Interview Feature - Kink~E Magazine Goes Gordian

I had the pleasure of Interviewing one of the most prominent men in the sex Business, Mr. Gord. His lifestyle and his machines not only give him the happiness he seeks with his creative energy, but his women are happy too!

MB: What interested you into the Fetish life, ultimately leading you to create these types of machines?

Gord: I am an engineer and I love women. The creations you see today are the result of me being able to meld the two loves of my life. My initial awakening to the life was with artwork, although my first recollection of being aroused by something fetish was when I was five and a half years old. I was watching a pantomime in UK called Dick Whittington; - and Dick Whittingtom was being played by a curvy young woman dressed in calf boots, seamed net tights and a short form fitting jacket that revealed her net clad butt almost all the way. I felt hot, I knew I was flushing and I fekt and incredible pleasant feeling in my crotch. I could feel my penis moving and getting hard and yet I had no idea what sex was at that age. I knew that I was not supposed to look at ladies bottoms of up their skirts, and I was sure that everyone in the theater could see that I was watching her butt. I can actually remember wishing that she was tied up so that she could not turn to face the audience when she finished moving around, and that way I could keep looking at her butt. Tying women up so that their butt is on show has always been a strong part of my fetish.

MB: Please talk about your machines, how they work and how they differ from one another. Gord: I have many machines, some are for fucking devices, some are simply pure bondage. Many cater to the objectification and humiliation aspect, although humiliation is very much in the eye of the beholder. Many of the women don't feel humiliated. In fact they draw power from knowing that their bound image is a weapon of control over men. If the bondage master does not please her, he does not get to play again. At the end of the day I am not interested in building machines that the gals do not have fun on. I am a pleasure vampire. I feed on women enjoying themselves and I feel great satisfaction at being able to create such levels of pleasure in them.I guess one of the more bizarre creations would have to be the Racing Fucking Machines that we raced at Kinkonapolis and Babetona. This is a genuine Nascar track and we actually raced these things. The girls had an absolute blast as they raced and tried to control orgasms at the same time. But the finale was yet another amazing thing as darling was mounted on a special fucking machine on the front of the truck. which then fucked her as we were going around the track at close to 70m mph. Apparently it was the fucking and orgasm of a lifetime.

Vehicles and women in bondage have always been a major theme in my bondage games. A woman is a powerful creature and often she can manipulate men with ease. But once they are mounted on the front of a 300 hp truck they are slaves to the gas pedal. They cannot manipulate and F-150 when they are mounted on the front being fucked at speed.

MB: How did you go about finding those who not only are true to their fetish life, but serving them in this capacity to make these types of machines?

Gord: I didn't - they found me. It all started with my first wife Gwen. I married Gwen not even knowing that she was into bondage. It was in fact two years later that we discovered a common interest in bondage. It was our private scene at that time. But then, after returning from Africa, and after having to leave all our money there, we found ourselves in UK in the middle of a massive recession. In desperation as the job situation got worse, and in an attempt to save my home, I started writing bondage novels. But writing for someone else only brought in £435 pounds after ten novels. I decided I had to print and publish myself if I was to make any money. So I managed to get a government enterprise grant to start a publishing business and HG Publications was born.. (Fortunately the government didn't ask me what sort of publishing business and I did not feel inclined to enlighten them.

As the books and the magazines with pictures of Gwen in bondage started to circulate, women started to contact me and ask if they could try the bondage. At that time they didn't even want pay, they just wanted to be tied up in my costumes and extreme bondage scenarios. Then in 1998 the website House of Gord was born. The revenue accrued from that venture as it started to grow allowed me to start building more expensive and complex machines that had been out of the question before due to finances. With the increase of complexity and bizarre nature came a proportional rise in the interest of the amazing ladies who wanted to be bound and tormented by these creations. That constant interest by the fabulously adventurous ladies out there has never diminished; it just keeps growing and growing. I think the equality of womanhood has opened the Pandoras box of the true level of women's sexuality. They are far more adventurous and far more sexual than males. Cindy Lauper definitely got that song right "Girls just wanna have fun." MB: Looking at these types of machines it seems that you find ways to take subs to the limit. How do you come across these ideas?

