Danny Blaq Interview - Jungle Love Issue

The Kink~E Archives presents Danny Blaq KinkEMagazine Interview for Feb/March issue 2015 - Jungle Love

Danny, thank you so much for being a part of our Jungle Love Issue.

MB: I was looking at your website and I love the beginning where you say that your DVD has been bought in every continent except Antarctica. Tell me how you began your career.

DB: I fell into porn by accident while being a member of a Yahoo swinger group in 2003. A female porn star from Florida came to Maryland and contacted the group owner for males that could be on film. I was a selected volunteer. J Then I contacted a lady in the group who turned out to be a porn star here in MD. She ended up inviting me back to be in more of her videos with other visiting porn stars to the point that after a year those women began asking me why I didn’t have my own website and DVDs. Since I was a computer graphics designer and digital photographer since college in the mid 90s, I decided to take their advice and start my own website and amateur DVD series using my Mac. Using some of the photos from previous shoots I had a nice portfolio to solicit models around the country and travel to set up my own shoots.

MB: You were at AVN recently. How was the networking and meeting your fans?

DB: It was fun to be back at AVN, my first time since 2011 when it was at the Sands. I took a break to take care of my parents that became ill, back-to-back, so I only exhibited at eXXXotica closer to my home. This time I returned to AVN as a guest signer for booth Adult Film Festival Las Vegas AFFLV.com; and I met fans and customers from back home in MD, to fans from Pittsburgh, California, Texas, Mexico, China, Germany and more. Networking with other female talent was crucial because

MB: Talk to me a little bit about your swinger parties.

DB: My interracial swinger parties are held around the country when I travel to film, but most take place at an on-premise swinger club here in MD called ThePrivateAffair.com (TPA). TPA sponsors my DVD release parties and filming parties when I bring porn stars in to work with. Using the empty club we film inside taking advantage of the 25+ themed rooms they have, 20 person hot tub and big dance floor. A few times a year I host private hotel and house parties for smaller crowds of 10-30 people, with select pre-screened couples and singles. The typical age range is late 20s-late 40s, fit attractive str8 men, str8 and bisexual women, of multiple races and ethnicities. It is a hardcore crowd so there are not many voyeurs except for some of the husbands that like to see their wives in multiple male interactions. At my TPA parties there’s about 150 people or more and newbie’s are welcome to relax and watch.

MB: Why is it that people have issues with open sex?

DB: I think a lot of open sex issues are culture based. I’ve notice some are more open to it than others. In a lot of our black communities we’ve been raised with conflicted sexual ideals for men and women, but socially we embrace the open aspect and shy away from it at the same time. Our videos and clothes we want to be a mack daddy/pimp and have hoes and hot chicks. But we put down the women who are the hot chicks for real and as well as the ones just pretending to be hoes. Or we attach a trade or a value when having sex, more than just enjoying it for the pleasure it brings. Don’t give up the pussy unless you get this or that for it is a common mentally. Religion isn’t so much of a reason anymore. But I see a lot of white and Latin cultures celebrate sexual confidence and exploration and there’s not much shame attached to it. Over the years since I began swinging, I’ve seen a lot more my people of color joining the lifestyle as porn has grown into our mainstream society via music videos. Sex tapes and strippers are now common place so we’ve done a lot of catching up to the rest of the world when it comes to open pleasure. I used to have to pull teeth to get black women to come to some swinger parties but now days a lot more women have joined the men in feeling ok to participate, and not feel degraded or embarrassed to partake in their sexual fantasies. The rise of in the acceptance of bisexual women and girl-on-girl play has made the transition common in mainstream bar scenes. 50 shades of Grey might be the final breakthrough to total acceptance.

MB: How do you handle those who are curious about swing lifestyles and work with any apprehensions they may have?

DB: I try to get them to come to TPA, a private environment that’s like a real night club inside. Since there is food and dancing, stripper poles, and sex play is not required, they can walk around the club, play billiards, and choose their moment to interact with each other or strangers. Porn plays on the tvs and some rooms you can look inside and watch live sex.

MB: All swinger parties are different. What’s the most important aspect of your parties?

