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Erotica - Steve -Forced Consumption of all things Mistress...Part 1

December 25, 2017

Steve was due in today. he came in once a week at least.


Every week. I am sure he would come more...if I would let him.....He was a tall man, and very educated. Harvard grad and lawyer. Steve always had this special request of not showering after a gym workout before W/we played, he liked sweaty, hair wet still from perspiration, and feet too....he also liked wet panties, not the kind from an excited woman, but wet from your boyfriends cum left over in them, or sweat, or pee pee...he liked scent play, splosh play, showers of all kinds...roman, red, brown and golden, he liked forced bi. his mouth was always full so the only verbal noise was from the Mistress while taunting him or shoving things in his open mouth and coaxing him to swallow. At the least, a small grunt or groan from his stuffed and bulging mouth would escape...not sure if he's begging to stop or begging for more.


Steve was an early player, he liked the first hours of his day, and Mine, to be his start to a busy, stressful day.  It was Wednesday, and I had a surprise for him. I had gone to workout, and still on underneath my workout clothes, were the panties I had on during a long, sweaty, all night sex fest of multiple orgasms from Both Parties. Instead of removing them I just had them pulled to the side so I could pull them over Me every time I was climaxing, so all My juices and My Partners were soaked up in them...not a drop wasted. I was also inviting Mistress Olivia and slave Jeff to join in today’s activities. As the clock just ticked to 10 am I heard Steve opening up the door and walking up the wooden stairwell. I had My knee high boots on My bare unshowered feet and the prior evenings sexy black g-string panties were covered in black bootie shorts...the tip of the g-string just barely showing on the curve of My hip. My black corset was tied tight and hair tied loosely in a bun. he walked in the door, and smiled. It was a grin of thank you for seeing me, and you look beautiful, all in one. Steve was a polite gentleman and was always a gracious guest. I smiled back and gave him the back of My hand to kiss hello. I walked in front of him and he followed close behind , as though wanting to sneak a whiff of Me before entering the dungeon. Steve was in and I closed the door behind Me. I told him to get undressed and wait for Me to return.


A few minutes had passed and I opened the dungeon door. Steve was standing there hands behind his back, nude, and anxious. I had a large glass in My hand that was full of yellow liquid. Steve was eyeing it eagerly. I walked slowly over to him and told him to lean over and smell it. I wanted him to breathe it in deep and smell exactly what he would be quenching his thirst with. Steve wasn't allowed water during O/our time together, he had his own "special" beverage. His eyes closed and he obeyed. he inhaled deeply and I could see him quiver and a small smile turned his lips up. Before W/we continued and he was allowed his treats, I escorted him out of the dungeon and into the bathroom. I had used the bathroom in the morning before he arrived, and We always sanitize after each use, but I hadn't yet after My use and needed to clean it. I instructed Steve to sit in front of it, facing it. I tied his arms around the toilet, as if hugging it, his long legs bending and pushing up against the wall. his ass was on the cold tile floor, balls too. he was tall so could easily reach the seat. I instructed him to lick it...lick it clean. I had sat on it and hadn't showered yet...I told him to taste the trace of My beautiful ass. his tongue came out of his mouth and he licked the entire seat.


Licked it like a dehydrated dog in the middle of summer would lap water. W/we did this for a few minutes until I was satisfied and I untied him. Well done. I was pleased. I led him back into the dungeon.


He was thirsty from all that cleaning and I reached for the glass. his eyes lit up and I gingerly tipped the glass to his dry lips...he gulped a huge amount and a sigh of delight came out. I smiled and asked him if he wanted more.


"Yes please Mistress"...and I tipped it again. He was satisfied. I told him to lay back on the bondage bed. he did gladly, as the morning was brisk so even the bare vinyl of the table felt warm compared to the bathroom floor. I asked him to explain to Me what the taste of the beverage he just drank was. he described it as salty. I laughed, it was urine from the night before and wasn't Mine. It was My Partners’. Master Max. he blushed, as he should have known the taste of My pee by now but was thrilled to taste the fluid of the same man who cums in Me....so therefore somehow connected to Me. he lay back and waited for My next creative taste test. I reached under the bondage table and brought out another glass of yellow liquid. I told Steve to open his mouth and poured at least 2 cups down his throat. he swallowed all of it.  told him that was My pee. he begged for more and I refused. I then walked over to the red enema bag on the wall. My bag. he looked perplexed, but wasn't going to ask what I was doing, he'd wait. I poured all the liquid that he wanted so bad to swallow, into the bag. I then took the tube and lubed it up, and instead of putting it into Steve I placed it in Myself. he looked relieved that it wasn't him getting the enema, but realized he hadn't gotten to drink it. his emotions all over the place with relief, disappointment, curiosity, and desire, I laughed and said "you'll see..."


I only had about a quart of pee to put in Me, so holding it would be no problem. I wanted him to know I had My urine in Me, and wanting it so bad. I removed the nozzle and pulled the back of my panties back up. I sat on the edge of the bed and put My booted leg up near Steve’s face. I told him to remove it, My boot, slow. he unzipped My boot and I put my wet, barefoot in his face...he was told to inhale My scent. Repeatedly he did as told and I undid the other boot. I climbed on the table, standing over him and placed my other foot in his face. Again asked to breathe My scent...I could feel his hot breath when he exhaled through My toes. I then leaned down, and let My hair out of the tie, wet, sweaty hair covered his face, and he tried to go upwards towards it, but My foot pushed him back down to the table. he was allowed to smell just what I gave him to. I got off the table and as My hair moved along his body I smothered My armpit into his face...he sniffed Me with eagerness...I taunted him and reminded him that the sweet nectar he craved was still in My ass....told him not to forget that. I walked away and sat on the bondage sling in the corner. I was bare foot and swinging...smiling at him while he lay there and watched...wondering when he could taste the nectar. I slipped My g-strings off without ever taking the booty shorts off, one leg first, then the other. I got up out of the sling and walked over to him...I asked him if he knew what these panties were covered in.....I draped them over his nose and told him to breathe, I lifted them and smiled at him...he said they were so sweet smelling, and moist. I told him to open his mouth...wide. I crammed the panties into his mouth and told him to suck them dry. he sucked and slurped and moaned with pleasure. I told him about the night before, and Master Max, and all the sweat...he squirmed with delight and I reached for the duct tape. I told him to lift his head and I was going to expect he cleaned the panties as god as he did the toilet, and to make sure of it, I would ball gag him with them. Suck them clean....I wrapped the tape around his head, insuring My panties would stay deep in his mouth ...I looked down at him and told him to get to sucking as I was excusing Myself to go speak with slave Jeff


Steve was to wait there......with My panties in his mouth, and My pee in my ass I walked out of the room.



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