Gord: First of all I don't look at these ladies in the traditional Sub view. I look at them as explorers looking for new sensations and experience. A woman who has the guts to allow herself to be mounted on the front of a truck and fucked at 70 mph going around a Nascar track is hardly a whimpy sub. Or in the case of the Bitch Bender, Being squeezed and subjected to over a ton of pressure whilst being electrified, vibrated, stretched and forced into a backward arch is not really something anyone but a strong minded and self assured woman would take on merely for experience.

How do I get the ideas? I don't know. I just get an image of a lady in an impossible situation, unable to move and available to do what I want with. Many ideas can come from just seeing a piece of equipment that lends itself to having a woman attached in some way. There is a huge element of the humiliation factor involved in my designs; - on both sides of the play scenario. But that in itself is something of a paradox. The woman gets turned on by being humiliated, and yet at the same time is conscious of the enormous power she accrues by allowing herself to be humiliated, because she knows that is also turning on the other partner. The partner in turn knows that he has to please the woman or else she will not allow him to play in future if it is only for his gratification and she gets nothing out of it. For a while being used can work, but eventually it will wear thin and she will lose interest. Just why a woman will get so highly aroused by being bound and humiliated is still a hot topic of discussion that has many differing views. At the end of the day I am sure the answer goes back to gene programming and some perfectly logic reason that has manifest itself in the humiliation game after the original cause was distorted by eons of social taboo and repression of basic instinct.

I actually don't give a Rat's Ass as to why;- It works. Women who are into it get super hot and horny and can experience massive levels of pleasure as a result of a good humiliation play scene. Watching a woman experience those levels of pleasure is one of the great gifts of life. It is the greatest show on Earth.

At this moment in time I am designing an intense humiliation scene for a lady, she will become the doorbell at a party. Her legs will be pulled up by her ears and she is spread wide, cinched and clamped tightly into position. She will be gagged and hooded but with eyes showing. She will be connected to the door bell button. An air powered fucking machine will be built into the stand she is mounted on and she will have a huge dildo in her pussy. In her butt is an electrical insert. The control system can set the speed, duration and stroke of the fucking machine to an infinite number of settings. In addition she will have one of those party whistles that roll out with a feather on the end and squeak when blown. This will be inserted into the breather tube of the hood. Nearby is a sound switch connected to various timers. When the bell is pushed and she starts to get fucked, she has to start blowing the party whistle thing at a preset timing to comply with whatever program has been set. If she does not, the sound sensor will switch on the Tens that is connected to her butt plug and shock her.

So she has the choice when the bell is pushed and the spotlights illuminate her, Scream from the Tens zap, or whistle as programmed.

This humiliated, spot-lighted, whistling, machine fucked, spread and bound vision will greet the guests. When I told her what I was planning for the party, she orgasmed at the other end of the phone. The power of humiliation should not be underestimated.

MB: Do your subs love the machines or get excited at the prospect of trying the machines for the first time?

Gord: Very much so. Many will tell you which is their personal favourite and ask to play on them again and again. Some have been waiting for the chance to get on them for a long time. A common comment mis that they are already wet and horny before they even climb onto the machine just at the thought of finally getting to ride it for real.

MB: I understand it all started with books, am I correct? The same way Kink~E Magazine began for me was with stories.

Gord: Yes, that is right. It all started with me writing books and then moving on to magazines, and eventually the website. Books were the only outlet for the immensely erotic visions I had floating around in my head. They were the safety valve I suppose. But since the website gathered momentum, the urge to write diminished as the fantasy of the pen became the reality of the workshop output.

MB: Tell me about your magazines/books, how do they differ from one another?

