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Name and City: Mistrix Ms E - Chicago/NWIN, Philadelphia and Amsterdam are my primary locations. I also travel to roughly 20 cities a year internationally.

Your favorite Fetish:

Latex, smoking & heavy medical play are my favorite fetishes. As far as kink activities, I classify myself as a sadist... especially fond of whips... but anything that causes discomfort or pain I find delightful.

Your favorite type of Session:

Ooh.. hard to pick one.. but sessions with really masochistic boys are always fun as hell for me. I love a good whip bottom that I can mark and take really far in a long built up session. It doesn't matter if they are male or femail, as long as they can take what I dish out.

Favorite Punishment:

I'm not a huge punishment dynamic type... and that is highly subjective to the individual sub. When I punish a sub, generally it means a heavy dose of whatever they hate the most but that doesn't violate a PREVIOUSLY declared hard limit.

Your biggest Pet Peeve when a slave disobeys:

Being called Mistress is a huge pet peeve of mine, next to being asked for sexual 'services' I have repeatedly clearly stated I do not engage in. Its a good way to get blocked, banished, ignored or if done in session, silenced (gags, sutures, duct tape).

How did you find the Domination life and how does it serve you?

I have, looking back, always been a dominant person, and can see it back to about age 5 or 6 clearly. From my first sexual relationship I have always been the dominant/aggressive partner. My first public play scene was at age 16 in New York at a long closed BDSM club that I still remember fondly. Mostly because of the beautiful and amazing man who I was newly involved with at the time, who gave himself to me publicly, without anonymity, despite his 'celebrity'. I found it even hotter that he wanted to do it, without hiding his face, because he was proud to be my masochist and 'didn't care who knew'. Swoon... damn that is sexy.

Being a business person in the vanilla world for a very long time, I find the communication skills & willingness to take control and be decisive I have developed in the BDSM world to be very applicable in business. I don't have a problem being a leader, and having the responsibility of my businesses completely on my shoulders isn't very big a deal when I'm used to having peoples lives in my hands, literally, in sessions on a regular basis.

How important is it to ask questions to a slave that wishes to serve you?

Huge. I have a basic set of information I require in writing before considering/accepting a session. I ask more questions at start of session in an informal sort of conversational way also, and checking in with the sub periodically is always a important during session.

Should you know any method of CPR or any method of resuscitation?

Absolutely, as well as things like first aid, and things like suturing if you play heavy. You should always know what medications, allergies, and injuries, past and present, your submissives have/had, since they all should be considered in planning session activities and being prepared for the unexpected complication in scene.

Why is training important instead of just jumping right in?

Well... there are a few ways to look at it... I was practicing dominance and submission in my personal sex life before I 'came out' in the scene. I had experiences and played with partners before I actively joined the community and learned what I didn't know that I didn't know yet.. if you get what I mean.

I then joined Eulenspiegel and started going to classes there to refine my skills. I think most people used to start this way, mainly because most people didn't wake up one day and choose domination as simply an interesting career path. I met people and learned a lot from them socially and casually. While I do have a person I consider a mentor, she didn't teach me *how* so much as she was a sounding board and a confidant.. she suggested things I hadn't thought about, and helped me work out my own approach.. versus learning specific actions/skills. I developed those over time based on whom I was playing with at the time and what they were into and what I wanted to explore with them. That said, I wasn't looking for a career... domination still isn't really my 'career'... though its one of the things I get paid to do, because I have an exceptional skill set and am passionate about it.

I am now an educator though, and I enjoy teaching, just as I enjoyed those classes I joined at TES back in the day. Education and training are most vital in the areas of safety, and heavier play areas. I think you can learn a lot of things as you go, and by reading voraciously... I highly suggest Different Loving as a great kink positive sociological study of BDSM & fetish. Sterilization, safety, and things like heavy medical or impact play, rigging, etc are really best learned hands on from great educators with a lot of knowledge though.

Where can you future slaves find you?

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