Feature Interview with Mia Isabella

MB: What made you decide to choose to be in the erotic adult business?

Mia: I always felt the need to express myself and that includes sexually. I wanted to learn what that world was all, about after finishing my education I saw a path laid out for me on the straight and narrow but I chose the one filled with the unknown and full of excitement and sexuality.

MB: What lessons did you learn along the way that defined your career whether you wanted to move forward or move on to do something else?

Mia: I learned first and foremost that this is a business not a lifestyle if you want to be successful. I've met many girls who came and went after heading in the wrong direction many of which were very promising stars who got caught up in all the bad trappings the entertainment world has to offer.

MB: Describe what it was like the first time shooting a sex scene in front of cameras?

Mia: I was so frightened and wasn’t sure I would be able to do it surrounded by a team of photographers, director, makeup and assistants but as soon as the cameras came on it was lights, camera, action! I transformed into another side of myself I didn’t know existed.

MB: Describe to our readers why you differ from other Adult performers? (for example what’s your best sexy move)

Mia: Well in most cases I imagine it would be the fact that I’m a little curvy beauty who happens to have a 10 inch surprise!

MB: How do you establish your personal relationships from your professional relationships?

Mia: I keep my circle very tight and the people in my life I consider part of my team that has helped build my success I consider them family so it’s one in the same.

MB: Did you ever find yourself at a point of your porn career was getting in the way from intimate relationships and what efforts did you make for that to change.

Mia: At one point I was engaged to another performer for a number of years and found that my success caused jealousy and envy in him and he couldn’t separate my professional side with my home life as easily as I could so out of respect for the relationship I stepped away from the limelight and put my career on hold to put my personal life first.

MB: With experience under your belt what is relevant to you today that may have not been when you first began your career?

Mia: Humility, respect, focus and a clear game plan in the branding that has become "Mia Isabella" and using what I’ve developed to evolve myself and career to the next level of mainstream appeal.

MB: If a young female came forward expressing interest in the porn career and how they can get into it what would your advice be to them?

Mia: Be a business woman before you consider yourself a porn star, have clear goals as to where you want to be and how you want to be marketed and remember at the end of the day it is your image that is being sold and only you can place the highest value on yourself worth in this game.

MB: How important is it to have some kind of representation or PR to help you along in your career and how has it helped you in your personal journey?

Mia: I’ve been so lucky to have always had the best PR representation and it has to be one of the biggest factors in the success of my career. Having a team to make sure your name and products are in the forefront of the market is the best thing one can do for themselves and I'm very grateful for the success having such amazing representation has brought me.

MB: How has attending EXXXOTICA or any other Adult Expo benefited your career?

Mia: I’ve actually never attended EXXXOTICA only AVN expo over the years and it was fun in the beginning, its really more for the fans than it is important to exposure in your career. Its just one of those things that has way too much happening all at once for me so these days I stick to interviews, tv and radio shows for a one on one kind of feel for my fans.

2013 XBIZ Best TS DVD 2012 NightMoves Editors Choice 2011 XBIZ/URBANX TS Performer of The Year and best novelty line with my toyline for Pipedream products.

MB: Please share with us your website and/or links where you will be making any appearances.


Photo credit: Come Shoot Me

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