Kink's Korner - Does Everything in Our World Point to Sex?


We are sexual beings. From the earliest of times until our present day, as we know it, all of our actions point to sexual dominance or behavior.

Now when I say that I’m not talking about the physical boink fest so get your mind out of the gutter LOL.

Recently I added a favorite channel to my roster called Planet Green. Right before Christmas, they premiered an episode, “Who was Jesus”. Now anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a believer in Jesus Christ, he is not God or the son of God. Watching this program clarified that. Not only did it validate what me and probably thousands of other people have been saying the beginning of the story with Mary and Joseph was telling.

Upon Mary’s pregnancy she was shunned by society because in that time, an unmarried woman that was pregnant was considered a whore. In modern times, an unmarried woman pregnant is an empowered woman, because she made a choice to have a child and not abort it and that’s a whole other topic for a future issue. But my point being that our minds have been conditioned to believe that women who take the power into their own hands and choose to have a child out of wedlock can be viewed in two ways.

Let’s say that way number one, is a woman who’s a professional. She’s lives on the Upper East Side; she has a great apartment with a doorman, great career, all the money she could ever want. She is near the best schools that any parent would give to have her child attend. She’s now reaching that biological clock point of her life and unsatisfied with the men she’s met and the lack of commitment, she searches out sperm banks for the perfect child OR maybe she wants to adopt a child. Needless to say, no one readily sees the process, just a single woman, on her own, living large with a child who has the best care a single month can give…Sexy!

Scenario number two plays a different tale. Single woman, living in the not so greatest neighborhood, gets pregnant, doesn’t have much but she makes a choice to have her baby. For the time being, she enrolls in city programs to support her and her child. She makes the best she can in her life, maybe he she finds a good paying job, has a good boss and provides for her child. Not so sexy hmm.

Why is that?

My dear friends this is what we call Technology. If you’re sitting there thinking that there isn’t a computer in that story then maybe you shouldn’t read on. Okay maybe you should and learn something.


Sexy is a point a view, a state of mind. It’s not only how someone looks but how they carry themselves. If story number two ended that the girl put herself through college, received a degree in Engineering and became this famous author, then would be sexy right?

Of course she would.

Welcome to our mental Sexual Society.

We live in a world today where the Kardashian’s become front page news because of a seventy two marriage, reality television like The Jersey Shore cast of idiots get recognized as celebrities, President Clinton is the most praised President not only for the work he did for this country but for getting a blow job while at the White House and not from his wife.

While serious issues are going on in the world, like people are still struggling financially, people losing their jobs or house, people killing their families because they can’t provide anymore, our Government trying to control the Internet, what we see and what we shouldn’t see, we are being conditioned to concentrate on the most irrelevant issues that don’t affect our personal lives whatsoever.


Television shows providing ways to lose weight and local television stations that are no longer featuring soap operas but more talk shows on what to eat, how to eat, how to cook it. Who would have thought that watching Adam Richman vs Food would be a sexy thing to watch? (Okay I’m biased it’s sexy to me.)

And what was scary once upon a time, Vampires are sexy, so are werewolves (and don’t fight me on this one), Zombies, the transformation is sexy. Again it’s a state of mind.

The Bachelor who once upon a time was about relationships is now all about one hundred percent SEX. No more of the girl who’s looking for love, now the world is focused on the belligerent drunk Courtney.

Our cycle of lives today has come to, if it’s not sexy, it’s not interesting.

This is true. Even with this personal note.

Last year my magazine went through a transition that didn’t fare well with the public. As anyone who has been following Kink~E Magazine since 2002, knows that this has always been about, well, sex. Not just any sex, but a lifestyle, an order of people, a community of sorts and not just focused on one type of a community.

Because of this, change was in order. I’m happy to say the real Kink~E Magazine has emerged better than ever. We have an eclectic group of writers. We now have two new advice columnist, Ask Alexis, a Life Coach with years of experience on helping people trend their path and Ask Jason (he’s a cutie pie), lives in Australia and focuses on Real Men who seek Real Relationships.

Our model has changed to better, more fulfilling not only for our advertisers who have generously stayed with me, but for our public.

Having a one sided point of view doesn’t keep anything interesting and current which is what we, myself and my writers want to give You, our public.

This is just the beginning of the Exploration Journey we plan on taking you. We are celebrating all types of Alternative Lifestyles across the board with future exciting feature stories, feature interviews, political views, more radio show and KinkEMagazine.Tv (now KEM TopTalk)

I can’t say thank you enough for your continued support.

So if you ever me talking about someone wanting to change the way the magazine is, you have my permission to spank me. ;-)

Until then.

Loves and Hugs.

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