Gord: The books are much more textual, generally with a minimum of 30 art images to 200 pages of text. Also they go much further into the deeper realms of my mind with extreme fantasies, often of impossible scenarios. I often skipped from medieval times with Witchfinder stories and white Knights rescuing bound ladies from the fires of the Witch burning rituals. I would suddenly zoom into the future with bondage space romps where anything was possible. I dabbled in time travel but found it was EXTREMELY tough to keep track of things and the annoying concepts of time paradox kept fucking up the fantasy plot lines.

In two books Kidnapped and Return of the Napper I dabbled in the sleazy Micky Spillane style detective chasing down a serial kidnapper that was running a slave outfit. This set was probably my most favourite stories as Eddie Valensky, the detective was very much a

Gordian mindset and the way I see myself. The sort of anti-hero with good intentions and intrinsically a kind heart, but with a dark side lurking just below the surface that is only barely under control at times.

Magazines on the other hand are very much more real life work and scenarios and initially depicted the life of Gord and Gwen, only later in Fantasy 3 taking on models and people outside of the marriage to show their bondage games.

MB: What do you think about the fetish community today? Too much of a novelty?

Gord: Hmm! Good question, no easy answer. The Fetish community is complex and diverse. Of course this is just my personal opinion but I would say there are basically there are three fetish scenes.

1/There are the Wanna-Bees who would love to be fetish, but never have the balls to fly with it and come out.

2/ Then there are the posers who buy a pair of plastic jeans at Walmart and all of a suddenly they are BDSM'ers. Or the Goths that don't have a clue what they want to be and sort of dabble in everything kink but never actually commit one way of the other to any one form.

3/ And then you have the real players who stand up and get counted. They play:- they live it;- they have opinions about it;- often strong and regularly different from everyone else;- on protocol, levels and play styles.

MB: Are there still those who play privately and then coming into a public forum, perhaps a loft party, can we find those true fetish players at these parties or events.

Gord: Occasionally. Most real players only go to loft parties and wanna-bee BDSM gigs for a laugh.

I have done shows at such venues but mainly just for the hell of it to show these people what serious players can perfect in life style bondage games. I love looking at the expressions of disbelief, and often the total inability to figure out how my scene can be related to sex.

I built a thing called The Spinner not so long back. The girl is pulled backwards into a stringent backwards arch and cinched tightly to The Spinner in the arched position. This was then towed behind the garden tractor as I mowed the lawn with the helplessly bound girl rotating end over end.

One guy at a venue asked me, "But how do you fuck her on that thing." I just looked at him in a bemused way and asked if he wanted another beer.

For some people bondage is only about tying down a woman so as to hold her while you fuck her. It's basically the legalised form of rape play. They don't realise there is so much more one can extract from a bondage situation that is just as hot as the sex act; - and often hotter. A good fuck is a good fuck. But they pretty much fade into one memory as time goes by. But the super hot bondage foreplay that ended with the woman having a cataclysmic orgasm is rarely forgotten as one is mesmerised by this apparition;- writhing and straining against tight bonds as an incredible wave of orgasmic energy tears her apart.

MB: Define a fetish and how far can one go?

Gord: How do I define fetish, anything not considered to be the norm by what we call vanillas. Generally speaking something that requires props or clothing or some other object that becomes important in the arousal of the person or persons involved.

Fetish I would say is a mindset that allows one to use an object, style or place, not necessarily directly related to the sex act, to become mentally enmeshed with the sexual arousal process to a point where it can be the only trigger needed to get the libido on the rise.

How far can one go? As far as safe, consensual and legal allows I would say. There are no limits to the human imagination, and so long as it is within the limits of human endurance and feasibility, you can bet your ass someone somewhere is getting off on it no matter how bizarre it may be to you. I have no doubt that someone out there gets off by playing with beer bottle tops or something. MB: I’ve heard people are into chloroform. Do you consider that a fetish? How can you enjoy a scene if one person is not awake to partake? What are your thoughts on this?

Gord: I am absolutely against it. It is basically the same as glue or paint sniffing. Brain damage and death can easily occur.

