Kink's Korner - People Deep in the Hate (…But Don’t See it As Hate)

“The Justified Hate”.

Before I go on, lett me say, don’t take it and make it yours because it’s part of my #MBlueQuotes family, so if you quote it, name the source. I know how these internet trolls love to steal and make shit theirs.

Now let me begin. Not too long ago I was listening to someone’s live cast discussing a person who clearly has a resentment with someone else, but, don’t tell them it’s a resentment.

Resentment is one of those words, when seeking advice from a friend, is the last word you want to hear.

No one wants to hear they’re carrying resentments and endure that stomach churning feeling while clutching their invisible pearls claiming, “I have a resentment? Look at what that other person is doing!” It’s so much easier to place the blame on someone else….isn’t that true?

Speaking from experience with my resentment towards individuals or even groups, I learned through of much in my life, it was just a “justified hate”.

So what is a justified hate you ask?

Sit back and let me explain.

First let me say a “justified hate” is not healthy.

Sure we have our major dislikes as to why someone gets famous over having sex and then becomes a reality star with several businesses. I think in the category of the family who shall not be named, most of the world feels the same, while the other half of the world, we regard as stupid, loves them. (I can’t explain stupid that’s just a whole other animal to deal with.)

And in our world of the never ending growth of technology, we ourselves have generated our own haters even though we are just day to day people whom TMZ isn’t chasing after.

Realize, we will all have our dislikes or our “hates” and the healthy decisions we make towards these things is we don’t sit in the shit, we move on. Right?

Yes that’s exactly what we are supposed to do.

While most of us are clearly aware with the media today, the news we watch and especially the stupidity that spreads on facebook like wildfire, we must always look into the back story and not let mush celebrity gossip get the best of us. But for most people, they do. A lot of, “don’t just hit like, copy/paste and share.”

Such actions have caused many of arguments among people. People who were actual friends are now blocking each other because of disagreements. People are quicker to judge and post without actually checking if it’s real or photoshopped.

I can’t believe the shit I read on facebook alone. I wonder if people are really diluted in their own dysfunction of what they believe is reality. It’s something I cannot comprehend and I’m glad I don’t. I’m glad I’m not stuck on stupid arguing mindlessly with an ignorant fuck about why people who are gay should be straight. And when you tell people to mind their own fucking business, they get offended. Why? Why does anyone care?

It’s a scary world out there people.

It makes me question, when did we lose sight of who we are in this world? Why are people lost in fictitious competition with someone or something that isn’t real to them but real to you? Why does it matter the choice people make in their lives that have nothing to do with you?

All of these questions definitely give a whole new meaning of insanity.

Here’s another definition of insanity, when I personally go on facebook expecting for people to share happy things and instead, more hate continues to spread.

Anyone who remembers Myspace, those days are long gone. The days of happy and sparkling posts and sharing, “thank you for accepting my friendship” post on each other pages. And remember how everyone would spend the bulk of their days, fixing and modifying their pages even when it upset you that it slowed down your computer. It remained one of the best social networks. Tom Andersen, the founder of Myspace, even took it a step further with Myspace parties which were a great way of meeting people in live form.

I remember one time on Myspace, I had this one guy on my friends list who was pretty cool. I believe his name was Gus. There was a repost I put on my page, I think it was like one of those game questions and later that day, I received a message from him telling me he had to unfriend me because of the silly posts I shared and there as so much more serious things to share.

I was taken aback. What the fuck? I thought to myself. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Does he realize this was a place to share your own stuff and have fun? Who the fuck said we were supposed to be serious?

Admittedly, at first I was hurt. Why would anyone not want to be my friend?

It took me a minute to realize this guy was just a fucking idiot.

Anyone who joins Myspace to be serious, should go be serious somewhere else.

Then the nightmare began when facebook rolled out to the public and because of those slow loading pages, Tom selling Myspace, the format changes and people pages getting blocked, one by one everyone filtered into a network where “Justified Hate” was built and social networking took a turn for the worse. Until these recent years remembering this Gus guy and his “oh so serious attitude”, it has become the rule of thumb, “if you don’t like what the person is sharing, make sure you respond your hate to them and have an argument to change that person’s opinion. The whole rule of, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” is all but thrown out the window.

Even the funny video pages can’t keep up with the hate pages where misinformation is shared on a daily basis, filled with opinions, people today speak of things they have no knowledge about.

I’ll give you an example. I put up a post maybe a month ago and I asked does anyone know what Reconstruction is. One guy responds that I offended a bunch of people on my list and I asked him does he know what it means then he goes on to say it’s some government thing and I responded again, but do you know what it is, he went on to answer something else and I realized, this dude who has been trolling me for quite some time doesn’t know what reconstruction is and he’s responding questioning my integrity of the question as offensive.

Without going into a whole history lesson in short Reconstruction was the transformation of the South. How this is offensive? Other than the idiot didn’t know what it meant, it’s part of our history, so nothing offensive about that.

Going back now to my original point, the guy on the live cast….as I was listening, I realized this is not a person with a justifiable upset over a friendship but someone who has real resentment issues who has precluded this is his justifiable way to represent his “disgust” by bashing him using facebook’s live stream service.


Part of me feels sorry for a lot of people who are misinformed on a daily basis. A lot of these people were ones I conversed with on a daily basis and now I don’t. Not because I hate them, but because their views are different from mine. I can’t just sit there and justify my hates on something that isn’t real. Yes, I agree, this world right now with the political stance we are in has a lot of people arguing their points of view and some are valid. But most are just generating hate with photoshop images that aren’t real, creating private facebook pages just so they can continue the hate in private. People who added me to these groups, I deleted myself. They have the wrong person in mind to invite me to their victim regresses. I am not a victim to this society.

I succeed because I want to and success isn’t sitting on facebook crying, “whoa is me.”

You know in the 12 step fellowship meetings, one of the things people stress upon is letting go of resentments.

Another thing they also say is, “resentment is like pissing on yourself, you’re the only one who’s feeling it.”

Sure hope that piss isn’t leaving a stench behind.

Until then.

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