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Feature Interview - Buck Angel

November 1, 2018

Feature Interview with Buck Angel?



Originally Published February 2012


My interview with Buck Angel Mentor, Adult Star and All Around Fabulous Being! As an Adult star, he coined the phrase “The Man with the Pussy”, however, I beg to differ.


As I prepared for this issue, I read a lot about Transgender and Transsexuals. It was important for me to feature everyone in the light of how they live their lives today and not in the aspect of problematic, confused adults in society.


On the contrary, everyone I spoke to knew exactly who they were and what they wanted out of their lives…to be their TRUE selves.


When I set up my interview with Buck Angel, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As we all know Twitter to be of the biggest social networks next to Facebook, reading everyone’s twitter, or retweeting things that people say, I noticed Buck Angel. I’m sure I noticed him from someone that was following him so as in Twitter tradition, I began to follow.


Who was this man that went on speaking engagements, was he gay, straight?


My journey in putting together the KinkEMagazine transgender issue led me to Buck Angel and here was what he had to say on his life, his business, on politics and why people will continue to battle the differences of people that who live an alternative lifestyle.

On a Skype interview, Buck Angel started off talking about his childhood and his upbringing. Very much as a “tomboy” he felt nothing but love from his family and they treated him as he was comfortable in his skin. All was fine, that is, until puberty took over and his breast began to grow, his menstrual cycle came into play, all along with the womanly changes.


Although Buck did experience bullying at school, he was extremely shy and didn’t like people very much, but his tough exterior kept many of the bullies at bay because they knew if they messed with him they were the one who would get whooping!


Academically, he did not do very well, however he did excel in sports, namely long distance running. The one sport he knew he didn’t need to interact with other people.


But as time progressed and his womanly side couldn’t be stopped by his own accord and his mental aspect on life was acting out in anger, he resorted drug and alcohol use. He ended up dropping out of school and if he wasn’t out getting high, he was spending time in mental institutions.


Keep in mind, at the time Buck was experiencing his life issues, there wasn’t an internet that he can go to as we freely can today having resources at the tip of our fingers. For Buck, it was a very different story. Society may still be cruel today as Buck still expresses that he still experiences indifference or hatred from people, imagine how it was twenty years ago. At that time, people were considered freaks of nature. Men who wanted to be women and how unheard of that a woman wanted to be a man!


It was sad to know that people who felt differently about themselves and became the outcast of society, they either resorted to drugs or ended up killing themselves because they couldn’t find anyone compassionate enough to help them.


Fortunately for Buck, somehow in the midst of his road to drugs and alcohol, he found clarity and began his journey in sobriety. Through this journey, he searched out for the resources to help him begin his sex change to a man.


He found a compassionate doctor who basically used him as a guinea pig. Again what doctors know today wasn’t information that wasn’t readily available to the public and what Buck experienced was a loving doctor who was willing to work with him within the means of his ethics as a doctor to help Buck with the exterior changes he felt inside.


Even though he couldn’t see it then, Buck mentioned that using drugs was a way of not dealing with the fact that his body was changing and that his life was spiraling out of control in ways he didn’t realize he can control considering he sought out the resources.


One of the things Buck stressed about people in general, it seems that we hurt ourselves more when we do not like ourselves instead of finding ways to help ourselves and to make a better life, regardless of what people think. I was floored with Buck as he spoke. He was confident, funny, compassionate, sarcastic and real.


Even I found myself in a meeting so to speak, being sober for more than twenty years; it was refreshing to listen to someone who understood the values of oneself.


Through books, research and the doctor he sought help from, he learned how to give himself the testosterone shots he needed to continue the conversion process of becoming a man.

As the external changes took place, the confidence he lacked within himself began to become alive.


Buck stressed he never had a bad childhood but his drug use had severed the relationship he had with his family. Through the physical changes, he was able to repair his relationship with his family, and they are very supportive of his life as it stands today.


Buck said to me, “I am a Sexual Person”, which simply means to him that it is the energy of people that he gravitates towards and yes he is attracted to both sexes.


Buck Angel began his own Adult porn company, Buck Angel Entertainment, where he produced and starred in his own films. He coined the phrase “The Man with the Pussy”, because you see Buck Angel still possess his pussy.


However, he states, “it’s not what’s in between your legs that defines you.”


Even so, he still experienced back lash from the adult industry and some regarded him as a “freak”.


Buck had a quest to fulfill and whatever people had to say about him, it didn’t matter.


He went on to make Adult films such as, Cirque Noir, Allanah Starr’s Big Boob Adventures, directed by the Transsexual Gia Darling and Buckback Mountain. With that he also has appeared on Howard Stern, Tyra Banks, Maury Povich and Secret Lives of Women.


But even with all of these things under his belt, nothing is more fulfilling then his speaking engagements as an Educator and Motivational Speaker.


For a person who was shy, who didn’t like to speak in front of people, even after getting sober (it’s almost a requirement once you have 90 days to share), he goes out and shares his life experiences across the country and internationally.


If you go to his site www.buckangel.com you will see his tour schedule.


Buck is an Educator, Producer and a Director. His political views are probably like most of us but as most people are afraid to say it out loud, Buck tells it like it is. Politicians are hypocrites. They will say one thing to appease you but really mean another.


He gets more of out of his European tours because they have different views on sex and sexuality. For Buck the U.S. basically has more hang ups than they like to admit and people hide behind the religious façade that if they do something wrong, believe in something out of context of the bible, they will be punished.


I asked Buck how it makes him feel when he hears about young children today killing themselves because of their inner differences, bullying, or discovering they are gay at an early age.


“I get very emotional when I hear about things like this, it makes me sad and then I get angry. These kids have to believe that it will get better. It is the lack of education people have today and even then, there is no excuse because of the insurmountable of information that is available. There is no excuse for the hatred or behavior of someone’s differences.”


Despite the politics in America he stresses that anyone who is experiencing feelings that other people do not consider normal, use the resources, ask questions, talk to someone and most important, “Be yourself!”


Throughout my interview with Buck, he couldn’t say enough that he doesn’t give a shit what people think about him and not because he doesn’t care but because this is his life to live.

When he goes on his speaking engagements he gets overwhelmed with the positive feedback he receives and if he makes an impact on one person, he’s done his job.


I can say that in the hour plus I spent with Buck, he made a tremendous impact on my life. My conversation with him was candid and unforgettable.


In the world today, it’s amazing how we’ve become superficial, selecting only those who we intend on associating with and shunning those who feel different about themselves and want to make that change on the outside to reflect the inside.


Thank goodness for people like Buck Angel. Woof!





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