Chloroform was discontinued as an anesthetic because it takes the patient from a stage one level of unconsciousness to a level four almost instantly. It isn't gradual. Ether is not much better. The reason these anesthetics are no longer in use is because they were considered too dangerous and unpredictable to use even when used by medical practitioners who had experience with them.

MB: What about women building a business in the alternative lifestyle community. Do you think that Male Doms respect Mistresses and their line of work?

Gord: I have no idea how to answer that. I am classed as Dom by others, and I am like; - Er, what the fuck IS a Dom?

I dominate because the girls want me to be the controlling partner, but I have no illusions that they are in fact controlling the scene. Women control by proxy. I have no claim to being some sort of superior being that is destined to control women. I know a few who think like that. As for Male Doms respecting Mistresses, they would be wise to do so. Unfortunately there are many self made, self proclaimed Grand Master Doms etc etc with a superiority complex, we call it Tops disease. As for women building a business in the lifestyle, well if one looks back at all the big publishing houses of soft porn and even hard porn, women have always been very prominent in the development and running of these organisations.

Women have always been a major part of management at House of Gord and the original book company HG Publications. I trust women much more that I trust men. Women watch my back. Men are usually trying to stick something in it. I can count the real male friends on one hand that I would trust. But I know many women I would trust who have proved they are worthy of that trust.

MB: Are your DVDS more instructional or more for the pleasure of the lifestyle?

Gord: My DVD's are fantasy scenarios designed to cater for as many bondage scenes as possible to try and ensure that there is something ion there for everyone who may watch it. The fact that I enjoy every scenario in those DVD's just show how seriously bent I am :-)

MB: What are the long term goals the House of Gord wishes to accomplish that you feel you haven’t done yet?

Gord: In this economy with piracy basically trashing the industry and everyone wanting something for nothing, my goal is to survive.

I often get people on file sharing pirate sites raving about House of Gord and how they cannot get enough of it, and yet they never pay a cent to help ensure the House of Gord continues. They just expect it to miraculously be produced and never bother to ask where we are supposed to get the money to do that if they never contribute anything to the production costs by buying a membership.

I am not sure how long it can all continue before the adult internet implodes. But, history shows us that adult, porn and sex will find a way and it will survive as long as humans have dicks and pussies that demand attention.

MB: What is your pet hate about the whole Porn and Adult scene in modern society?

Gord: That would have to be the morons and politicians who keep bitching about porn in the hands of minors and the flood of material available on the internet.

WE, the producers used to do, and still do everything in our power to keep minors out of our sites by registering with parent control software programs. We also all sorts of credit card and age verification, and until, relatively recently no one other than the cowboys showed any genitals or penetration on the free pages.. Now there are so many sites showing that stuff on the outside, you have to compete or just die. The fact is that government could HALVE the amount of porn on the internet overnight if they simply assisted the producers with laws that already exist.

Not only that, but the adult industry would be only too pleased to supply all the proof needed for them to prosecute offenders.All they have to do is back up the producers with the existing copyright laws and prosecute anyone using material stolen and posted on other sites. And in fact prosecute any ISP provider that continues to carry stolen material after being warned by the copyright owner.

I for one would give the FBI all the material evidence they want to simply kick down some pirate assholes door and prosecute. They don't even have to waste man power investigating. We'll hand them all the proof they will ever need.

But will they do it ?

No! Why would they want to be seen helping the dirty pornographers, even though what we do is legal and has just as much right to the protection of the Law as Walt Disney does. Instead they should be seeing it as a chance to clean up the internet and get it back to sane levels of exposure.

The other reason they won't do anything is because porn is an easy ticket for some fat-fuck politician who is policy bankrupt to get his fat ass in a seat by going on a porn bashing campaign.

You think I am joking? Next time some crusading dick-wad starts waving the anti-porn banner at election time, take a look at what else he or she is offering.

