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Mistress Omega opened her 1st dungeon in Woodland Hills, California with Mistress Nicole in 1998. After a year they moved to Chatsworth, California to a 3000 sq foot dungeon and Omega's Lair was born. Several hundred parties and events were held as well as a video line with over 400 plus titles written, produced and starring Mistress Omega, Mistress Nicole and other players throughout Hollywood, California to NYC, India, UK and many more.

Mistress Omega and Mistress Nicole were featured in L.A.s Top 10 Dom's, commonly referred to as the 'Laughing Domes' due to their sadistic nature, find humor and satisfaction while inflicting some of the most harsh and severe punishments in all of the US. Appearing in hundreds of magazines, major events, countless parties the 2 Mistresses became internationally known and to this day still very well known and active in the scene.

Mistress Omega's live sessions are extremely selective and are of a unique and acquired taste of old school discipline. Omega's concept of a dungeon is a realm of another world of sights, smells, tastes...for her this is not a game or a's a reality in the realm of headspace.

Not many can accommodate her insatiable appetite for control and dominance, but if you're lucky enough to get a session with her savor every moment as you will never experience such an authentic and soul baring journey after seeing her.

'Be careful what you wish for ... you just may get it"

Mistress Omega
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