DB: Screening to me is the most important party aspect so the women leave happy. You can’t just let anybody in. I select like minded people for my private parties and get their photos first. I ask questions of what guests are looking for physically, mentally, and sexually and provide them with that so the chemistry is there soon as s the door opens. TPA does a great job of keeping the ratio of men to women in proportion; so all the ladies are comfortable. If the women are not happy then they will surely not return and bad mouth you for it really fast.

MB: I had the pleasure of interviewing Ron Jeremy who expresses that the porn industry has not only changed and is not as a profitable business? What are your thoughts?

DB: Yes, electronic media like music and movies has taken a hit, porn is no exception, especially in the new economy. What I’ve learned is to not only provide what I like to film but I provide what people are still paying for. There are niches of porn that people only brag about purchasing and there’s other niches people openly brag about stealing. There’s plenty of money to be made if you are willing to film what people pay for. The once almighty ruler straight sex has given way to a lot of fetish, BDSM, and even non-sexual porn. For sure it’s better to own your own porn as I learned early on. If you are out here trying to get rich in porn my just being hired to film, good luck. Make a website, clips store, or DVD series for yourself to make money during those hours when no one is hiring you.

MB: CBS news just came out with a report that there may be mandatory condom use in the state of Nevada. How do you think this affects the adult industry as a whole? Do you think it takes away the fantasy of porn?

DB: By far condom porn is a poor sell, I don’t film any condom scenes unless the girl is really hot and I want to have sex with her for the hell of it. The fantasy is ruined for most customers and they know how to spot performers trying to hide the fact that the shoot is not bareback. Since I’m known for my thick creampie shoots my fans and customers get upset if the scene is done with a condom, even though a good facial ending can still be filmed. Nevada like California can adopt the policy but enforcing it will be the hard part. Most will continue to do it without condoms or just move production to another state.

MB: Now you know I hate to put you on the spot but I’m going to! Best scene partner? Best orgasm with who? Actress you would like to work a scene again?

DB: Ouch, I have to walk the fence on this one because there are so many women I have enjoyed filming with and by hand picking most of my costars I have a great chemistry with almost all of them. I’m going to goes with some FIRSTS. Since Syren De Mer (SinfulSyren.com @SyrendeMerXXX) and I have filmed MULTIPLE times over 10 years I’d say she is my best scene partner. We work well together and she guests host many of my swinger parties. Syren was also the 1st person to hire me for a pro porn shoot back in 2005, cast in her sci-fi adult film in Seattle. Best orgasm would go to my FIRSRT EVER on-camera pussy creampie with Kat Noir, in 2003. There was a ton of cum that spilled out and it was a huge turn on knowing her husband was filming it. It’s my 1st DVD “Quicke 1: Creampie Kat Noir”. Actress I’d like to work with again is Sasha Grey, but we have sex this time. LOL We filmed some segments of the 2010 AVN Expo show together that aired on G4TV. I would so like a miracle chance to work with her again in a porn scene this time.

MB: Talk to me about your sneaker line. How did this idea come about?

DB: I play flag football for a team called Rough Riders and I thought I’d like my own shoe to match our custom jerseys, which were modeled after the Pittsburgh Steelers. So in 2010 I designed my 1st Nike trainer and then 2014 I created the 2nd pair that comes in various colors to celebrate other NFL teams, and my upcoming 2015 T-shirts and hats.

MB: Any regrets?

DB: Yes, I had a chance to film with Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove for 2 scenes at 2008 AVN, just before she retied but I had a paid shoot that I couldn’t reschedule. She agreed to us doing it 2 months later. When it was time to fly back to film, I got bit by a spider a week before the flight while filming in Dallas, TX. By the time my leg healed 1 month later, she had retired.

Where can we link up with you?

My website main porn site DannyBlaq.com twitter, IG, tumblr: @DannyBlaqVideos and on facebook: DannyBlaqModel

My cuckold porn police parody series: PoliceBooty.com

FunFitBody.com is my mainstream hub site for my custom shoes and shea butter

TouchTease.com for my whipped shea butter only

Steelerific.com for my custom shoes only

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