An Interview with Kimmie Kaboom!

Kimmie Kaboom

MB: Looking at your profile on AdultCam Body Work you are into a wide variety of Adult lifestyles. Out of all of these, which one is your strongest preference?

KKaboom: Well on CAM I am who they want me to be. I love roleplay. I like being in control but on a Personal level I am okay with being a little submissive, we sometime capture this for our website and share. I love being able to be in a career that allows me to be versatile.

MB: How long have you been in the industry?

KKaboom:I was actually a burlesque dancer for 15 years when I was younger. I have been in the professional porn world about a year.

MB: What prompt you to come into the Adult world?

KKaboom: I love this question. LOL My husband Darrell KaBoom was my photographer (still is) for all my modeling. I use to do a lot of retro/rockabilly/vintage pinup. Well being as how he was a huge xlgirls fan he sent in some of my pictures. (for bragging rights). He of course had to come clean and ask me for 3 nude shots when they replied that they would be very interested. I was very flattered and after we discussed it we jump down the rabbit hole. I thought at my age, size no one would have ever been interested. I was wrong, very wrong. Honestly, it has been a fabulous ride so far.

MB: People have been known to say negative comments about BBWs. How do you handle such rude behavior?

KKaboom: I have been very fortunate so far, I haven't had to deal with any negativity but this is how I will approach it. Everyone has their niche, their taste, their fetish. I won't be everyone's dream girl and I am not trying to be. To each their own, people tend to forget about the first amendment. So say what you want it won't define me. I am me and I love me! I am who I am both personally and professionally. One other thing, if someone has nothing better to do than disrespect people, then we really should be forgiving because they themselves are probably living a sad existence in this world.

MB: What are your long term goals within the Adult industry?

KKaboom: We are not looking for the finish line. We are enjoying the ride and reaping the benefits that come along with it. We do hope this ride doesn't end. Basically we will keep doing it until it isn't fun anymore. We love what we do. The people we have met so far have been amazing. We try really hard to make a great product and hope people can see that.

MB: Why webcam work?

KKaboom: Honestly so I can stay personable with my fans and it helps me gain fresh ideas for shoot ideas.

MB: Talk about your 7-page spread on XL Magazine, what was that like for you?

KKaboom: This was my first solo with Score needless to say I was very nervous but as I do with everything I do I tackled it head on. It was a lot of fun, the photographer Alex was one of my favorite and he shot most of my stuff for Score. He always had a way to make me feel comfortable. (He is no longer there) I loved the finish product. I was very excited that I was chosen to be featured in their XL Girls magazine.

MB: What’s it like being one of the top rated models on Score’s XL Girls and Plumperpass?

KKaboom: It is without a doubt an honor, I am beyond flattered. It goes without saying I am in the company of some of the greatest icons many of which I have admired for years.

MB: You’re best memories?

KKaboom: My best memories include being top rated on the two largest BBW sites in the world. Meeting Sam38g (who is iconic) and her being so giving of advice and guidance. Really we have so many great memories it is hard to name them all.

MB: You’re biggest fears?

KKaboom: The ride will stop before I am ready to get off, No pun intended.

MB: What’s the most important goal you wish to succeed?

KKaboom: Besides have as much fun as I can. I really want to if possible, try to bring some level of respect to the people in the adult industry. We are not all just tits, ass and cocks. We are individuals who are trying to make a living. It is hard to do with pirating. I want people to know if you really are a porn stars number one fan then buy it. People don't seem to understand the catalyst and repercussions of posting illegally downloaded pictures and videos #payforyourporn

MB: What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

KKaboom: My hubby, business partner and best friend Darrell KaBoom of course.

MB: What’s the one thing you won’t tolerate?

KKaboom: Two things, one going back to the #payforyourporn DON'T REMOVE WATERMARKS, OR POST PICTURES AND VIDEOS THAT ARE ON PAID SITES. The other is something that has only happened once (hopefully not ever again) is having another female that is in the business, try and have my fans, followers go to Plumperpass and XLgirls and rate me 1 star and her 5 stars so she will move up in the ranking system. I find that doing this is tacky and very unprofessional. I will help anyone in this business and will provide newer girls with any advice I can give.

MB: How does it feel to be a part of our Kink~E Magazine family?

KKaboom: It is an honor and very flattering, I have wanted to be from a far for a while now. So happy to have been chosen and have this great opportunity given to me.

MB: Please share with our readers where we can find you and follow your social networks?


TWITTER : @thekimmiekaboom & @MrDarrellKaBoom

Clips4sale: clips4sale/88322


Tumblr: kimmiekaboom & mrdarrellkaboom

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