes. The hemp rope was comfortable enough that I could have stayed tied up for most of the day. The only thing keeping that from happening was the pressure that was currently building in my bladder.

I heard a noise to my right and I looked over there to see my Master with a grin on his face that told me he had plans. “Master, I need to use the bathroom. May I do so please?” I had been under slave contract for almost six months now. The year before that, I had only been “under consideration.” Which I really think means, Master wants to play around until he is ready to settle down with a nice slave. “Ok. Let me untie you. You’ve done really well today my sweet boy. I’m proud of you. When you are finished with the bathroom. Take a full shower and be ready for me to use you.” I smiled. “Yes, Master.”

I impatiently waited for Master to untie me so I could use the bathroom. I quickly got up and ran into the ensuite and sat down to relieve myself. Once I was done, I went over to the shower to get it started waiting until the steam was just right. I got in and started to soap myself up, making sure to get on the important spots. My armpits, between my legs, my cock and balls, you know the important stuff. Then I washed my hair rinsed everything off and got out. I didn’t bother to put any clothes on because I knew they wouldn’t stay on for long anyways. Plus teasing Master is always fun.

I guess now would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Jack Douglas, I’m a 35 year old web marketer and social media consultant, I’m gay, about 165 pounds and 6 feet 3 inches tall. I stay in shape and hit the gym about four to five times a week. I’m into older men and obviously I enjoy Power Exchange dynamics and BDSM play. There isn’t much on my no go list, but I do have a few things. I’ll share them as we go along here. Also I’ve always been a submissive in the bedroom.

As I walk back into the bedroom. Master is holding the rope in his right hand and a flogger in his left hand. “Get on your knees.” Master doesn’t say please or thank you very much. Isn’t it sweet, he is so sexy when he gets all growly and stuff. I get on my knees and comply as he starts to tie up my arms. His cock was right there and I couldn’t help myself. As it swung toward my mouth I caught it with my lips and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I heard him growl with pleasure as he had to stop what he was doing to pull my mouth off of his cock. “My, My, aren’t you a greedy little cock whore.” Master said with a grin and a full throated laugh. He once told me that Masters don’t giggle they laugh. Of course he had just giggled when he telling me that.

So a few things about my Master. I won’t be telling you his name. He is 45 years old, he made it rich in the most recent dot com boom of 2049, and is retired for the most part. He spends much of his time reading and doing some freelance consulting work from time to time for car companies that have names that start with letters F and G, and T. He makes sure they are following his financial plans so they stay profitable, and also helps with innovations that would like to bring to market.

I get up as he pulls on the rope and leads me over to the St. Christopher’s Cross we have set up in the bedroom. He had it special built for his bedroom, and it’s attached to the floor and the ceiling in rather permanent fashion. Master runs the rope through the center metal loop and then ran his hand over my quickly stiffening cock. “A bit excited today aren’t you?” I nodded my head, not trusting my mouth. A quick smack on my ass, and the hard cock that was pointed at me, told me he was excited too.

Hey turned me around and I felt his hard cock between my ass cheeks. “Not Yet. I want to beat you a bit first.” He says the sweetest things to me. Which reminds of when we first met.

1-½ years ago.

I am standing in the corner of yet another BDSM Munch. It had been the forth one I’d been to that week. I was still pretty new and had only just recently accepted that I was so, so gay, after so many failed relationships and self denial.. In the hour I’d been at this party at least three women had approached me, only to leave disappointed when I told them I am gay, and submissive. I guess they had been hoping for the opposite. I’d learned over the last few parties that there were a sect of people that were here just for the curiosity factor, there were people here because they were die hard BDSM practitioners, and then there were those that were here that are looking for something. I fell into that last group.

Just as I am about ready to leave in yet and another day of disappointment. I see him walk into the party. He got my eye immediately. He was tall, sexy and everything I would want in a man. The beard was the kicker. Well groomed and I had to meet him. I walked over to him to introduce myself, when before I could put my hand out, one of the girls I had disappointed got between me and him. I am guessing he noticed the rudeness because he picked her up and then placed her in a different spot. He turned back around and smiled. Fuck! What a smile. So handsome and debonair, like James Bond only a fuckton more sexy.

“Hello.” He said to me. “Hi. I’m Jack.” I replied quietly. Again he smiled at me and I just melted. “Hello Jack. A Pleasure to meet you. So what are you doing here?” I think I blushed. “Just looking to meet new people. Maybe find a mentor. I’m new to this whole BDSM thing. Still trying to get my bearings.” I said, as I tried to not to seem too eager. “Let's get out of here. Go some place quiet we can talk.” I think I said something I don’t remember. We went and got coffee and talked for about two hours. I gave him my number and my email address in hopes he would want to contact me again.

The next day there was an email waiting for me.


I enjoyed our talk yesterday. I would be happy to be a mentor to you. Please list your likes and dislikes in the reply of this email. Let's me up at my place this weekend, and we can talk some more.

I was over the moon. I had possibly found someone to show me the ropes. Maybe if I was lucky this would turn into something more. I immediately hit reply and then I couldn’t type anything. What did I like? What did I dislike? I couldn’t think of anything. I decided to go with the basics. No golden showers, no scat play, no needles, no excessive blood. That sounded like a good start for my no go list. Rope, impact play, Power Exchange, and anal play. That seemed like a good start for my likes list. I added that I was still new and I wasn’t sure about a lot of stuff just yet, and that I would be happy to meet up at his place this weekend. Also I needed his address.

