Domination Nation Features Sydney Jones from San Diego

Domination Nation Features

Sydney Jones from San Diego

-How did you find the Domination life and how does it serve you?

I’ve been aware of my ability to dominate any situation, if that is my desire, from the age 5 and on and was first approached by a ProDomme wanting to make me her protégé when I was 17, but I had other plans for myself at that age. I have been lifestyle for over 2 decades now, and have experimented with various aspects of BDSM but find the role of Dominant/Mistress is where I feel most myself. Recently I found my way into the professional arena, about 2 1/2 years ago, with the guidance of Goddess Fae and Mistress Ellen. I had my own holistic practice for about 13 years prior, and began to feel I was not fulfilling my desire to express certain aspects of myself, in a way I truly desired to. Ultimately, the first thing I decided when I changed careers, was that I should be a professional Dominatrix. None of my friends were surprised and many just said, “DUH!” when I told them of my decision.

Domination life serves me, because it begs me to go deeper in all aspects and embodying female dominance has allowed me to truly and unabashedly express my artistic individuality in a way unique to the practice of BDSM/Fetishism. This lifestyle allows me to constantly explore and expand myself in a non traditional context, as I get to engage in a variety of forms of power exchange with so many submissives who have a need to submit to me that is as deep as my need to Domme them.

-What have been the misconceptions of BDSM?

While there have been many misconceptions about BDSM and those who practice it, I think the most damaging has been that all people who practice BDSM are in some way mentally ill. There is often the belief that the person who is submissive or bottoming couldn't possibly want to experience what the Domme or top is doing to them and therefore they are being non-consensually victimized and the dominant is abusive and taking advantage of the sub. This is most often not the case as there are just so many levels of negotiation that happens in BDSM, such as SSC and RACK, that it can sometimes take days or several emails to negotiate a scene, as consent is a huge part of BDSM. There is also a misconception that many who practice BDSM/Fetishism were abused as children and this is not the case. Some of us may have an event, not abusive in nature, that triggers a fetish. For others of us, we have always expressed ourselves this way and cannot recall a certain trigger, so to say we are mentally ill as a result is simply ignorant. Luckily, more research is surfacing disproving such short-sighted claims of all BDSM practitioners being mentally ill.

- Why is it important to educate oneself about Fetish Lifestyle and BDSM? Should you know any method of CPR?

Education is always important, regardless of the topic, but especially so in BDSM/Fetish Lifestyle, not only because there are common misconceptions about several aspects of BDSM/Fetishism, but also because there are many risks involved in different types of play. Educating yourself on the risks involved can help to avoid them or at the very least know how to handle it if something does come up. I would suggest taking First Aid/CPR training to everyone as having these skills can make a big difference between saving a life or not, in any situation. It would definitely be advantageous for practitioners of BDSM/Fetishism to know these skills, as some aspects do have higher risk than others. Many within the community adhere to guidelines as outlined by such ideas as the practice of SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) or RACK (Risk Awareness Consensual Kink), which bring to light common issues that come up during play, and how to deal with them in an appropriate manner.

-Why is mind fucking an important aspect of BDSM and is it the main aspect?

Psychology does play a big part in how BDSM/fetishism is approached, and some use it more directly than others. It can be very advantageous to understand the psychological markers of a submissive personality versus dominant personality, and so on, as a way to take the scene deeper into a more realistic interpretation of the fantasy at play. A much deeper degree than psychological play, is ‘mind fucking’ someone, where you are consensually taking control of their mind and almost hypnotizing them to do as you say and think the thoughts you want them too, etc. This play could be damaging to the submissive if done without caution and a deep understanding of what you, the manipulator, are doing. Many do believe psychological play is the main aspect of BDSM, but I feel it is a combination of several things, including the ability to empathize with others, and to have the ability to access your deeply creative self, your shadow aspects, as well as having a sound psychological understanding of different states of mind and personalities.

-Thoughts on Dominatrixes flaunting personal life (example, pictures of children, etc.) – should it be done, yes or no?

I find this to be a deeply personal choice and cannot say what it is for some Dominatrices but I tend to share a bit of my personal life, because my personal life and professional life aren't entirely separate, as BDSM is my lifestyle. I do not have children and I cannot speak for other women as to the best way to approach that.

-With the explosion of the internet and the social lifestyle of BDSM, how important is community support between Dommes?