I guarantee the answer will be ZILCH, NADA ZERO

Okay the soap box just collapsed

MB: Can you tell us about the formation of the House of Gord?

Gord: The House of Gord was founded in 1989 by myself (J.L. Gord) quite literally in a farmer’s pig sty atop a Welsh mountain. I started the company because, as a consumer of bondage fantasy material, I was tired of being ripped off by companies that conducted business with little regard or respect for their products and even less for their customers. Several companies (that will remain un-named) made a practice of using apart several older magazines content, shuffling the content and then selling them as new magazines with a different cover. This practice became and easy scam when porny bookshops started sealing books and magazine sin plastic to stop browsers just reading and not buying. One never knew what you were going to get until after you paid your money and left the shop.

My other reason for starting HG Publications, ( the true birth of House of Gord) was necessity. Work was impossible to get after I got back to UK after eight years in South Africa, and I was looking for another way to earn a living and keep my home. Writing seemed like an option. Although the House of Gord has gone through many changes in the past 20 years, mostly involving personal, location and corporate structure, the core of our enterprise remains the same: And it has become ours now more than mine. My little band of worker bees are a bunch of kinky nutters that are more like family than co workers. Even my office manager tells me to fuck off if I piss her off. When I remind her that I am the CEO, owner, Boss and all that, she points out that she is the one that keeps my bank account in order and writes my salary check. And then she adds.

"Now, will you fuck off and stop bothering me?"

But I digress. Our aim is to provide quality fantasy material and excellent customer service. Lydia (General manager) and myself oversee our operation and Ruth runs the book and DVD company.

I remain the principal writer at the House of Gord, but we are always bringing new writers on board. However my writing is mainly confined to the descriptions and comment son bondage shoots these days. The need to express myself by writing books has been surpassed by the ability to actually demonstrate what goes in my mind for real. I remember once when I commented on a passing chick with long legs and a bubble butt. I said that I reckoned she could manage around fifteen miles an hour as a pony.

My wife looked at me and said "Is it scary in there?" I thought about it for a moment and said, "Oh Yeah, but not for me :-)"

Now that you know why the House of Gord was started, please allow me to explain a bit about what bondage means to us, what it is, what it isn’t, and what our fantasy material is all about.

In short, the House of Gord philosophy:

"Anyone who is a serious practitioner of bondage, dominance and submission or sadomasochism knows that our art, craft, fun and games are often subject to misunderstanding by the general public. This is one of the reasons we try to keep our scene away from the general public by advertising only in highly specialized publications, playing in private, and keeping our websites registered with filtering software."

Our adult fantasy novels are intended to offer a welcome reprieve from the real world, giving the mind an opportunity to take flight to fantasize the impossible (or at least improbable).

In real life, we must play safely. Bound by our conscience and the physical limitations of the human body our options are many, but not endless. In the world of make believe, the possibilities are endless. This is a vast landscape, with no signposts or boundaries.

An artist/writer can reach beyond what is safe in reality, to explore those areas that cannot or should not be explored in real life. The pen really is mightier than the sword, for its territory knows no limits. Okay so I have been pushing those limits closer together for some time, but there are still few areas where they will never meet.

Whilst we will occasionally edit stories to ensure legality and a reasonable level of grammatical correctness, we will not modify a story in a way that would alter or dilute the author’s own style. My ex wife Serena once wrote. "It takes a lot of courage to put pen to paper in the realm of the erotic and share the results with the world. It also takes a lot of courage to purchase an erotic story, especially one of an alternative nature. We applaud you, dear reader, for having the courage to enter the hallowed halls of the House of Gord. We hope you will enjoy our novels as much as we do. If you would like to give us any feedback or suggestions regarding books you would like us to publish in the future, please feel free to do so. We welcome communication from our customers, and welcome you to our small enterprise."

I guess that sums it up pretty well.

Marabelle Blue notes: I will never forget the kindness and intelligence Gord exuded through is words and my radio show interview. May he always be remembered for one of the few who truly understood the meaning Fetish lifestyle.

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