I sent the email and then left for work. My phone grumbled at me that I had a message. I unlocked my phone and saw that He had sent a reply.

This is a good start. We can work on it more this weekend. I want you to research the power exchange dynamic. Focus on Master/slave dynamics and protocols.

My breathing started getting faster. This was getting real. I was going to learn something new, and it excited me so much, I think I giggled a little bit. I quickly replied that I would do it tonight after I got home from work. I opened my Kindle app and immediately started to look for books on the subject. “Approaching 5th avenue and Broadway!” the automated announcement said as the train started to slow. That was my stop, I quickly got off and rushed to my office. It was going to be a busy day, we had just signed on a new client. We were going to be doing everything from website development to social media management. I was placed as lead on the contract so I would be in my office for about an hour before I had to start hopping around like a honey bee looking for pollen.

I got to my office and closed the door. I found three books on Amazon and got them for my Kindle so I could read them when I got home. I had been in my office for about ten minutes before the first knock came. “Come in!” I said as I closed my Kindle App on my phone. “Hey Jack! We need to have a meeting to discuss the strategy we are going to be using for this new client. What are the goals for the next few months? What audience are we targeting? That sort of thing?” Leave it to Stanley to get straight to the point and not even say hello first. “Hello Stanley, why yes we should have a meeting about just that thing. How was your weekend?” Stanley stood there for a moment before he started to laugh. “Jack, you’re so funny. When should we have that meeting?” Stanley was a grade a asshole, and had no social skills at all. “We will do it in an hour.” I said before dismissing the jackhole.

I sat there in my office reading the first chapter to one of the books I got on my Kindle. When I looked up I saw that almost forty-five minutes had passed. I got up, went to the meeting and then I couldn’t wait to get home. In fact I left the office early because I just wanted to get home and read those books.

A few days later I was working through some content when my phone dinged at me. I looked down I had an email. It was from him. My heart skipped a beat.

Just wanted to check in and see that we were still on for tomorrow. I hope your reading has been going well. There will be a test.

I quickly replied that, yes we were still on for the next day. The rest of my day went on fast forward because we got slammed with a breaking news story, and about twenty different sites had to be updated as a result. Damn politics anyways. This one guy wasn't going to win, it was a like a scandal every other day with him. Grabbing her by the pussy? Really some people, just didn’t understand what was wrong and what was right. It was like when the 45th President had run in 2016. History was repeating itself again, only this time the asshole had lost. Voters really had no room for idiots anymore. As a result congress has gotten a lot more productive, and progressive. I had the last meeting of the day and rushed home to finish reading so I could go through the books again and take notes the second time around.

I woke up Saturday morning, and I was buzzing with positive energy. I woke up around nine in the morning, and quickly got through my shower and breakfast. I was going to be meeting Him in about an hour at his place. It was located on the corner of Morris Ave and 161st St. I pushed the buzzer button with his name next to it. The Door buzzed and I walked in and took the elevator to the penthouse floor. It opened up into his penthouse condo. “Holy shit.” I had thought I said it to myself. “Yeah, that’s the typical reaction.” I looked over as saw him. He was in a button up blue shirt, with dark slacks. Relaxed but oddly formal as well, I started to feel just a bit under dressed in my Doctor Who T-shirt and my blue jeans. “I like the shirt. I prefer the classic Who to the New Who.” See this guy melted my heart from hello. I totally relaxed after that and I felt safe.

He motioned for us to go sit on the couch, and as we sat, he poured us each a cup of coffee. I put a few sugar cubes and some cream into my cup and stirred it. Not sure what to say I stayed quiet. “So, did you get those books I suggested?” He asked as he took his first sip of coffee. “Yes I did. I read through the first book, the first day, and I just finished the last one, last night.” He nodded while I gave him my answer. “That’s good.” He paused for several moments. “I’ve been looking for a new submissive to train for quiet awhile. I admit I can be a bit picky when it comes to submissives. The ones that throw themselves at you are worthless, or they want something from you. The ones that never approach you are too meek for my tastes. So I generally look from something in between. Which is a more rare type of submissive these days.” He took another sip of his coffee before he continued. “Being a bisexual man, and dominant is difficult. Because I could go either way. Although it helps with more conservative functions, personally I prefer men more over women. So tell me why do you want to be a submissive?” Shit. I had to answer a questions now.

Well at least it was a good question. “Well, Sir. That’s a good question, A hard question. One I don’t think I could answer right away. It would require some thought before I could answer it.” I wasn’t sure if I had answered right nor not. At least I was unsure until he started to grin. “Now that is the answer I’ve been looking for, so many people try to give bullshit answers, or try to over intellectualize it.” I sighed in relief. “I think you would make for a great slave in training.” We spoke for several hours and he showed me the many things he enjoyed doing. I saw his bedroom, but only a tour this time. He did grab my ass while we looked at his place. I giggled. Outloud.. I’ve never done that before.

He turned to be as I was getting ready to leave. He said, “Ok, so if things go well, after a year, we can start to talk about moving in together.” What a year it was….

Next Time: Contract Negotiations. Whips and Rope, and Orgams! In Episode 2 of The Master/Slave Series! Don’t miss the twist that will leave you breathless!

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