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Domination Nation Features - Lady Bellatrix

October 1, 2014



Name and City:

Lady Bellatrix – London, Paris and beyond 


Your favorite Fetish:

Heavy Rubber 


Your favorite type of Session:

I prefer extended sessions in a dungeon setting where I can take My subject into a deep subspace and create an intense psychological atmosphere. I enjoy mind control, rubber, bondage, sensory deprivation, corporal punishment and slave training. I also like extremities 


Favorite Punishment:

Corporal punishment, faceslapping and spitting. 


Your biggest Pet Peeve:

When a slave disobeys. Poor time keeping and/or lack of communication in the lead up to a session. 


How did you find the Domination life and how does it serve you?

In my early twenties, I stumbled upon My first scene at a lesbian bar in Vancouver which is where My interest in BDSM stems from. I lead a vanilla existence for many years but certain circumstances brought me back – with a vengeance. I am now a professional Dominatrix and live the lifestyle 24/7. 


How important is it to ask questions of a slave that wishes to serve you?

I think it is important to get a gauge of expectations as well as boundaries and limitations. Someone who is submissive may not necessarily be into pain and vice versa. As we are all individual I don't think there is a “one size fits all” formula. 


Why is training important instead of just jumping right in?

Some activities can border on the dangerous side so it is important that the practitioner knows what they're doing – especially with electrics, rope bondage or needle play for example.


Where can you future slaves find you?

I am UK based and session in London and Buckinghamshire. I travel internationally and visit Paris frequently. Slaves interested in serving me can find me on my website www.ladybellatrix.com



 Photography credits as follows: 


VG - Erik von Gutenberg (cover photo)
Snakeskin - unknown
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69 - Mark Page www.photoswithattitude.net 
68 - Big Bad Dave
67 - Danny 
51 - Big Bad Dave
50 - Steve Sky
44 - Phil Kehoe
29 - Vlad Forcek
25 - unknown 
19 - unknown
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13 - Mistress Eve
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3 - Mistress Eve 
2 - Mistress Eve
1- Mistress Eve http://www.eves-place-photography.co.uk/



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