I feel community support between Dommes is a necessity, and as powerful, successful women we need to support each other, even if we do not practice the same aspects of BDSM, or do not always agree with one another. I don't think it is realistic for everyone to get a long 100% of the time either, so there has to be a bit of a give and take.

-How can a slave distinguish the difference a Dominatrix who understands the level of the lifestyle and someone who is just asking for money?

Most professional Dominatrices require those who desire a session to apply in some manner, usually via their website or an email and explain what they hope to experience by being in her presence. You can also look elsewhere to see if the Mistress has a website or listings on various BDSM/ProDomme directories and advertising sites. Most will also have linked accounts for clips, or phone sessions or customs videos, etc. Some ProDommes have vlogs where you can watch them discuss their personal kinks and other session related topics, to help potential subs determine if the Domme in question is who they say they are or not. Ultimately you will need to research a bit before you engage because most ProDommes aren't going to take you seriously if you haven't taken any time at all to educate yourself about them. So if they are just asking for money, they wouldn't go through all of the work required to be legitimate.

-How important is anonymity for your client especially when Clips4Sale has become a viable business to promote your product and brand?

Anonymity is equally important and unimportant for clients, it just depends on the client. Not every Dominatrix makes and produces clips, and those who require more anonymity may tend to go to Dominatrices that have pursued less mainstream avenues of promotion. That being said, even with BDSM becoming somewhat more public, it is still somewhat fringe and BDSM clips are not as popular or socially acceptable as vanilla porn, so the chances of getting recognized with a client are pretty slim, especially since most session time happens in a private setting. I can tell you that as a Dominatrix, I feel client confidentiality is as important if not more important than anonymity, and that is what tends to be my main concern. Some clients don't want anonymity, they want to be recognized with the Domme they are lucky enough to serve, so it is all really a matter of preference.

-What are the most important things a slave should know when seeking your services?

Be respectful and obedient. Treat me with deference. Do not demand things of me, because you will very likely be ignored. Make sure to do some research about what services I offer, what my personal kinks are, perhaps look at my wishlist, and my social media accounts.

Understand I desire to be first contacted via email or session application on my website. Do not contact me asking me to be my personal slave, its inappropriate. I specialize in Power Exchange and traditional D/s sessions, and have numerous fetishes through which I express my specialties, most of which I excel in, but I am always ready to try something new at least once.

-Your favorite fetish session?

I am not good at picking favorites, being a Libra and all, but I do certainly love Bondage, Tease and Denial, Ballbusting/CBT (cock and ball torture/tease), Clothing Fetish(boots, stilettos, leather, latex, lingerie, etc.), Human Furniture, slave Training, Bastinado, Ignore Fetish and Giantess/Amazon Fetish. So many to chose from, its a challenge to narrow it down!

-Favorite Punishment:

It really depends because what may be a punishment for one sub is pleasurable for another sub. However on the subs that hate it, I like to do cage time, sort of like a time out in a bondage cage, and another is to remove some service privilege they deeply enjoy, i.e. cleaning Mistresses home or doing Her laundry. A sub has to really fuck up to get these punishments and most subs aren't trying to disobey their Mistress. A lot of the things that look like punishments to the vanilla world, i.e. spankings, are actually pleasurable to bottoms/submissives/masochists.

-Your biggest Pet Peeve when a slave disobeys:

I do not like liars, ever. For the most part, slaves in the BDSM world, do not attempt to disobey their Mistress, that is not their intention. They desire to serve and please their Mistres, always. Now it is often that they may mess up a task or not finish a task/chore, or perhaps forget a rule from training, and these shortcomings are handled, with the severity depending on how forthcoming the slave is, and how often the event is repeated.

-Where can your future slaves find you?

They can find Me on their knees...

I frequently travel for sessions and post travel updates on my website

( I post daily on my Twitter and Instagram (@mdmsydneyjones) tumblr (madamsydney). I am listed in various BDSM directories and advertising platforms. I attend DomConLA every year and other various adult expos, also listed on my travel calendar. I can also be found on Niteflirt ( for Skype and phone sessions, as well as audio and video clips. I am available for foot/shoe worship and trampling at most Footnight LA parties. I will be adding a clip account in the next month and will announce on my social media when I decide which site to go with.

I am located in San Diego and session throughout Southern California.

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