Domination Nation Feature - Queen Aston

Name and City: Aston Ajram AKA Queen Aston - Greater NYC Area

KEM: How did you find the Domination life?

QA: I have been a Goth Girl my entire life. In high school I was the one wearing Doc Martin’s black lipstick and fishnets. When I was 17 I started going to industrial Goth clubs in Europe, and how I met my second girlfriend. She was a pro dominatrix, and I was curious. This is how I was formally introduced to the lifestyle and evolved from being just a goth girl into much more. She formally trained me behind closed doors, using one of her subs as my guinea pig. It did not take long before we started appearing at parties and other events together.

KEM: and how does it serve you?

QA: I have never been a submissive or demure woman. I have always spoken my mind and lead in most of my relationships. I’ve been accused of not knowing how to let a man be a man and being emasculating. In BDSM these qualities are assets not liabilities. So I find myself home.

KEM: What have been the misconceptions of BDSM?

QA: Fetish is a word that is grossly misused therefore convoluted and misconstrued. The dictionary definition of fetish is an infatuation or fixation with an inanimate object or part of the body that is not apart of reproductive genital that causes one to feel euphoria or elation. For example. I have a serious shoe fetish. At times, I will get so excited over a pair of beautiful stilettos that I start wiggling in my chair with excitement and I am practically drooling.

Another misconception regarding BDSM is that it’s all about whips, chains, and pain. Domination and submission comes in many forms other than the obvious. While equipment, stilettos, corsets, etc are apart of it. It is not the heart of it. While BDSM, kink and fetish are sexual in nature its practically impossible to let a man penetrate you and remain dominant. One cannot defy biology. That being said, it is counter-intuitive for a female dome to have sex with a sub outside of pegging them with a strap on.

KEM: Why is it important to educate oneself about Fetish Lifestyle and BDSM? Should you know any method of CPR?

QA: If one does not know what areas to avoid whipping on a slave, then the risk of causing serious or potentially fatal harm increases significantly. There are other darker fetishes, such as breathing or noose play that can quickly lead to catastrophe, if one does not exercise proper caution. That being said, knowing CPR cannot hurt!!! :) In addition to being versed in basic emergency medical procedures is never a bad thing.

KEM: Why is mind fucking an important aspect of BDSM and is it the main aspect?

QA: I will refer back to the definition of fetish. Which truly begins in the mind. Without this euphoric build up of anticipation and elation it makes it very difficult to attain the “fix” one truly seeks from engaging in BDSM. At the beginning of my real time sessions I have a short contract I have the sub read aloud and sign their rights over to me for that session. It is a very simple task, but the power it has to instantly take them to sub space is unbelievable. I have yet to find anything more effective or expedient.

KEM: Thoughts on Dominatrixes flaunting personal life (example, pictures of children, etc.) – should it be done, yes or no?

QA: I myself recently brought all of my talents together under one name and stopped separating them against the advice of many. So I myself believe it’s okay for a dome to show she is a person not a fembot. However, there are many who disagree with my opinion. So I say to each their own, and do what you are comfortable with. I am not a judge or jury and neither are those who care to say it’s wrong. That’s what we came to BDSM land to escape. Constraints. As long as it does not include the violation of children or animals, dare to be different, dare to be you and beautiful.

KEM: How can a slave distinguish the difference a Dominatrix who understands the level of the lifestyle and someone who is just asking for money?

QA: Slaves see pretty, or big boobs, or big butt and suddenly they get suckered into a scam. It’s sad. I hate to see it happen because it makes its harder for those of us who are legit. However, if a slave would take the time to read what a potential domme has written and researches her a bit then one can usually figure out who is legit and who is fake. Time is one’s most valuable commodity, so if one is requesting a dome’s time then a tribute should be given without hesitation. It does not have to be some grandiose amount, but $10 to $50 dollars initially isn’t a bad place to start and see how it goes. All relationships take time to build. It is no different in BDSM.

KEM: What are the most important things a slave should know when seeking your services?

QA: Once they decide they want to serve me, they have surrendered their right to dictate or chose. What I want is more important, and I reserve the right to freely exercise my creative license to dominate. They are there to serve at my amusement. While I do take their fetishes and hard limits into consideration, I do things my way. So be specific during the initial consult and discussion. If one lies or with holds information, one is hurting their experience, not mine.

KEM: Your favorite fetish session?

QA: Femme fatale interrogation or kidnap scene.

KEM: Favorite Punishment:

QA: Water boarding

KEM: Your biggest Pet Peeve when a slave disobeys:

QA: When they disobey and blame me for not being clear enough. Not my problem if they suffer from selective hearing or reading.

KEM: Where can your future slaves find you?

QA: The best way to initiate contact for both real time or cyber sessions is on

I am on a variety of websites and social media sites. However, due to time constraints it can be difficult to get my direct attention through IG: queenaston or

I use these channels to keep my worshippers updated as to what I am up to.

I strongly recommend subscribing and following me there as well. I also recently launched my brand site where one can find out more about me other than just my pro dominatrix BDSM side.

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