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Feb 09, 2018
In Cuckold Life
Among the many societies that can be found in the world, we have seen that some of the most venerating regard for women has been found in Vedic culture. The Vedic tradition has held a high regard for the qualities of women, and has retained the greatest respect within its tradition as seen in the honor it gives for the Goddess, who is portrayed as the feminine embodiment of important qualities and powers. These forms include those of Lakshmi (the goddess of fortune and queen of Lord Vishnu), Sarasvati (the goddess of learning), Subhadra (Krishna’s sister and auspiciousness personified), Durga (the goddess of strength and power), Kali (the power of time), and other Vedic goddesses that exemplify inner strength and divine attributes. Even divine power in the form of shakti is considered feminine. "Women must be honored and adorned by their fathers, brothers, husbands, and brothers-in-law, who desire their own welfare. Where women are honored, there the gods are pleased; but where they are not honored, no sacred rite yields rewards. Where the female relations live in grief, the family soon wholly perishes; but that family where they are not unhappy ever prospers. The houses, on which female relations, not being duly honored, pronounce a curse, perish completely, as if destroyed by magic. Hence men, who seek (their own) welfare, should always honor women on holidays and festivals with (gifts of) ornaments, clothes and (dainty) food." (Manu Smriti III.55-59). But no culture is without their fair share of vices and darkness because after all human beings are but social animals and however hard we try the animal instincts do play a major role in our existence and more often than not come to the forefront. In this article I would concentrate on some other things which are considered taboo in our society. I had made some logical deductions from the actions shown by the characters in the mythology to substantiate my points and as I always say different people might have different perception of the same event so kindly bear with it. The ancient sex culture of India, as reported in such scriptures as Ramayana, Mahabharata, Rig Vedas and others is somewhat different. Indeed, there is a strong argument to suggest that the puritanical, and hypocritical nature of Indian sexuality these days bears more influence from the Victorian British prudery than the sensual and erotic nature of India's actual recent and past, e.g. in Mahabharat’s Adi Parva (or 'Book of the Beginning'), it is said that if an unmarried woman expresses her desire to have sex, it should be fulfilled and if her wish is not fulfilled, it means death of religion. Here I’ll discuss about one of the most feminine and feminist characters of Mahabharata (ancient Hindu religious mythology) Maharani Kunti (Queen Kunti). This is by far the most excellent example of cuckolding and female dominant relationships that is well portrayed in the epic Mahabharata. Kunti served as a disciple of sage Durvassa, and pleased by her knowledge and services, Durvassa blessed her that she can be with any GOD whenever she would wish. To test the validity of the boon, Kunti mated with Sun, and had Karna who was thrown away in the river, and later was raised by Adhiratha and Radha. Kunti married Pandu, who was the king of Hastinapur, but look at the bad luck of Pandu, one day when he out on a royal hunt he shot a sage and his wife in their most intimate times and the sage cursed him that he would die whenever he would be in any intimacies with his wife. But pandu needed an heir to his throne and Kunti rose to the cause when she cuckolded Pandu by giving birth to Yudhisthir[Form Lord Yama], Arjun[ from Lord Indra], bhim[ from Lord Pawan]. The fact that he was fathering the children of Gods and who could be the most potent rulers in his kingdom, made Pandu so erotic and horny that he claimed Kunti to give him children from as many Gods as she can. But look at the female dominance asserted by Kunti, when she denied the proposal stating its against the Lawbook for any woman to give birth to children more than 3 times, if they are not from the husband's seeds. Moreover, Indra was so pleased by Kunti's skills in bed that he offered her the role beside Indrani and the queen of heaven, But look at the dominance asserted by Kunti to her bull also, when she aptly denied the proposal. The best example of a female led dominant relationship
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