Domination Nation Interview with Mistress Corinne

Mistress Corinne playing in LA, San Francisco, and Seattle

-How did you find the Domination life?

My ex ( before he was My ex-husband) ran Fetish clubs in LA. He promoted Club Fuk and The Fetish Club , and being with him I attended these events at a very young age. They were stage show and glamour-like but I was drawn to the Lifestyle immediately.

How have you come to find domination serving your needs?

I love the power exchange I achieve with My clients, the trust I earn, and the pushing of boundaries...and of course who doesn't like bring treated like a Goddess?

-What have been the misconceptions of BDSM?

For one, We DO NOT have sex with Our clients! I'm asked that all the time, and I assume most do not understand the depth of a's way more mentally involved than physically. Another common ideal is We, as Dommes enjoy "beating" or "abusing" men, commonly known as manhaters", couldn't be farther than the truth. We dive into your psyche, learn your boundaries and slowly push them, heal old wounds in a controlled environment, and are conscious of respect and confidentiality. I create a place , or moment, that someone can live out fantasies most find offensive or strange, and I guide them through an emotional, as well as physical, journey to help them better understand their own sexuality and hopefully become comfortable with who they are. A freedom of self and sexual expression with no judgment.

- Why is it important to educate oneself about Fetish Lifestyle and BDSM? Should you know any method such as CPR?

I think you should have a basic idea of anything new you want to participate in , whether it be BDSM or learning to scuba's not for everyone, so you need to be mentally prepared to adjust in any activity. It's a whole world, still quite underground, that involves Protocol, educated Tops, and awareness of your own limits. There are certain behaviors not tolerated by the Community, and rather than embarrassing reminders at an event or in a dungeon, it's best to act accordingly to the expectations of the experienced players, it is much more pleasant for everyone involved. There is also the issue of safety, being a fine line between just enough and too much. Anyone involved in scenes , whether Pro or Lifestyle, should be aware of health issues, and because the unexpected happens in life , proper precaution and training should ALWAYS be practiced. Players should be preferably sober and aware of their partner’s body language and intensity of the activities they partake in. Common sense when using implements intended for pain or fear.

-Why is mind fucking an important aspect of BDSM and is it the main aspect?

My belief is that your mind is your biggest sex organ. In order to push limits and evoke excitement mixed with a little apprehensive lust, you have to be in someone's head first. Mind fuck is EVERYTHING in a revolves around adoration and respect for your Top, desires and denial, trust, and honesty. You are in control of another's body, mind, and spirit, therefore must be taking the journey with them, while still leading the way.

-How can a slave distinguish the difference a Dominatrix who understands the level of the lifestyle and someone who is just asking for money?

A Pro Domme isn't all about the money...however, people need to recognize this is not only playtime for Us, but also it is how We make Our living. You wouldn't expect your lawyer, doctor, waitress, to work for free, so why would We? Having said that, it's also a certain Lifestyle We live, the true Dominatrix, and it's not about "get in, pay, get out" mentality either. As I mentioned, We are your sexual therapists, and must have an understanding of the "patient" just as your doctor or specialist does. We cater to your needs, and not without compensation for Our expenses, efforts, equipment, and time. As with any new Provider , most can feel out the genuinely of the conversation prior to a meeting. Be honest and use your gut feeling. You can usually tell the experience level of your Mistress within a few minutes of real person phone time. If you are not seeking a Pro, but rather a playmate, inquiring with a Pro Domme probably isn't the route to take, but keep in mind, you will not receive the same results or achieved expectations of your session.

As a ProDomme, other than findom, what is one of the things you look for in a sub?

I demand politeness, respect, honesty, and cleanliness, prior to, during, and following a session.

- Why are these things important to you?

I look for these more than sharing a favorite activity, because I can cater to most anything Fetish, as I have experience in all aspects of BDSM, however I cannot give My entire involvement to those who do not adhere to basic etiquette and dungeon rules.

-What are the most important things a slave should know when seeking to service you?

I will reply at My earliest convenience, please do not be pushy or demanding, I am not receptive to rude or obnoxious behavior. Do not assume you come before another client, I am running a business and take many calls a day. Do not appear at My location without prior arrangements, and no means no...even in ten minutes. I am a 15 year vet to the Pro Domme Community and know what I'm doing, let Me tell you if I want your input.

-Thoughts on Dominatrixes flaunting personal life (example, pictures of children, etc.) – should it be done, yes or no?

I Personally don't think the two should mix, due to the fact that Dommes are seen as mystical Goddess, other worldly if you will. The client comes for a fantasy, not a reality check on your lifestyle outside of the dungeon walls. I remain available for their purge, or play rather than suffocating the time together with Mine. I remain professional at all times. We are portraying an image and a sexual energy, not a dinner party for soccer mom's getting to know each other.

- With the explosion of the internet and the social lifestyle of BDSM, how important is community support between Dommes?

I think the real players in the community need to speak out and speak up for each other, and educate interested parties of Our Lifestyle. Since the internet, there has been an explosive amount of inexperienced, uneducated, and what I call Barbie doll dommes, meaning any girl or woman can go out and get the corset, the floggers, the handcuffs etc, and refer to themselves as Dommes, when in actuality We are far and few between. We are trained properly, classy, not full service, well rounded, experienced, and not going to harm you by not having been taught all of the safety and Protocol of the real FemDomme.

-How important is anonymity for your client especially when Clips4Sale has become a viable business to promote your product and brand?

Anonymous is MANDATORY. If your slave, sub, client, wants to be on video he will let you know. It's the Golden rule of trust, which without, there is no point. Many want to remain confidential, due to the stigma that comes with the Fetish involvement, however , there are plenty of video sluts available to film with. Never do I compromise My clients identity, home life, financial status or community involvement.

- Your favorite fetish session?

I love hardcore play the most because it's not often that We are able to create that scene, due to the fact most clients are newbies or married and cannot take the time needed or have any marking on them that comes with the harder stuff. Kidnapping, corporal punishment, medical play, humiliation, and public play to name a few. I .a sensual sadist, however, so I do a great mild domination as well. But at this point for Me, I get excited for heavy and hard play...when you give Me the freedom to use your body and mind to My liking.

- Favorite Punishment

Caning, inflation of scrotum or bladder, punishment enemas, sensory deprivation, orgasm control, Chasity, and verbal humiliation.

-Your biggest Pet Peeve when a slave disobeys

When they do it on purpose to anger or annoy Me for attention, another is Topping from bottom, it bores Me.

- Where can your future slaves find you?

On My website at :

Twitter: LAMistressC

Facebook: Carolyn Corinne

FetLife: MsCorinne

Instagram: mistresscorinne

Model Mayhem:


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